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How it went down A myBama timeline 1 a.m. Wednesday — UA officials go home after making some alterations to the software. About 500 people use myBama with no problems.

Noon Tuesday - myBama slows to an inoperable pace for the first time since launching in May. UA officials say the problem has something to do with the software that displays the myBama portal, through which the information is accessed. That software is owned not by the University, but by SunGard STC.

8:00 a.m. Wednesday - After some 1,000 users log on, myBama becomes unresponsive again. Officials say the volume of users is not the sole cause, but related to their failure.

Noon Wednesday - UA officials launch a “shell” in myBama's place, allowing students and faculty to access all their essential information such as schedules, bills and rosters. CW/ Elliot Knight, Tiffany Schwarz

Source: Henry Newsom, director of systems development for UA Information Technology

How it went down A myBama timeline