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The traditional method of writing a few articles and then submitting them to the main article directories just does not cut it anymore. We need to add another dimension to the way we syndicate our article and website content. Ok, so you write an article, submit it to EzineArticles and possibly a few other article directories. Then you sit around for a week or two while you wait for the articles to be approved and published. If you lucky you will get a trickle of traffic after that. And that is going to get you nowhere! Most people are simply writing articles, submitting them to article directories and they done. But they're leaving loads of traffic and money on the table. You could easily multiply your traffic many times by following the steps discussed here. If you just focus on this one thing - create useful content and syndicate it across the Net using the methods discussed here - you'd be amazed at how fast your traffic and your business will grow. We need to be more extreme and put our content syndication into overdrive. So here is what we need to do in addition to the above: A: Create some basic articles 1. Create content (articles / blog posts ) on a regular basis; at least 4-5 content pieces a week. 2. Post each article on your website or blog. This way it will get indexed prior to syndication and you will be seen as the original source. 3. Submit the article to 2 or 3 of the main article directories 4. Also submit your articles to high profile websites, blogs and newsletters in your niche This will bring more targeted traffic. You can find high profile websites or blogs using the following resources: Google Simply type submit article [niche] into the search box as in the example below: submit article parenting where parenting is your niche. Technorati Technorati is a search engine that indexes blogs. You can find some high profile ones there as well. 5. You should also submit your content to Web 2 sites.These sites have high page ranks and are regularly indexed by the search engines B: Ebook syndication You can use the articles you have written as content for an ebook. Combine some of your related articles and turn them into a PDF e-book. You then submit your newly created e-book to relevant

submission sites. This one simple strategy will send you hundreds of extra visitors for every ebook you submit. You can increase your traffic and exposure once again by submitting your e-book to some of the top document sharing sites. C: Convert your article into different formats You can further convert your articles into other formats such as: video audio slides

Now you can syndicate these formats to appropriate sites Implement the above steps and your traffic will grow substantially. However, please keep in mind your success depends on doing the above steps correctly. You have to get the detail of it right. It is said " The devil is in the detail" Just follow the link below to learn about doing it right.

You can learn more about boosting tour traffic with effective content syndication and related online marketing skills at

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==== ==== The List Building Academy: Teaching The Best Strategies For Success! ==== ====

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