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Sometimes, looking for a two way home swap may not get you the home that you desire. Think about it, what are the odds that someone else will be looking for what you have to offer at the same time as you are looking for what they have to offer? The chances are slim. This is why you need to start thinking of a three way home swap or more. You can have a four way or five way home swap. It all depends on the individuals involved and in how well people can get along to get what they all want. While this is considerably more difficult, it is not an impossible thing to achieve. So, to locate a three way home swap, here are a few tips to help guide you: 1. Place a Listing When you place a listing on a website, put out an ad in the classified section of the dailies or just post the message on a housing association notice board, you should include the option that you are open to a three way house swap or more. Most people just include details about where they want to move to without necessarily leaving an opening for those who may want to contact them for a three way house swap. So, when other people see this, odds are that they will just assume you're not interested in a three way house swap. So, include the option of a three way or more house swap in your listing. 2. Check the Various Mutual Exchange Services Another thing to do would to check the various mutual exchange listings available for you to sift through and look at. For a better result, search for three way house swaps on the websites to see if there are people open and willing to be involved. Sometimes, you may find that there are already two people interested, they just need you to complete the cycle and carry out the house swap. As soon as you find those who are interested in your place involved in a three way house swap, the next thing you should do is simply contact them with what you have available. Even if what you have isn't their exact description for instance, you have a 3 bedroom bungalow when they are looking for a three bedroom flat- still contact them. You might b shocked at their willingness to be flexible.

If you are looking for a homeswap, is a home swap website allowing tenants to find an mutual exchange. For more council house exchange adverts, you could also try where tenants can also list a mutual exchange.

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==== ==== The List Building Academy: Teaching The Best Strategies For Success! ==== ====

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