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No matter where you go to day almost everyone has heard about eBay and to some extent knows someone who has or is using eBay today. eBay has almost if not become a household name. I have been a member of the site since November 2000 and have been selling since about 2004. Over that period of time I have seen many changes take place and at times the changes seem to make very little sense to its members. However it generally seem to have helped most members with their business, which as been a total surprise to its members. This is not to say eBay hasn't made mistakes they have and they will continue to make both good and bad choices. That is the nature of business. There are thousands of people just in the UK and USA alone that are making a living on eBay today not to mention the rest of the world. Quick History eBay was founded California in September 1995 by a computer programmer Pierre Omidyar when he was 28 as an online auction site that was later to become eBay. When it first started out as Auction Web and was later changed to eBay which a short version of a consulting firm Pierre owned was named Echo Bay. If you would like to learn more about eBays history check out the Wikipedia at It is quite an interesting read to see how it has grown and also changed. Ok now we have had a quick look at how and where eBay started, lets turn our attention to how we get started. We shall start our journey on eBay by joining. I shall use for this as I live in the UK. I would suggest you use your local eBay page or If you look at the top left hand part of the page you will see two text links one that says Sign in and the other that says Register near the Welcome message. After clicking on Register you will be then taken to a screen with a form on it, enter the information about yourself, such as your name, address, telephone number and email address. Next you will be taken to another screen where you must choose a password and eBay user name, the eBay user-name is the ID or Name you will be known by to other eBay bidders and shoppers. Your password should The password should be something that is not common, for example do not use your first or last name, or some common word such as pencil or computer take your time and

choose something difficult and a little long, I would make sure it is something you can remember or if you are going to write it down make sure you keep it somewhere safe. You could use a post it note near your computer but please if you do that don't keep your user ID with it. When you have finished with the username and password screen, you need to check your email for the confirmation link. All you have to do with this is to click a link in the email to confirm your account. Congratulations you are now a member of eBay. I would just like to welcome to the family. Now you are ready to start bidding on those goodies that are available to you on eBay. I would recommend you take a few minutes just to take a look at a few auctions and also check out the help pages and maybe even the members blogs. Here are a few links to help you. Please as mentioned earlier the links are for UK. If you signup for you local eBay then these links can be found in the community section. Discussion Boards Discuss any eBay-related topic Answer Centre These Member-to-Member Question and Answer Boards provide a forum for members to ask questions, give or get answers, and share information about eBay. eBay Blogs This is a good place to find helpful and even funny ideas on eBay. eBay has become more than just an auction site as some of the above links point. It is not just an auction site. You are able to buy items at a fixed price form its members. These are known as Buy It Now listings. For an example of the different types of auctions we shall take a look. We shall look for an item such as coffee pot. We go to eBay if you are not already there and enter coffee pot into the search box. 1164 items found for: coffee pot where found. That is a lot, but if you look down the list of items. I would recommend you narrow your search when you do a search for yourself. You will see some are ending in a few minutes are at the top of the list. You can also notice just above the search box there are tabs that can change the type of listing you are looking at. We will just take a look at these tabs to understand them and to make it easier to find what you are looking for. All Items As you can see from our coffee pot search. This will list all auction styles. Auctions

This will only list the Auctions available. Buy It Now This will only list Auctions that have a Buy It Now option. If you use the Buy It Now option in an auction you will be taken to another page where I would confirm that I want to buy it by clicking on the Commit to Buy button or if I change my mind I can go back to the previous page with out clicking it and as long as I don't confirm the purchase I have no agreement to purchase. If I click the Commit to Buy ' button, it would show me other screens, and tell me where to send the payment, etc, all which are explained in simple and easy to understand terms. Classified Ads This is a new eBay idea and will only list items within the classified section. What are Classified Ads Classified Ads are about bringing the familiar paper-based classifieds format to eBay The maximum bid option is a very neat feature, if you will be away from the computer and can not watch an auction closely while the time remaining is ending, eBay will automatically bid for you until you have reached your maximum bid limit. The main thing to check before buying or bidding on an item are Seller's location. As you use eBay, you will see that some of the sellers live in Canada, USA, UK or even Hong Kong. If you are like me and live here in the UK. You may wish to just buy or bid on items that are here in the same country to avoid a long delivery time, and large shipping fees. Each eBay item description page, tells the users address, for instance it will say ' Item location UK, USA etc, near the top and middle area of the screen. Another thing to check is what the shipping costs will be. Some folks offer very high shipping, for instance someone may sell a shirt for only $2.00 but have a set shipping fee of $15, so always search the item description page before bidding and buying to find the shipping information. Some item description pages have a box, with a button on them called Calculate. Once you click on this button, just enter your zip code or postcode, and it will tell you what the exact shipping fees will be. This is one that catches even the best of us out. One more thing to always check on is what methods the seller accepts as payment. Some folks only accept PayPal; others only accept Money Orders, or Checks, while some accept all methods. Look for this information on the item description screens also; it's listed usually under the item's description section, in an area called Payment methods accepted. The methods above are all very important and as a user who has misread or even missed the shipping costs it can be a very expensive mistake to make. One final tip

If a seller doesn't list shipping details the email them prior to bidding this will save you money in the long run. I wish you all the best with your purchases on eBay. If you have doubts on a seller on eBay then simply do not bid.

Paul Hardy

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==== ==== Charles McDuffie launches five ebooks, available for free downloads, and offers information that would be crucial for a newbie as well as a veteran internet marketer. ==== ====

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