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Traffic generation is not all hard work. At least not if you leverage your time and efforts accordingly. Smart marketers are using social media to drive organic free traffic to their affiliate offers, squeeze pages and sales pages. One aspect of the social Media arena that most online websites fail to utilise is social bookmarking. Which in todays web 2.0 world is nothing more than an extension of the social media arena. Which if you understand marketing at all you already know that Social media is the promised land of free traffic. Something every online business should strive to achieve in the shortest possible time frame. After all why pay for traffic when most of it could be FREE. Social Bookmarking will over time prove to be one of the most rewarding strategies you use to promote your business. Social bookmarking is by Definition: a method for storing and managing bookmarks of Web pages with individually chosen keywords; also, the sharing of this data with others on websites dedicated to sharing popular culture and resources. One of the main strategies to get your website listed in the search engines is to add your site to social bookmarking services. Unfortunately in the past this was time consuming because each social bookmark has to be manually entered and you have to set up an account at each of the bookmarking services that you intend to use. If this sounds like hard work then you are right, but it does not have to be, IF you utilize automation to do the grunt work for you. It is possible to leverage the power of these growing number of Social Bookmarking sites by using one of the growing number of automated systems that are now available on the market. Automation saves time and as with all labour saving methods you have to weigh up the cost of the purchase or use of the service, with the time saved that could be directed towards more lucrative aspects of your business. Now the role of Social Bookmarking is to provide a series of One Way links to any page you happen to choose on your website, and this should be at the very heart of your traffic generation strategies from the very beginning. However Bookmarking is a continuous process and you only stop to bookmark when you want to stop the traffic flow to your site. Once you see the value and return on both your time and your financial investment you won't want to stop. One important aspect of social Bookmarking that most people fail to grasp, is to ensure that they bookmark each and every important page on their website. Notice that I said EACH important PAGE on their website. The reason for this is obvious when you think about it for a minute, Google ranks web pages NOT websites. So make sure that you bookmark EVERYTHING that you use to promote your site. Including blog posts, articles, tweets (yes even tweets) your YouTube videos

and Articles as well as the more obvious pages such as the index page of your sales sites etc. Do not include pages such as the privacy policy or other such support pages because these are not "important" as far as making a sale or getting a new member on your mailing list are. Bookmark evenly over time and you will see a remarkable transformation as your web pages gain ground along with the rest of your site. Once that happens, you will also see your webpages ranking further towards the front page of Google and MSN. It is possible with the right combination, to actually rank on page 1 Of Google in less than 4 hours using just Social Bookmarking. I use several bookmarking services and tools to automate my business and the details can be found in the resource box below. Now because I use these I know they work and I trust the source. Something its always worth considering before you make a purchase decision.But don't just listen to me, go check them out and make your own decision. I made mine a while ago and I am very happy with the results. Social Bookmarking is one of the many ways to promote your website, blog posts and affiliate offers. I strongly recommend this as a traffic strategy for two distinct reasons. Social Bookmarking brings backlinks to your websites, pages and offers which increased your web sites search engine ranking in record time.

Kevin is a former Nuclear Submarine engineer who once worked 20+ hour days in the defense of NATO and her Allies. Now retired from the military, Kevin has turned his attentions to developing a full time online business.Kevin spends his time using every traffic strategy in the play book to maximize profit and gain the advantage over his competition. At the Heart of Kevin's business strategies is Automation. You can find out more about the services Kevin recommends for Social Bookmarking On Squidoo. and a bunch of other traffic strategies by checking out his blog at

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Noted Internet Marketer Launches Five E-Books Aimed At Internet Entrepreneurs ==== ====

Discover The Power Of Social Bookmarking

Discover The Power Of Social Bookmarking