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If you run an affiliate business, you will perhaps have heard of link cloaking. Clickbank link cloaking is where you mask a Clickbank link with a much nicer looking one, shortened perhaps. There are many benefits to Clickbank link cloaking, and the biggest, most obvious one is that Clickbank's links are really u-g-l-y. Their hoplinks look appalling, so it's very obvious one should mask them. When cloaking your links you gain a number of benefits. One of my favourites include (not many people know about this) using the masked link to keep control of where it goes. For example, if you send out an email with a 'Click Here' button on it, and you tell your customers that it's a limited time offer, you can cut that link by simply changing it where it redirects. Cool eh? Clickbank link cloaking can be achieved in a number of ways, and the best and cheapest way is to use a free offer online, especially good are the 'shortening' services. Have you ever used 'Twitter'? If you have, then you'll know that entering a URL will result in it being 'shortened'. This is an example of a masked URL. However, in the case of Twitter it's not because people want to hide where the link is going, but because they want to make it shorter! However, these services work fine for our purposes. One of my old favourites was TinyURL, but this service has been far beaten by (that's the address, It's used extensively with Twitter, and generates tiny URLs for you. However, that's not the main reason this is a good one, and it's purely because has link tracking. For this feature to work properly, you'll first need to make an account, as this will mean your links are generated under your account. Tracking means you don't just mask the link, you can see how many are clicking on it, this is vital for a winning campaign. Clickbank link cloaking can also be done with a bit of simple HTML. This also means you can create better 'call to action' buttons, meaning you'll get more clicks. Simply perform a search for 'html link' and follow the instructions at the first site in the listings. Remember though to use a tool like TinyURL and to mask the link first, as people will still be able to see where your HTML link is heading. There are also a number of Clickbank link cloaking tools out there under paid membership. If you are considering one of these, make sure you look around to see if the price is right for what they are offering, and consider adding it to a package if it's going to the worth it. An example of a link tracking tool is 'My-Linker' with the Wealthy Affiliate package. However, it depends if you need the rest of the stuff. With tools like saturating the net, there's

no need to pay for a separate Clickbank link cloaking tool, but it's something you definitely need for your internet marketing business.

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==== ==== The List Building Academy: Teaching The Best Strategies For Success! ==== ====

Why You Need Clickbank Link Cloaking