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==== ==== Charles McDuffie launches five ebooks, available for free downloads, and offers information that would be crucial for a newbie as well as a veteran internet marketer. ==== ====

Link building is extremely important for your website's success and will have an immense effect on your overall search engine rankings. Follow these effective link building strategies for beginners and you will be well on the way to link building success. Article writing - Article writing is regarded as an one of the most effective link building strategies for beginners and professionals and a good way to score free links; through the use of article syndication, it will help to increase your focused site traffic and SEO rankings. Focus your attention on writing something related to your business and make sure you submit it to a wellknown article site for example Ezine Articles, Go Articles or iSnare. Link directories - Numerous link building campaigns build their sites success with submissions to specially developed link directories, as a way of ensuring full exposure of their companies website. Social bookmarking - Social bookmarking provides visitors with the opportunity to leave comments and remarks on other sites they've visited, which is a great way to get first hand exposure. These social sites include Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious. If you can get noticed on a social bookmarking site, this will undoubtedly result in traffic avalanches to your website. Vary the anchor text during link building - It is undoubtedly extremely important to vary your anchor text during link building. Nothing has the ability to trip a search engine filter quicker and get you penalized, than building every link to you site with precisely the same link text and format, it's also imperative to make sure a range of relevant keywords are used. Build links at an even rate - Tons and tons of articles on safe link building can be found on the internet, but rather than being obsessed over numbers your focus should be the evenness of the amount you create each month. Search engine filters will be tripped if 200 links are built one month and only a couple the next and this may result in your site been penalized. Concentrate on content- Concentrate and focus all your efforts on developing above average quality content which will result in your site becoming linkable, aka link baiting. Link baiting is regarded as the best way to greatly increase inbound links to your site or blog. Think it over now why would a site owner want to link their sites name with a website containing a load of junky content? Should your website however be filled with quality, interesting and informative info, link creation will follow as an inevitable consequence. Add a blog to your website - The role of a blog related to your business website is one which is often overlooked. Does your site currently have a blog? Blogs have the potential to generate enormous amounts of site traffic. I would recommend that you create one immediately. Blogs are

ideal for industry related content building. Spend 15 percent of your time on link building - At least 15 percent of your time should be spent on link building and if that's not possible it may be best to hire a professional to do it on your behalf.

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==== ==== Charles McDuffie launches five ebooks, available for free downloads, and offers information that would be crucial for a newbie as well as a veteran internet marketer. ==== ====

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