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International Students & TifďŹ n University ... a perfect ďŹ t.

and the co-sponsoring of social activities on campus.

the sponsorship of Diversity Week,

a community dinner offering native foods and entertainment,

Activities include international fashion shows,

through the activities of TifďŹ n University’s World Student Association (WSA).

and the TifďŹ n community continues to ourish

Cultural exchange between all students, faculty, staff

Our doors are open, and we welcome students from all corners of the world.


Recreation Center


Expansion of athletic training room and fitness center

Expansion of Cole Dining

FA CILIT IES A new residence hall for sophomores was constructed and occupied, a science laboratory was created, the Cole Dining Hall was expanded, the athletic training room and the weight room in the Hanson Fitness Center were enlarged, and construction continued on the new recreation center. Also, there was an increase in the number of classrooms in the former St. Mary’s School that TU leases from St. Mary’s Church.

CA PITAL C AM PAIG N Share the Pride, Build on Tradition: A Campaign for Tiffin University continued with a total of $11,571,09 raised toward the goal of $12 million.

EN R O LL M EN T The total enrollment of 6,816 for the 2011 fall semester included students from all 50 states and 27 foreign countries. This total represents a one-year increase of 38% compared with the 4,942 students enrolled in the fall of 2010 and an eight-year increase of 354% compared with the total of 1,500 students enrolled in the fall of 2003.

F INAN C ES The value of TU’s net assets at the end of the 2010-2011 fiscal year was 30% higher than at the end of the previous fiscal year and 205% higher than at the conclusion of the 2004-2005 fiscal year.

The 2011 year was especially positive for Tiffin University.


New residence hall on Clay Street

Dr. Paul Marion President


New Science Laboratory

Ten classrooms in the former school building of St. Mary’s Church are leased for TU classes

THANK YOU The donors listed in this Annual Report deserve a great deal of credit for helping to make possible the many positive developments that have taken place at Tiffin University in recent years. The financial contributions made by these individuals and organizations benefit current students, as well as students who will enroll in the future.

AT H L E T I C S TU finished 6th out of 14 member institutions in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) for the all-sports trophy for the 2010-11 year, three TU coaches were selected for GLIAC “Coach of the Year” honors in their respective sports, and the wrestling team completed its first year of competition as an intercollegiate sport.

A C A D E M I C SU PPO RT PR O G R AM S Academic support programs for Tiffin campus undergraduates were enhanced, the Center for Teaching Excellence was implemented, and the freshman-to-sophomore retention rate increased significantly.

N E W A C A D EM I C PR O G R AM S A bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies was implemented on the Tiffin campus and delivery of the BCJ degree completion program and MSCJ program began at the Cuyahoga Community College campus in Brunswick, Ohio. Also, new concentrations in English, Art and Visual Media, and Communication were implemented within the Master of Humanities degree, as well as undergraduate majors in Global Leadership within the BBA degree, Professional Music within the BA degree, and Emergency Management within the BCJ degree completion program.


CH O O SIN G A U .S. CO LL EG E O R U NIVE R SITY If you are an international student and you want to attend a U.S. college or university, you have to get permission from the U.S. government first. This requires several things: you must be healthy, law abiding, financially self-sufficient, and prepared to leave once you have completed your studies. Because you are not a U.S. citizen, your stay in the U.S. is considered temporary. Unless you have stated otherwise, your goal in coming here is not to pursue U.S. citizenship, but to pursue an education. Typically, international students enrolling in American colleges are admitted with one of two types of student visas: an F-1 visa for students enrolled full-time in an academic or language training program, or an M-1 visa for students attending a full-time vocational or trade school. Depending on nationality and the course of study being pursued, the international student may be subject to a longer background security check and background clearance known as the Visa Mantis. The primary purpose of Visa Mantis is to prevent the distribution or proliferation of certain forms of weapons and science technologies. What does TU look for when we screen the applications of students from all over the world? It’s pretty simple, really. We’re looking for the same qualities in international students as we’re seeking in American students: good study habits, a history of good grades, decent test scores on admission tests, and an overall ability to succeed in college. Universities and colleges in the U.S. vary greatly in their admission criteria, so rather than ask the international student what they’re looking for from TU, an international student may want to ask, “What am I looking for.” International students have thousands of U.S. colleges to choose from and it is up the student to find one that meets their needs and whose admission criteria they can meet. Every year, people from across the globe choose to study in the United States. For most, their academic and professional goals and objectives vary, but for all, it is a truly unique experience. International students often choose Tiffin University because they want an affordable, yet challenging academic program on a safe, friendly campus. It is TU’s goal to provide that cultural and academic experience while they prepare students to enter the global workplace. Tiffin University is a place of renowned academic strength within a friendly college town surrounded by the natural beauty of Ohio. International students often find that Tiffin University is an inviting place to pursue academic goals while participating in personal, recreational, and scenic exploration. At Tiffin University, international students study alongside professors who engage and encourage them to help them discover their individual leadership potential. Simon earned his MBA from Tiffin University last spring. He heard about TU through the Internet and he made his choice because of Tiffin University’s higher quality of education and lower tuition fee. “TU’s faculty and staff treat American and international students equally,” said Simon, “and everyone gets a chance to participate in class.” He misses his country’s food most but appreciates the Golden Corral in America. Simon plans to try to stay in America to accumulate work experience, but would love to travel from America to China and from China to America because he likes both sides.

(English name Simon) Henan, China


In no particular order, below is a quick introduction of a few of our international students:


Mighty is a junior at Tiffin University and is majoring in Hospitality Management & Tourism. She heard about TU from a transfer fair at Owens Community College. “I chose TU because I was offered a scholarship and I liked the programs that were offered. I really like the fact that TU classes are small, and that professors go out of their way to get to know who you really are.” Mighty misses the beach and food most from Venezuela, but her favorite American food is mac and cheese and her favorite restaurants are buffets.

(English name Mighty) Mariara, Venezuela


Santiago is a senior majoring in communication with a concentration in journalism. In 2007-08, TU offered Santiago an athletic scholarship to play tennis. He and his parents felt the scholarship was a good opportunity. “I miss my family, friends, and people in general the most from my home country. I also miss the food and the great weather,” Santiago said. “I want to go to photography school,” he continued. “I want to focus on photojournalism and find a job that is related to journalism (i.e. a newspaper, magazine, or TV channel).” Santiago wants to stay in the U.S., but if he can’t, he may return home or to a country in South America or Europe. His favorite American food is burgers and pizza and his favorite fast food restaurants are Five Guys and Jack in the Box.

Bogota, Colombia


Blake is a junior majoring in sports marketing and is a great golfer. He heard about TU through the Internet (the NCAA

Kloof, South Africa


Shandor is an MBA student concentrating in management. Tiffin University recruited him through “I chose TU because it was a convenient option for me, as a working professional, to get into the MBA Program on such favorable conditions (cost, quality of education, communication and a real American cultural experience). There are too many to list,” he said. He misses his friends and family from home, but is excited to pursue a career in corporate America and eventually become an international entrepreneur. Shandor’s favorite American food is a cheeseburger and his favorite restaurant is Chipotle.

Jõhvi, Estonia



Marielle, a sophomore from Paris, France, has chosen sport and recreation management for her major at Tiffin University. “I like Tiffin University because it is small and that makes it easy to get to know other students. When you come from so far away, you are happy to not get lost and be so far way from one class to the other.” Her goal is to work in a sports administration field such as IAAF or IOC. “I don’t know at the moment, but I might

Paris, France


Website). He chose TU because he and TU’s golf coach connected immediately. “TU is a small university, which I enjoy, and everyone welcomed me. Being close to my team mates is what I like most about TU, and my current favorite class is marketing.” Blake misses his country’s food most, and at times the weather. “It gets very cold in Ohio and I am not used to the snow.” For the future, Blake wants to become a professional golfer or continue on with sports marketing by becoming a representative in the golf industry. He wants to stay in America and his favorite restaurant is Chipotle.

Anthony is an MBA student (studying international business) and he heard about TU from an educational foundation. He says he chose TU because it is accredited by the European Council for Business Education and that was a big plus. When asked what he likes best about TU, he said, staff and students. “From home, I miss my family most,” he said. Anthony wants to become a successful business person either in America or his home country. His favorite sandwich is the cheeseburger and his favorite restaurants are Subway and McDonald’s.

Lagos, Nigeria


return to France – just not sure – we never know what tomorrow will bring.” Marielle’s favorite restaurant includes Denny’s, Wendy’s and Burger King. “I should try KFC,” she said, “because we have that in France, but I bet it will not taste the same because we have McDonald’s in France and that does not taste the same either.”


David is a freshmen and his major is computer and information technology. He heard about TU from an international education business in China. “I chose TU because I heard that business education at Tiffin University was famous, that TU provided international scholarships and because they provided assistance through the English language program ELAC*. David likes to watch the men’s basketball games and admits, “I deeply care about Tiffin University. TU is just like my other half of life, but I miss the people of China equally.” He likes to study and enjoys all of his classes at TU. After graduation, his goal for the future is to become a business person or even venture into politics. “I am hoping to get my Green Card because I love this country. My hope is that America and China become closer through education, friendship, communication, understanding and peace.” His favorite food is a cheese soup prepared by his friend’s mother when he visited them in Columbus during the holidays and he loves the pizza and soup in TU’s Cole Dining Hall, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

(English name David) Anhui Province, China

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Kazi is an MBA student (International Business) at Tiffin University. He heard about TU through the Internet. “I chose TU because of its glorious history and friendly atmosphere and its people. I like the extra activities TU offers, he said.” After graduation, Kazi would love to join a reputable company. “It would be a great pleasure to stay in America,” he says. He misses his country’s food most and his favorite restaurant in America is McDonald’s.



The English Language and American Culture (ELAC) Program of Tiffin University is designed to help international students achieve English proficiency required by the degree programs and expose international students to many facets of American culture. The ELAC program provides an all-around training of English-language skills in reading, listening, and writing, which are conducted at three levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. A placement test is administered to determine each student’s level of study in the ELAC program. Students placed in the Intermediate or Advanced level may be permitted to enroll simultaneously in credit courses required by a degree program. The ELAC program also offers comprehensive orientation that prepares international students for university studies and campus life.

*ELAC PR O G R AM English Language & American Culture


All contributors to Tiffin University’s Annual Fund enjoy personal and regular communication with the Office of Development and Public Affairs.

Membership is also extended to those who utilize their corporate matching gift programs. The giving clubs support the current operation of Tiffin University at a level of recognition. TU’s most prestigious clubs are the Founder’s and President’s Clubs, an essential group of supporters who, by level of support, reflect the importance of leadership giving.

The giving clubs of Tiffin University recognize the importance of leadership contributions to the Annual Fund each year.



Dr. and Mrs. Carl M. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Lonny Allen Mr. and Mrs. Seyed Amiry Dr. Jeanne E. Ashworth and Mr. Robert E. Ashworth Mr. and Mrs. Michael U. Baltzell Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barchent Jr. Mrs. Barbara Beinecke-Spitler and Mr. David J. Spitler Mr. and Mrs. Don Bero Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Blankemeier Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bodie Mr. and Mrs. Matt Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Burns Mr. Paul Burtis and Mrs. Jane A. Dell Mr. and Mrs. Phillip D. Caris Mr. Christopher L. Chase Mr. and Mrs. Homer Chisholm Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Christensen Mr. and Mrs.Leonard J. Clouse Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cole Dr. and Mrs. Gene Crutsinger Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Dandurand Mr. Derek W. DeVine and Mrs. Anne Lange-DeVine Mr. Rex H. Felton, CPA Mr. Edward Fitzgerald Mrs. Rose M. Frick Ms. Blythe A. Friedley

» P R E S I DE NT’ S C LUB ( $ 1 , 0 0 0 TO $ 4 , 9 9 9 )

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Adelsperger Dr. and Mrs. Terry Collins Dr. Hazel D. Franks Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Heminger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Klepper Mr. Thomas H. Miller Dr. and Mrs. Frank Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Paradiso Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Spragg

» FOUNDE R ’ S C LUB ($5,000 +)

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Granata Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Grandillo Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. James Gucker, Esq. Mr. Gene P. Guss Dr. and Mrs. Perry Haan Mr. and Mrs. Keith N. Haley Mr. and Mrs. Drew Hanley Mr. and Mrs. C. William Harple Dr. and Mrs. David L. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hertzer Dr. Donna A. James and Mr. Larry H. James Ms. Claire F. Johansen and Mr. Michael L. Pfefferle Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. John D. Kinn Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Koop Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krumsee Mr. Pete Krupp Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Lange Mrs. Mary E. Lewis Mr. Lowell N. Long Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Maiberger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maiberger Dr. and Mrs. Paul Marion Drs. Laura and Daniel Mays Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Metzger Dr. and Mrs. John J. Millar Mr. and Mrs. David E. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Nutter Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Paulus Dr. and Mrs. Morgan R. Rees Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Reineke Mr. William F. Reineke, Jr. Mr. William F. Reineke, Sr. Mr. Gary E. Robinette Dr. Jan Samoriski Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Schalk Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Schultz Mr. Ronald M. Schumacher and Dr. Lillian Schumacher Dr. Richard W. Stephan Mr. and Ms. Tom Sullivan Mr. Lynn Troxel Mr. and Mrs. James J. White Dr. and Mrs. James C. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wisnor, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Zahn Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Zoeller

Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Arnold Mr. Randy A. Aube Mr. and Mrs. Keith V. Berlan Ms. Marguerite O. Bernard Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Bowlus Mr. and Mrs. Marvin R. Cok Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur E. Cole Mr. and Mrs. C. Randy Cooper Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Debbink Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Faber Ms. Miriam K. Fankhauser Dr. and Mrs. Arturo Figueroa Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Foos Mr. and Ms. Bill Fox Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frias Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Friedley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gray Mr. Joseph and Dr. Mary Grennen Mr. Jerry Hutter Mr. and Mrs. Randy Joseph Ms. Laura A. Ketter and Mr. Joseph Kin Mr. and Mrs. Harold “Bud” Kinn Mr. and Mrs. D. Ted Kuenzli Miss Betty J. Laux Mr. Andrew J. Lukac, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Madison Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. McDannell Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. Newman Mr. and Mrs. Jed Osborn Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Pellegrini Mr. and Mrs. Tyson L. Pinion Mrs. Irma M. Ramsey Ms. Mary L. Rathfelder Mrs. Pearl Rogal Ms. Lori S. Scheer Mr. Gary and Ms. Celinda Scherger Mr. Robert Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Sorg Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Stephens Mr. Ronald L. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell G. Treece Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Aaron G. Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ballreich Dr. Lillian M. Boehmer Mr. Rudy Brownell Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Buccilla Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Estep Mr. Andrew J. Felter Ms. Frances A. Fleet Dr. Debra S. Gatton and Dr. Gary Kustis Mr. and Mrs. David Gilreath Mr. Jack W. Greene Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Koby Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Kummerer Mr. Jason and Ms. Ericka Kurtz Mr. Jason E. McClaflin Mr. Patrick McLeod Mr. Gregory A. Norman Ms. Melani L. Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sanders Ms. Cynthia M. Schroth Dr. Teresa Shafer and Mr. Mark Shafer Mr. and Mrs. James C. Streacker Dr. Bonnie Tiell and Mr. Gregory Tiell Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Walton, CPA


» G R E EN & G O L D C L U B ( $ 25 0 T O $ 499 )

» D E V E L O PE R ’ S C L U B ( $5 0 0 T O $9 99 ) Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Ardner Mr. Bradley Babcock Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bailey Dr. and Mrs. Henry Barker Mr. Howard H. Behrman Mr. Marlowe W. Beis Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bentz Mrs. Nancy Nickel Bertram Mr. and Mrs. Corey A. Bertrand Mrs. Wilma J. Bishop Mr. Robert Blickenstaff Mrs. Bernice M. Bock Mr. and Mrs. Arnold E. Boedeker Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boehm Ms. Mary J. Brakeall Mr. and Mrs. Ned E. Brinkman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Brown Ms. Marisa A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. John Burks Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burns Mr. Ettor A. Canestraro Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Cardo Ms. Denita J. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Jon W. Cartwright Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cashen Mr. James Chiero Mr. and Mrs. Gary Clagg Mr. and Mrs. Bart Clouse Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Coleman Capt. and Mrs. Richard H. Collins III Mrs. Brema C. Colvin Mrs. Shirley J. Coppus Mr. Richard H. Cotten Mr. William P. Crohen Ms. Rachel N. Crooks Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Croy Mr. and Mrs. Rex A. Damschroder Mrs. Sharon Danehy Morse Dr. Erin Dean Mr. and Mrs. James M. Deats Mr. Wesley M. Dodsworth Mr. and Mrs. Eric Doornbos Mr. Dan Dower Mr. and Mrs. George L. Dupey Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Marc I. Eisler Mr. Gregory Elchert

» D R A GON’S C L U B ( $1 0 0 T O $ 2 4 9 ) Dr. and Mrs. Richard Ellinger Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ewald Mr. William Fahrenbruck Mr. James R. Fey Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fisher Mr. Howard D. Flowers Mr. and Mrs. Ron Forsthoefel Ms. Deb Fowler Mr. William F. Freemyer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Funkhouser Dr. and Mrs. Krishnaiah C. Garlapati Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Gase Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gilbert Dr. Michael P. Gilliland Mr. Christopher Granata Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hafley Mr. and Mrs. Randall Halen Ms. JoElle N. Hall Mr. Timothy A. Heppner Sr. Mrs. Pauline C. Heyman Mr. and Mrs. Cameron B. Hill Mr. Patrick A. Hoepf Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Hoover Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Hurwitz Ms. Denice L. Jacoby Mr. and Mrs. Donald Johnson Ms. Keturah C. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Kalnow Mr. Dennis Kear Mr. Mack Kennedy Mr. Robert C. Keplinger Ms. Heidi A. Kiesel Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Kifer Mr. and Mrs. David King Mr. Chad Kirchner Mr. and Mrs. Ken Klein Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kline Ms. Diane Frederick Klopfenstein and Mr. Kraig Klopfenstein Mr. and Mrs. Travis J. Knittle Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Kodman Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Koehler Ruby Cavanaugh Koerper Mrs. Lucille J. Kroetz Mr. and Mrs. Chris Krintzline Mr. Marion E. Kroetz Mr. Scott Kromer Mr. Vic L. Krout 13

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lambert Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lauer Mr. and Mrs. Floyd J. Lawless Mr. and Mrs. C. Eugene Lee Mr. and Mrs. David K. Little Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Long Mr. and Mrs. William R. Love Jr. Mr. John J. Lundin Mr. Orrin G. Lust Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Manbeck Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Jankowski Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy J. Marinis Ms. Julie McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Jeff M. Merkle Mr. and Mrs. David F. Mertz Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Micheli Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Tom R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Misamore Mr. Dennis W. Mock Ms. Kathleen T. Moomaw Mr. and Mrs. David I. Moon Mrs. Tamara A. Morris Ms. Sandra L. Mosser Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Murray II Ms. Theresa A. Nibblett Ms. Alice M. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Shane K. O’Donnell Mr. Edward P. Patsch Mr. and Mrs. William T. Patterson Dr. Sharon L. Perry-Nause Mr. and Mrs. Steven Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Pine Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Piper Mr. Michael Puckett Mrs. Margene P. Reese Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reser Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ritzler Mr. Darby M. Roggow Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Rothwell Mr. Donald G. Sabato Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Sager Ms. Andrea M. Saracusa Mr. Scott W. Saracusa Dr. and Mrs. Jules J. Schwartz Mr. Bruce Shank Mr. and Mrs. James C. Shrode Mr. and Mrs. James A. Smith Mrs. Wendy E. Speelman

Mrs. Janet P. Spore Ms. Mary Ann Stearns Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Steinmetz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Strong Mr. Harry Stubbins Dr. and Mrs. Terry Sullivan Mr. James D. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. James Supance Mrs. Lois H. Svehla Mr. and Mrs. Brett Swanagan Mrs. Karen A. Tank Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Tanner Mr. Mick Thallman Mr. Thomas A. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Van Dyne Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Wagner Mr. George L. Wagner Mr. Michael Wahl Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Walcutt Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wank Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Ward Dr. Phyllis A. Watts Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Weinandy Mr. and Mrs. Daryl W. Weininger Ms. N. Maxine Weininger Mr. Raymond J. Weleski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Wentz Mr. Mark T. Widman Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Wilch Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Williams Mr. and Mrs. William E. Wolf Mr. Albert W. Woodman Mr. and Mrs. Gary Young Mr. and Mrs. Todd Young Mr. Craig Zimmers and Dr. Sharon Zimmers

RE P RE S E N T I N G 2 7 C O U N T R I ES .



1 0 0 I N T E R NAT I O N AL S T U DE N T S











Trinidad & Tobago

Belgium Germany



South Africa

Central African Republic Nigeria Uganda Cameroon



United Kingdom









Class of 1945 Alfreda M. Dannemiller Donald E. Long Virginia K. Zahn

Class of 1944 Bernice M. Bock Marilyn J. Lorah Margene P. Pingle Reese N. Maxine Palmer Weininger

Class of 1943 Estate of Maxine Hoover Benfer Mary A. Wagner

Class of 1942 Russell G. Sorg

Class of 1941 Estate of A. Robert Fleet Hazel D. Craycraft Franks Marjorie A. Gillig Dale E. Walcutt

Class of 1940 Mary E. Ellis

Class of 1939 Marlowe W. Beis Cuba Louise Gibson Pauline Cook Heyman Pearl Rogal Lois Hineline Svehla

Class of 1938 Sally Ackerman Zutavern

Class of 1937 Carl M. Adams William F. Freemyer William E. Wolf

Class of 1936 Howard H. Behrman Orrin G. Lust


Class of 1957 Thomas Burns George L. Dupey Marty Slaybaugh Hoover Joseph A. Scherger

Class of 1956 Gary P. Godfred Jean M. Hertzer Robert R. Swope Albert W. Woodman

Class of 1955 Arnold E. Boedeker George L. Dupey

Class of 1953 Beverly A. Boedecker

Class of 1952 Ruth Warnecke Hostler Lucille Depinet Kroetz

Class of 1951 Alene Hurst Baratucci Wilma J. Bishop Brema C. Konst Colvin William C. Kastner Betty J. Laux Virginia J. Livingston Janet Pfeiffer Spore Kenneth F. Ward

Class of 1950 Wilbur Cole Ruth E. Kastner Shirley Emery Kifer Robert Van Horn

Class of 1949 Jerry Freeh Andrew J. Lukac Elmer E. Wilch

Class of 1948 Richard J. Gibson

Class of 1947 Martha J. Hamlin


Class of 1965 Anita Barrick Jon W. Cartwright John Dilts Eugene A. Koby David E. Mitchell Jack H. Payne Ronald L. Thompson

Class of 1964 Gregory Elchert Jack W. Greene Jerry Hutter Floyd J. Lawless

Class of 1963 Harry L. Burd Mary Jo Carroccio

Class of 1962 Ned E. Brinkman Lyn Frontz James D. Sullivan

Class of 1961 David N. Cooper

Class of 1960 Allen K. Corfman William F. Hertzer David I. Moon Edward P. Patsch Anthony C. SanGregory Harry Stubbins

Class of 1959 Mary Jane Brakeall Richard H. Cotten Howard D. Flowers Victor I. Frantz II Larry J. Hoover Irma M. Ramsey Jimmie Thomas

Class of 1971 Stephen Breidenbach Linda Duprey Ferguson Robert W. Gaver Roger J. Kleinfelter

Class of 1970 Nancy Nickel Bertram Ronald R. Brown Karen Dendinger Stanley E. Manbeck

Class of 1969 Robert Blickenstaff Blythe Ann Friedley Thomas G. Funkhouser Dean A. Johnston John W. Lauer Charles Wentz

Class of 1968 Dennis E. Foos Gail Kraft Foos Ruth A. Gosche Timothy Heppner Alice M. Nichols P. Leighton Sayers

Class of 1967 Ronald L. Brady D. Ted Kuenzli Alison Birkholtz Lauer Carol G. Bockbrader Manbeck Donald G. Sabato

Class of 1966 Robert Alt Marvin R. Cok William P. Crohen Francine Kuenzli Lowell N. Long Sandra Stevens Patterson Eugene Sanders Karl Smith Linda J. Thomas Jack A. Turner George L. Wagner

Class of 1977 Marie B. Fresch Cynthia Manbeck Jankowski Hollis McBroom Michael Reser Daniel J. Ritter Linda S. Ritzler Robert C. Ritzler Barbara L. Sickimich

Class of 1976 Denise Miller Detamore David L. Hayes Gary R. Heminger John K. Krupp Bradley W. Newman Jed Osborn James A. Smith Ernest Sparks Charles D. Walton Louise Zoeller

Class of 1975 David B. Clark Douglas Dantuono Edith Easley John E. LeComte Sue Reser

Class of 1974 John Burks Leonard J. Clouse James C. Shrode Wayne A. Stephens Harry Stubbins Daryl W. Weininger

Class of 1973 James M. Deats Vic L. Krout Jeff M. Merkle

Class of 1972 James Herhold John K. Krupp Gary E. Robinette Raymond J. Weleski Bill E. Wilson

Class of 1985 Melinda M. Crall-Cauley Lori Reinbolt Hall Ann M. Kobayashi Gregory A. Norman

Class of 1984 Frank G. Cardo Christopher Granata Beth A. Kagy Ruby Cavanaugh Koerper Theresa Stephens Nibblett Mary L. Rathfelder Robert C. Uppenkamp George Wagner Christine K. Welter

Class of 1983 Rock L. Craft Mark E. Kline Christine A. Miller Gary L. Scherger Cynthia M. Schroth

Class of 1982 Randy A. Aube Larry L. Hardy Valerie A. Hohman Jean J. Howard Diane Frederick Klopfenstein Kiyotaka Kobayashi Cynthia R. Lahey Debra A. Reamer James C. Shrode

Class of 1981 David J. Bursa Paula Clagg Gary L. Cole Bernard J. Steinmetz Robert G. Watson

Class of 1979 Mark A. Blankemeier Debora J. Pine Deborah L. Smith

Class of 1978 Sunny S. Koilparampil


Class of 1991 Lonny Allen Duane Coldiron Michelle D. Coldiron Joseph G. Geigle Julie A. Hoepf Doug Smith Michael Wisnor

Class of 1990 Lynette M. Cameron Nancy A. Cochran Mary E. Franks Stephen D. Williams

Class of 1989 Lori A. Bentz Sara J. Kessler Nadine A. Miller Theresa E. Siebold Lisa Weasner Williams

Class of 1988 Ida M. Cooley Shirley J. Coppus Daniel J. Ewald Patrick A. Hoepf Susan K. Murray Wendy D. Tossey Daniel R. Wurm

Class of 1987 Rosann M. Arbogast Doris M. Lambert Annette Staunton Gregory Tiell

Class of 1986 Don E. Bower James R. Fey Mark T. Griffin Kevin L. Kummerer Mary E. Lewis Charles B. Lutz

Class of 1994 Nancy A. Cochran Lisa Witt Cruickshank Rex A. Damschroder Thad D. Eckenwiler Andrew J. Felter Gregory D. Johnson Doris M. Lambert Charles B. Lutz Debora J. Pine Leonard J. Reaves III Michael A. Schumacher Wendy Shaw Speelman Thomas A. Thompson

Class of 1993 Charles R. Ardner Darla Burns Traci Dunn Mark A. Fishpaw Thomas S. Grogan Denice L. Jacoby Randy Joseph Beth A. Kagy Sara J. Kessler Joyce Nocton Wendy D. Tossey Michelle Wisnor

Class of 1992 Gary L. Cole Kathy L. Elchert Peggy L. Ewald Michael Fisher Kenneth B. Foy Lori Reinbolt Hall Claire F. Johansen William F. Reineke Jr. Sue Reser Theresa E. Siebold Mick Thallman Ann Woolf Barbara Keith Zinn

Class of 1998 Douglas R. Brandt Gregory E. Gaskin Rhonda C. Gilreath Laura A. Ketter Joanna L. Spaun Karen A. Tank

Class of 1997 Jodi S. Knittle Leonard J. Reaves III Jenna Sager Skidmore Rita D. Stewart James M. Walker Ann Woolf

Class of 1996 Rudy Brownell Darla Burns Susan M. Gerdeman Marlene Mason Darby M. Roggow Ronald M. Schumacher Bradford Tanner Kara Windsor

Class of 1995 Christopher M. Bacon Don E. Bower Kelly A. Dick Daniel Dale T. Fortney Brandi L. Grogan Randy Joseph Curt A. Neth Robin Perry Reaves Pamela A. Russell Jennifer A. Schumacher Annette Staunton Trisha Wynn

( C ON T. )


Class of 2001 Rosann M. Arbogast David F. Bailey Joseph W. Corry Thad D. Eckenwiler Jeffrey F. Kodman Heidi L. Lease Joshua E. Martin Michael L. Pine Pamela J. Schalk Nancy J. Sullivan Krista K. Swanagan Katherine J. Treece Mitchell G. Treece

Class of 2000 Charles R. Ardner Scott E. Blough Lucianne Miller Bowlus Ettor A. Canestraro Jr. Heidi L. Lease Diana M. Olson Daniel J. Starkweather Lucy Linn Thomas James M. Walker

Class of 1999 Vanessa A. Ardner Rodney J. Funkhouser Ruth A. Gosche Jo Ann King Perry N. Mason Kellie Jakubowski McGilvray Teresa R. Miller Darby M. Roggow Celinda M. Scherger Kriste A. Slagle Daniel J. Starkweather Nancy J. Sullivan


Class of 2004 Matthew J. Coleman Andrea D. Howse Faber Linda L. Gray Cameron B. Hill Peter M. Kennedy Nathan R. Long Nancy J. Miller Kathleen T. Moomaw Sara L. Sharick Julie Starkweather Vickie Underwood

Class of 2003 Christopher L. Chase Jamie C. Coleman Andrew R. Faber Zachary A. King Kristi Krintzline Jeremy J. Marinis Sandra L. Mosser Paul L. Pellegrini Sharon Perry-Nause Tyson L. Pinion Tracy B. Previte Jo E. Sciulli Aaron G. Wood Amy R. Wood

Class of 2002 Vanessa A. Ardner Jillian Holland Arnold Rudy Brownell Matthew M. Coleman Richard H. Collins III Crystal Stroble Long Nancy J. Miller Melani L. Pratt Regina G. Pratt-Daniel Debra A. Reamer Annette Staunton

Class of 2007 Dan Dower Elise Pfefferle Hanley Kurt W. Rammel Justin R. Setty Nancy M. Soehnlen Julie Starkweather Krista K. Swanagan Joseph Wilkins

Class of 2006 Andrea D. Howse Faber Peter M. Kennedy Shirley A. Trail

Class of 2005 Bradley Babcock Marisa A. Brown Christopher L. Chase Rachel N. Crooks Andrew R. Faber Donna Faeth Dale T. Fortney Sylvia E. Hermo-Fedro Zachary A. King Michael R. Lewis Sharon Perry-Nause Tyson L. Pinion Ryan D. Rammel Scott W. Saracusa Lori Shurte Nancy M. Soehnlen

Class of 2009 Philip T. Conley Andrea C. Draper Donna Faeth Shawn GrifďŹ n Scott A. Gross Heather Hamilton Deidre Herdlick Benjamin W. Kuhns Carol A. McDannell Nancy J. Miller Frank A. Reino Matthew D. Root Lori S. Scheer Marilyn Seislove Kelly E. Shaffer Jeremy A. Shearer Kristyn Tooley Wilkins

Class of 2008 Julie A. Allen Jennifer R. Barthel Craig Bauman Brenda S. Collins Philip T. Conley Cory M. Gottron JoElle N. Hall Trevor J. Hug Sharee H. Jackson Donald Johnson Keturah C. Johnson Sarah DePugh Johnson Chad Kirchner Benjamin W. Kuhns William R. Laugherty Yaw O. Mamphey Kathleen T. Moomaw Janice C. Ogden Scott W. Saracusa Katrina M. Schumacker Justin R. Setty Sara L. Sharick James M. Spaun Robert C. Uppenkamp Class of 2011 Nikki Hintze Elizabeth Jablonski Robert C. Keplinger Heidi A. Kiesel Janice C. Ogden Jered J. Popik Andrea M. Saracusa Julie Starkweather

Class of 2010 Kevin F. Arnold Dennis L. Goodyear Elizabeth A. Jeppesen Chad Kirchner Garrett J. Krause Rhonda R. Martin Ryan R. Miller Casey Neal Sue Reser Katrina M. Schumacker Joel V. Wilkins


Gerald Adams Julie Allen Lonny Allen Matthew Allison Jennifer Almendinger Seyed Amiry Jonathan Appel Charles Ardner Elizabeth Athaide-Victor Nancy Bailey Henry Barker Karen Bayne Larry Beebe Dan Bell Lori Bentz Matt Bereza Christine Blain Scott Blough Lillian Boehmer Joe Borich Bruce Bowlus Marisa Brown Rudy Brownell Denise Burkin Kirk Campbell Kevin Cashen Gene Chintala Charles Christensen Paula Clagg Brian Coleman Teresa Collins Jennifer Combs Philip Conley Dana Cordova Rachel Crooks Jeremy Croy Cameron Cruickshank Gene Crutsinger Melissa Crutsinger Jacqueline Crytzer Kelly Daniel Erin Dean Thomas Debbink Mary Ellen Denny Ronald Depinet Shari Depinet Colleen Dixon Andrea Draper


Jill Earl E.K. Esawi Daniel Everhart Andrea Faber Miriam Fankhauser Paula Fantini Lee Fearnside Jeanie Fisher Frances Fleet Deb Fowler Rebecca Fox Venkataramana Gajjala Judy Gardner Debra Gatton Sushmita Ghosh Nancy Gilbert Rhonda Gilreath Gary Goff Nancy Golinski Ruth Gosche Cory Gottron Dale Graham Michael Grandillo Barris Grant Linda Gray Mary Grennen Perry Haan Judy Hafley Susan Halen Keith Haley Lori Hall JoElle Hall Heather Hamilton Casey Hanes Michael Herdlick Deidre Herdlick John Hill Nikki Hintze Lori Hites Linda Horning Trevor Hug Steven Hurwitz Victoria Ingalls Gabriel Jaskolka Doug Jesse Claire Johansen Donald Johnson Sarah Johnson Torrie Jones Deann Justice 20

Deb Kaya Lynn Keegan Laura Ketter Rhonda Kieffer Jody Kilpatrick Harold “Bud” Kinn Lisa Kirchner Jennifer Kline Richard Kline Sally Kloepfer Sandy Koehler Beth Koop Kristi Krintzline Ericka Kurtz Lindsey LaBounty Laura Lamalie Fang-Mei Law Bethany Leary Michael Lewis Zhaolu Lu Ellen Lucius Charles Lutz Yaw Mamphey Jamie Marinis Jeremy Marinis Paul Marion Susan Marion Ron Martin Michelle Maus Laura Mays Carol McDannell Kellie McGilvray Patrick McLeod Valerie Messersmith John Millar Karen Miller Nancy Miller Ryan Miller Teresa Miller Kathleen Moomaw Vincent Moore Rebecca Morgan Rachel Morris Chari Mullen Casey Neal Douglas Neel Alice Nichols Jeff Nickerson Percilla Nye Shane O’Donnell

Janice Ogden Bryson Oliver R. James Orr Pamela Oswald Kristen Payne Sharon Perry-Nause Maggie Peterson Deborah Phillips Tyson Pinion Kurt Rammel Steven Rau Ronald Ray Leonard Reaves, III Allison Rees Bradley Rees Pete Reinhart Kristen Rhodes Darby Roggow James Rovira Graham Ryan Jan Samoriski Andrea Saracusa Scott Saracusa Margaret Schalk Celinda Scherger Justin Schlenker Timothy Schultz Ronald Schumacher Lillian Schumacher Teresa Shafer Kelly Shaffer Sara Sharick Tim Shaw R. Allen Smith Amir Soas Julie Starkweather Annette Staunton Jody Strong Terry Sullivan Nancy Sullivan Krista Swanagan Bonnie Tiell Jonathan Tucker Martha Turner Sharon Uitto Colleen Vallo Diane Vassalle Elijah Vazquez Thomas Wahl Melissa Waire

John Wank Robert Watson Phyllis Watts Melissa Weininger James White Joel Wilkins Joseph Wilkins Kristyn Wilkins Bobby Willcox Lisa Williams Rob Williams Adriane Wilson Michael Wisnor Amy Wood Kirstin Worland Thomas Wynn Wendy Ziems-Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Amendola Dr. Jeanne E. Ashworth and Mr. Robert E. Ashworth Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ballreich Mr. and Mrs. Michael U. Baltzell Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barchent, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bean Mrs. Barbara Beinecke-Spitler and Mr. David J. Spitler Ms. Marguerite O. Bernard Mr. and Mrs. Don Bero Mr. Greg Bigus Mr. and Mrs. Brad Borer Mr. Matt Brown Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Burns Ms. Hazel Callari Mr. and Mrs. Phillip D. Caris Mr. and Mrs. Homer Chisholm Mr. and Mrs. David J. Claus Mr. and Mrs. Bart Clouse Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooley Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Dandurand Mr. Paul Burtis and Mrs. Jane A. Dell Mr. Dale Depew Mr. Derek DeVine and Mrs. Anne Lange-DeVine Mr. Kevin S. Dick Messrs. Doug and Larry Dunlap Dr. and Mrs. Richard Ellinger Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Estep Dr. and Mrs. Dominic A. Fabrizio Mr. Rex H. Felton, CPA Mr. Edward Fitzgerald Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Frank Mrs. Rose M. Frick Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Friedley Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Gase Mr. and Mrs. James Gucker, Esq. Mr. Charles Hodges Dr. Donna A. James and Mr. Larry H. James Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Kalnow Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. John D. Kinn Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Kris Klepper Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Koop

The David and Maureen Boyd Student Investment Fund The Scot E. Clarke Memorial Fund The Ivan Daniel and Maxine L. Cole Scholarship The Howard L. Collier Memorial Fund The Harold B. and Brema Konst Colvin Scholarship The Dr. Kenneth B. Cummins Endowed Scholarship The DeLuca-Grandillo Endowed Scholarship The First Citizens National Bank Scholarship The A. Robert and Louanna R. Fleet Endowed Memorial Scholarship The Dennis and Patty Foster Endowed Book Fund The Frank/Heminger Endowed Scholarship Fund in Corporate Leadership The Rolland W. Friedley – Farmers State Bank Memorial Scholarship The Michael D. Gaietto Endowed Scholarship The GAR Endowed Scholarship The Mildred I. Hankey Scholarship The Valerie Ann Hartman Perkins Memorial Fund The David and Patty Hayes MBA Gateway Endowed Scholarship The Dr. and Mrs. Prasad C. Kakarala Endowed Scholarship The Diane and George Kidd, Jr. Endowed Lecture Series The Charles L. McKillip Memorial Chair Business Fund The F.J. Miller Academic Loan Fund The Earnest R. and Mary E. Patterson Scholarship The Orville D. & Irma Yoder Payne Memorial Scholarship The Alfred M. and Grace E. Reichard Memorial Fund The Carl Runion Memorial Fund The Paul and Muriel Sayers Memorial Scholarship The Eugene N. and Betty Schalk Scholarship The Ernst Selig Law Enforcement Endowed Scholarship The Dr. Richard Stephan Family of Scholarships The Russell and Marguerite Stephenson Endowed Fund The Leonard D. and Sara B. Stevens Scholarship The Daisy and Frederick Stone Scholarship The Tiffin Rotary Scholarship The Tiffin Women’s Club Endowed Scholarship The James C. Todd Memorial Scholarship The Edward J. Werling, Jr. Endowed Scholarship in HR Management Fund The Phillip S. Willis Loan Fund The Wayne and Virginia Kurtz Zahn Scholarship The 50th Year Class Scholarship




James D. Adelsperger Mildred Depinet Lucy Ann Emerson A. Robert Fleet Hazel D. Franks Lester Gase Jean Graham W. Ann Johansen Clementine “Connie” Kosinski Lucille J Kroetz Richard C. Lange Leona Machunas Ryan C. McDaniel Ralph Monaco Mary C. Myers Irma Yoder Payne Orville D. Payne Dominic Ranieri Estella Reinhart Evelyn Rodgers Nagi Soas

Mr. Scott Kromer Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Lange Mr. James Patrick Leahy Mr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Lonsway Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Maiberger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maiberger Mr. Jason E. McClaflin Mr. James C. McGrain Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Meyer Mr. Thomas H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I. Myers Miss Georgia Nusbaum Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Nutter Mr. and Mrs. Owen R. Palmerton Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Paulus Mr. Thomas Payne Estate of Ms. Margaret Reed Dr. and Mrs. Morgan R. Rees Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Sager Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Schalk Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schultz Dr. and Mrs. Jules J. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Seislove Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Shreiner Mr. Roger L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. James C. Streacker Ms. MarryAnn Stearns Mr. and Mrs. James Supance Mr. Shayne Thomas and Dr. Angela R. Thomas Mr. Lynn Troxel Dr. and Mrs. James C. Wilson Mrs. Carolyn Young Mr. and Mrs. Todd Young Mr. Craig Zimmers and Dr. Sharon Zimmers


Ms. Raejean Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick S. Apel Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bader Ms. Teri Banks Mr. and Mrs. Ken E. Bear Mr. and Mrs. Keith V. Berlan Mr. and Mrs. Corey A. Bertrand Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boliantz Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Brady Mr. and Mrs. James Bray Mr. Fred Burks Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Candito Ms. Denita J. Carter Mr. James Chiero Ms. Pat Coffman Mr. and Mrs. James Colvin Mrs. Sharon Danehy Morse Ms. Toni Daughenbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Mathew A. Davis Mrs. Mary K. Deardurff Mr. Wesley M. Dodsworth Mr. and Mrs. Eric Doornbos Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Dye



» F RI E N D S ( C O N T.) Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Erwine Ms. Sharon Estrada Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fillion Mr. and Mrs. Ron Forsthoefel Mr. Dan R. Frenz Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fritz Mr. and Mrs. John Gibbons Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gilbert Dr. Michael P. Gilliland Mr. and Mrs. Ray D. Gottfried Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Granata Mrs. Carma Grime Mr. and Mrs. William J. Groff Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gwinn Mr. Steve Hall Mr. Jack Hannum Mr. and Mrs. Paul Higgins Ms. Suzanne Homer Ms. Christina Hutcheson Ms. Peggy J. Irwin-Smolinsky Ms. Claire F. Johansen and Mr. Michael L. Pfefferle Mr. and Mrs. Louie Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kempton Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kibler Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kiefer Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. King Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Kipp Jr Mr. and Mrs. Ken Klein Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kline Mr. and Mrs. David Koch Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kovacsiss Mr. and Mrs. John Krause Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Lee Mr. Douglas K. Lloyd Ms. Jill Lust Mr. and Mrs. Robert Madison Ms. Julie McLeod Mr. and Mrs. David F. Mertz Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Metzgar Jr Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Michael Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Milligan Mr. Dennis W. Mock Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Nally Ms. Joann Neubauer Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. OBrien Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Ocker Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Passafiume Dr. Carl M. Adams Dr. Terry Collins Dr. Hazel D. Franks Dr. David L. Hayes Dr. Gary R. Heminger Dr. Donna A. James Dr. Frank Murphy Dr. Jules J. Schwartz Dr. Richard W. Stephan Dr. Wayne E. Zahn


Ms. Diane M. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Piper Ms. Patty E. Poe Mr. James Pohl Mr. and Mrs. James J. Popik Ms. Gretchen Pozek Mr. Michael Puckett Ms. Susan Reiter Mr. Wilson Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Root Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Roth Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Rothwell Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Schmitz Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Selfe Mr. and Mrs. Richard Setty Mr. Robert Shepherd Ms. Mary Speed Mr. and Mrs. John Stocker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Van Dyne Mr. and Mrs. Norbert J. Veit Mr. and Mrs. James F. Viets Mr. Michael Wahl Mr. C.S. Watts Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Weinandy Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Williams Mr. Russell Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wypasek Mr. and Mrs. Gary Young Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Zawodny


ACI Construction Company Adidas Advanced Group Corp. Alloway American Electric Power American Red Cross Anese Masonry Company Animal Hospital of Tiffin Arnold Vending Co., Inc. Bair Brothers Sporting Goods Ball Corporation Ballreich Brothers, Inc. Baumann Automotive Group of Tiffin Bed Bath & Beyond #458 Bed Bath & Beyond #607 Bed Bath & Beyond # 822 Bed Bath & Beyond #1082 Bed Bath & Beyond #1226 Bed Bath & Beyond #784 Biery Cheese Co. Bodie Electric, Inc. Brotherhood Bank & Trust Camden Falls/Carmies Grill & Bar Cellular Central Champs Barbershop Chipotle Mexican Grill Cinemark


Mr. Larry Adelsperger Dr. Terry Collins Dr. Hazel D. Franks Mr. C. William Harple Dr. David L. Hayes Dr. Gary R. Heminger Ms. Claire F. Johansen Ms. Diana Kirk Mr. Michael R. Klepper Ms. Dianne Krumsee Mr. David E. Mitchell Dr. Frank Murphy Mr. Timothy J. Paradiso Mr. William F. Reineke Sr. Mr. Michael C. Spragg Dr. Richard W. Stephan Mr. Frederick E. Zoeller


Clinton Heights Golf Course Clouse Construction Corp. Coca-Cola Bottling Company Coon’s Candy Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Coppus Motors, Inc. Corporate One Benefits Country Inn & Suites Cs and Ss, LLC CSI Construction Services, Inc. Current Surfaces, Inc. Decker’s Furniture Dell, Burtis & Anspach, L.L.P. Disney Store #414 Diversified Graphics, Inc. Dundore Plumbing & Heating Edward Jones Esperanza, Inc. Fabrizio Chiropractic & Rehab Fifth Third Bank of Northwest Ohio Fifth Third Private Bank Frameworks, L.L.C. Green Hills Golf Course GW’s Fine Food & Spirits H.J. Heinz, USA Head Shed Hickory Grove Golf Club Hilliard Kiwanis Club Holiday Inn Express of Tiffin Home Depot #3801 Indianbrook Golf Club Interstate Gas Supply, Inc. Jeffrey Jewelry Jo-Ann Stores, Inc. Junior Achievement of Northwestern Ohio Kiefer Specialty Flooring, Inc. Lakeland Golf Course Laminate Technologies, Inc. Lane of Dream Farms, LLC Level Up Lila’s Sweet Shoppe Little Caesars’ Lorain Music Company Loudon Meadows Golf Club M & B Asphalt Company, Inc. Madison St. Pub & Grub Magnus Terra Company, LTD Marathon Petroleum Corporation Medco Supply Co. Merchants’ Credit Guide Co.

Mercy Hospital of Tiffin Merrill Lynch Bank of America Metzgers Printing & Mailing MTD Products NAPA Auto Parts Napoli Pizza Nucor Steel Marion, Inc. Ohio Auto Club - Tiffin AAA Ohio Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Inc. Old Fort Banking Company Old Second Wealth Management Olive Garden Onin Staffing Outland Insurance Agency, Inc. P.T. Services Rehabilitation, Inc. Picture Perfect Photo and Frame PNC Bank Ralph’s Joy of Living Red Hawk Run Golf Course Reineke Family Dealerships Reino’s Pizza Rent-a-Center Republic Lumber, Inc. Riley’s Car Wash Sears Outlet #7911 Seislove Burial Vault Services, Inc. Seneca County Home Builders Seneca Hills Golf Course SFC Ltd., LLC Shotzy’s Bar & Grille Smith Family Frosted Foods Sound Systems Inc. Speedway, LLC Sports Cuts Barbershop St. Francis Friedman Village Steyer Seeds, LLC Sunburst Tanning Salon SunTrust Banks, Inc. Supance and Howard Superior Distributing Co., Inc. Sycamore Hills Golf Club The Pruina Corporation The Steer Barn The Wine Merchant Thiel’s Wheels, Inc. Threads, Inc. Tiffin Hardware Company T.J. Willies

» C O R P O R AT IO N S A N D B U S I N E S SE S ( C ON T.)


A Call To College Akron Children’s Hospital Alumni and Friends of Osnaburg Schools Foundation American Baptist Home Mission Society Amherst W.H.O. Club Amvets Post 48 Andover Foundation, Inc. Army Emergency Relief Automobile Dealers Educational Assistance Foundation, Inc. Barden Gary Foundation BDS Agency Management Big Brothers Big Sisters Blackford County Community Foundation Boy Scout Troop 586 Bryan Area Foundation Business Professionals of America Ohio Association Cardinal Health Foundation Carl Schank Memorial Scholarship Fund Carlisle Area Dollars for Scholars Carlisle Christian Church Citizens Scholarship Foundation of Nct. Clare County Community Foundation Cleveland Foundation Cleveland Scholarship Programs, Inc. College Now Community Foundation of Monroe County Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts Comtrak Logistics, Inc. Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Cuyahoga Falls School Foundation CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Don W. Miller Scholarship Fund Eaton Athletic Boosters


Tom Rodgers Flowers TPC URS Corporation US Fitness, LLC Viewpoint Graphics Webster Industries, Inc. Williams-Sonoma, Inc. #036 Woodies Supermarket

With our secure server, investing in Tiffin University has never been easier. Just point and click, and your gift whatever its size helps TU provide access and opportunity for individuals, while facilitating their preparation for successful careers and productive and satisfying lives. We invite our friends and supporters to join us at

P O I N T. C L I C K . G I V E .

ECDI Edgerton Area Foundation, Inc. Educational Assistance, Ltd. Educational Testing Service Emmanuel Lutheran Church Fairfield County Foundation Fairfield Warde High School Fifty Men & Women of Toledo, Inc. GE Foundation Gifts In Kind International Gillmor Charitable Foundation Good Hope Lutheran Church Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Greene County Youth Activity Harvest Homecoming, Inc. Heart of Ohio Junior Golf Association Henry Ford Village Foundation Home Savings Charitable Foundation Hopewell - Loudon Board of Education I Know I Can I.B.E.W. Local 683 Illinois Correctional Employment Illinois State Bowling Association IUOE Local 66 Scholarship Fund J.A. of Northwest Ohio J.D. & Allice W. Butler Memorial Scholarship Foundation Jefferson County Vocational School Joe James Foundation John F. Kennedy High School John Q. Shunk Association Joseph L. Wolcott Scholarship Fund JPMorgan Chase Foundation Keybank National Association – Trust Division Lake/Geauga Educational Assistance Foundation Law Enforcement Education Program License Bureau of the State of Ohio Licking County Foundation LifeShare Foundation Loyal Order of Moose, Inc. Margaretta Local School District Marion Community Foundation Mason Swimming & Diving Alumni Association Melinda C. Samperi Memorial Scholarship Fund Meshech Frost Testamentary Trust Midland Athletic League Mohawk Local School District National Machinery Foundation New Albany Business & Professional Womens Organization NJCLASS Loan Program Northwestern Local School District Norwalk Athletic Boosters Officer Brian D. Evans Scholarship Ohio Correctional and Court Services Association Old Fort Athletic Boosters Olive B. Foundation, Inc. Omni Source Omnova Foundation Orphan Foundation of America Osage Nation Higher Education Grant Osceola Foundation, Inc. Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Parents Advancing Choice in Education Inc. Piqua City School District Port Clinton Business & Professional Women’s Club Port Clinton City School District Project Grad Akron Project Grad Cincinnati R.E. & Joan S. Allen Foundation R.W.H. Memorial Foundation Richland County Foundation Ritz Theater Roger Bacon High School Ruth E. Roach Scholarship Fund Sandusky Blue Streak Booster Scholarship America Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara


Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Corporation Sikeston Elks Lodge 2319 South Point Local School District Southern Ohio Educational Spencerville Service Club St. Maron Church St. Mary’s Lutheran Church State Farm Companies Foundation Strongsville Chamber of Commerce Summit Medical Communications, LLC Supreme Council of America AASRM, Inc. The Anthony Munoz Foundation, Inc. The Borck Family Foundation, Inc. The Clara Abbott Foundation The Columbus Foundation The Community Foundation The Davey Tree Expert Company The Dayton Foundation The Grand Chapter of Ohio, O.E.S. The Harold and Berta Keen Family Scholarship Fund The Hauss-Helms Foundation, Inc. The Kiwanis Club of Norwalk The Piqua Community Foundation The Turco Foundation Tiffin Masonic Relief Association Tiffin Rotary Foundation Toledo Community Foundation, Inc. Trail’s End Scholarship Program Trinity Lutheran Church Tulsa Community Foundation Union Education Trust United States Bowling Congress United Steel Workers Local 207-L Upper Sandusky Chapter No. 1045 Women of the Moose Wayne County Community Foundation Whirlpool Foundation Xenia Community School District Zanesville Canal & MFG Company

David E. Mitchell St. Joseph, MI Vice President (retired) Whirlpool Corporation

Michael R. Klepper Tiffin, OH Chairman & CFO Superior Distributing Company

Diana Kirk Findlay, OH

Claire F. Johansen Tiffin, OH Former Owner & President Ohio Outdoor Advertising Corp.

Janice L. Hilliard, Ph.D. Stamford, CT Vice-President National Basketball Association

Gary R. Heminger Findlay, OH President & CEO Marathon Petroleum Company

David L. Hayes Toledo, OH President & CEO Hayes & Associates, Inc.

Joseph L. Harris Ann Arbor, MI Emergency Financial Manager City of Benton Harbor

C. William Harple Tiffin, OH President & CEO Seneca Environmental Products

Terry A. Collins Petaluma, CA Founder Papa Murphy’s International

Larry A. Adelsperger Tiffin, OH Executive Vice President P.T. Services Rehabilitation, Inc.



Gordon C. Wagner Marco Island, FL President & CEO (retired) First National Bank

John Stock Sandusky, OH President S-Group Companies

Russell G. Sorg Fremont, OH President (retired) Fremont Kraut Company

Robert Ruffin McKinney, TX Vice President and Group Manager (retired) Allied Signal, Inc.

Emeritus Trustees Dianne G. Krumsee Powell, OH Chair of Board Old Fort Banking Co.

Frederick E. Zoeller Tiffin, OH President & CEO Laminate Technologies, Inc.

Richard W. Stephan Blue Bell, PA President Rick Stephan & Associates

Michael C. Spragg Findlay, OH President & CEO Old Fort Banking Company

William F. Reineke, Sr. Fostoria, OH Chairman Reineke Family Dealerships

Timothy J. Paradiso Port Clinton, OH CEO BDS Agency Management

Frank Murphy Wadsworth, OH CEO University Housing Solutions

We have made every effort to correctly list the names of all donors between January 1 and December 31, 2011 in this report. However, in a list of this length, errors may occur. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apology and bring the error to our attention so that we may correct our records. Thank you.

Lisa Williams Editor & Photographer – Executive Director, Media Relations and Publications Mary Ann Stearns Graphic Designer


Michael A. Grandillo, Ph.D. Vice President for Development & Public Affairs John Hill Associate Vice President for Development Celinda M. Scherger Director of Alumni Relations Tyson L. Pinion Director of the Annual Fund Ericka Kurtz Director of Communications Lori Bentz Administrative Assistant Sandy Koehler Administrative Assistant Marsha Pippenger Director of Diane Kidd Gallery Erin Garrison Graduate Assistant Destiny Larson Graduate Assistant


Wayne E. Zahn Sanibel, FL President (retired) National Machinery Company

T I F F I N U N I V E R S I T Y ’ S ALU M N I & FRIE N D S 7 Day Hawaii Cruise February 23, 2013

Tiffin University is pleased to announce that our next cruise will be aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines Pride of America and will be a 7 day Hawaii cruise, round-trip from Honolulu. Cruise America’s paradise in style, with 14 restaurants and 9 bars and lounges, excellent family accommodations, spacious suites and plenty of balconies – perfect for whale watching, witnessing Kilauea Volcano or taking in the dramatic views of the Napali Coast. From the moment you step into the Capitol Atrium, with its soaring Tiffany-glass dome and grand staircase, you’ll know this is a spectacular cruise ship providing the best way to island hop Hawaii. The ship will depart from Honolulu and include ports of call in Honolulu, Maui (Kahului), Hilo (includes an evening sail by Kilaueu Volcano), Kona, and Kauai (with an afternoon cruise of the Napali Coast). Cruise pricing starts at $1,299 (USD) per person excluding taxes, fees and fuel supplement charges. President and Mrs. Paul Marion will be your hosts for this voyage, and Tiffin University will sponsor other special events and private parties making this a truly unique experience. For reservations or further details, please contact Lauren at Norwegian Cruise Lines toll free at 877-416-9722, ext. 4373 or by direct call to 954-514-4373 or by e-mail at Be sure to mention the Tiffin University special offer!

155 Miami Street TifямБn, Ohio 44883-2161


2011 Annual Report  

2011 TU Annual Report

2011 Annual Report  

2011 TU Annual Report