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The quality of website traffic generated from pay per click, click for click, or link exchange, is directly proportionate to the mindset and intention of the traffic. Pay per click, when done correctly, does attract the highest quality traffic; however this method can be very costly. Click for click advertising attracts the highest quantity, but lowest quality of website traffic. Link exchanges sacrifice current visitors for the prospect of additional visitors from a linked site. A moderate amount of traffic that is of good quality can be obtained by modifying one of these three traffic generation techniques without sacrificing current visitors, and can be done at no cost. Pay per click advertising is when a webmaster buys advertising from a search engine provider. The webmaster generally pays for every person that clicks on their ad and visits the website. This produces high quality traffic because the visitor was shown the ad based on the search criteria they requested. The ad is shown and if clicked, is the best, or closest option to the needs of the visitor. This type of traffic generally knows exactly what they are looking for and is most suited for the website that they visit. The only downside of pay per click is the excessive cost involved in getting this traffic. Click for click traffic is generated from website owners clicking onto other websites in the exchange to earn credits. They then spend these credits to have other webmasters visit their site. This practice tends to generate a good deal of traffic to one's own website. The downside of these programs is that usually, the only reason for the visit to their website is to earn the credit so that they in turn will be rewarded with more traffic. This is an endless cycle of very poor quality traffic. These visitors also know exactly what they want. They want traffic to their website. They do get the traffic, but find it almost impossible to monetize it. They spend a lot of wasted hours surfing others websites with no intention of even reading what the site has to offer, much less buy anything! Lastly there is the link exchange. This is when two or more websites trade links on each others sites. It is designed to generate crossover traffic from one website to another. The problem with this, is that once a website has a visitor that knows exactly what they want, sometimes they are distracted by the exchange link; and may use that link to go to a link-exchanged site and get what they want there. This often costs the original site to lose the visitor, or customer, as the case may very well be, to another website. This form of traffic generation in its raw form, basically putting other sites ads on one's own web page, can be very costly. Considering the extreme cost of effective pay per click advertising, and the unmotivated traffic generated by the click for click sites, the link exchange seems to be the best traffic generation technique of them all. With a little modification and creativity, it has become an ideal method of traffic generation for other websites, like Vortex. The great part, is that the customer only leaves the original site after they are finished with their business there. The cost of zero is also a big plus.

As is the ability of this method to deliver open-minded visitors that are eager to find out about the sites that they visit. The twist is that the visitors are using an exit portal that goes to a random website. The adventurous people are the ones that are more likely to be interested in what any website may offer; and therefore, more likely to make a purchase. Reprint rights given to all with the stipulation that the article is reprinted in an unmodified form with the resource box attached and intact.

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==== ==== Noted Internet Marketer Launches Five E-Books Aimed At Internet Entrepreneurs ==== ====

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