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LIFESTYLE Winter 2013

Vintage Stylists in LA

Who We Trust

Shareen Michell

Sydney Curtis

Yoga For Life

Cool Karma

Isabelle Bridges Boesch

From Surfing to Acting Indie actress

Tanna Frederick opens up

Ace of Hearts

Eco足Celebrity home designer Kari Whitman

Late-Night (healthy)

Dining on Sunset

Burger Lounge

10 Things (Most) People Don’t Know About Me

1. My birthdate is August 12th. 2. I was born in Springfield, Missouri. 3. I moved to Los Angeles when I was 11 years old to pursue my dreams! 4. I am a Kappa Kappa Gamma member. 5. I’ve been a vegetarian since 7th grade. 6. I love my shih-tzu, Bella! 7. My brother, Justin Calhoun, is a music producer. 8. I graduated from Pepperdine University with a bachelor’s in advertising. 9. I am almost finished with my MBA in marketing. 10. The holidays are my favorite time of year!

Contributors Creative Editorial Director Tiffany Laine Calhoun Graphic Design Judi Blisard O’Bryan Editorial Photographers Mathis Fender MinhTu Van Contributing Writers Isabelle Bridges Boesch Abby Fender Barbara Green

In this issue...

Rock and Roll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-7 Fashion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-15 Vintage Stylists Coming Up Roses Canyon & Beach Health and Beauty . . . . . . . . . . . 16-21 Yoga for Kids Eco-Beauty Sleeping Beautiful Lifestyle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-25 Food and Entertainmnent . . . . . . . 26-29 Cooking and Wine Home . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30-31 & Home Away From Home Beverly Hill’s Garden Oasis Kari Whitman: Celebrity Eco-Home Designer

In Every Issue: Cover photograper: Mathis Fender Cover stylist: Abby Fender

2 !"#$%&'(

Editor’s Letter Contributors

Creative Editorial Director Tiffany’s Magazine Welcome! The beginning of the my favorite time! New year, new you! Maybe I’m biased, but as a young girl I would love to spend my time enjoying the nice L.A. weather. And writing this issue gave me flashbacks to when we spent our weekdays in Calabasas and weekends in Malibu. Lucky for us, in Southern California, we are privileged to have the warm temperatures and the cool crisp ocean breezes. The best of both worlds! I hope this issue will inspire you as we explore beach favorites, healthy living and

Photo by: Minh Tu Van, Location: Beverly Hills, CA

vintage flare. The eye-catching cover photography, by Mathis Fender, showcases the vibrant colors in Beachwood Canyon at the home of actress Brianna Deutsch and emmy-winning TV host Ross King. Also, personal stories from Indie actress Tanna Frederick and home designer Kari Whitman will inspire you to indulge in both creativity and charity. Sit back and enjoy. Let’s make 2013 the best year yet! Peace+Love+Fun,

TWITTER @TiffanyLCalhoun EMAIL

Tiffany Laine Calhoun

WEB !"#$%&'())3

Life ‘Style’

Spiritually Speaking

The Zodiac Girls!"#$!%&'(!)*+!,-+.&!*+/!)*+.!0+&1/!2*.!'*3&444*.!#/!'&#1/!&$/&./#5$!)*+!6%5'&!/%&)!#7351&! "#''&.1!&3&.)!8+&17#)!$5-%/!*$!9:;!;<)!=#75*4!>3&.!?@A@@@!'51/&$&.1!#!6&&<!/+$&!5$!/*!/%&!.#75*!1%*6!/*! '51/&$!/*!/%&!B!6*C&$!D#$!#1/.*'*-&.A!C&75+C!#$7!#!(1)"%5"D!-53&!#735"&!*$!'*3&4!8%&5.!65//)!%+C*.!#$7! &$/&./#5$5$-!'52&!1/*.5&1!<&&(!/%&!"#''&.1!75#'5$-!5$4!

The Zodiac Girls are smart, sassy and spiritually connected. The Girls, Solaris, Laura and Kira, help guide their radio audience through all types of questions on love...and entertain them with favorite celebrity guests like Florence Henderson and Gilligan’s Island’s Dawn Wells. The three Girls each focus on one speciality: Solaris is an astrologer, Laura is a medium and Kyra is a psychic. Together, the trio answer caller’s most burning questions on love, life and everything in between. The witty humor and entertaining life stories keep the listeners calling! In their personal lives, the girls have had profound experiences helping their own friends and family. “I think my clients come to me with the exact same problem I just solved in my own life,” Kyra states and Solaris agrees. “I think it is divinely orchestrated in life that way, too.”

Over 50,000 listeners per week tune in to the weekly show with the spiritual ‘go-to’ girls. Solaris, Laura and Kyra can help you figure out how to navigate the trails on your quest for love...and share your story with thousands of listeners. Listen to The Zodiac Girls live every Tuesday 8p.m. Pacific on Have a question? Call live during showtimes: 248-545SOUL (7685.) Inquiries or Private Readings: 818-508-5740 Photography credit: Leo Delati. Photo of Kyra: Bella Morte Photography.

Need a little extra push in the right direction? Cauldron Kitty’s Spell in a Jar Soy Candles are 100% soy with 

lead free cotton wicks, recycled jars and lids. Each candle is made with magical intention & poured by Lorna the owner of  the store in Sliverlake, CA. The candles come with easy instructions, use the best quality available and smell wonderful.

4 !"#$%&'(

Anna Berger: ABSOLUTELY ANNA Berger’s one-woman show is a journey through time giving the audience a sneak peak into the history of Broadway and old Hollywood. She has spent over fifty years working as an actress – a feat most young actors cannot even grasp. Her acting class? Tennessee Williams, Stella Adler First Boyfriend? Walter Matthau When Berger was working with Mae West, she was able to basque in the energy that was West, by spending time in her Rossmore apartment. (The infamous apartment unit that Paramount gave West in 1945 and she decided to never leave.) She tells stories of the two running around Los Angeles while going to psychics. In her show, she gives the audience a glimpse into one of West’s favorite pastimes! Hollywood History come to life. She has a bona fide list of admirers that actors today would vie for. Berger is the quintessential actress of her generation to tell the story of both Broadway and Hollywood.

Her one woman show should be a blue print of how to keep your creative passion alive. New actresses should be lining up in the front row and taking notes from the woman who has done it all. Advice? Berger believes that actors should always do something to keep that creative spark. In this business, when actors aren’t on a project, they should keep being creative in any form. For a woman who still jets between New York and Los Angeles for her career, Anna Berger is just getting started on another Hollywood journey.

Charity to Watch: Board Well Board Well’s Core Values   Artistic Ingenuity  Rebellious Determination  Clarity of Mind

Dare to Care Board Well co-founders are Courtney Belle Branch and Lindsay Carron. “We are hoping to tie in our efforts, to give back to communities, by actively working with the kids,” said co-founded Courtney Branch. Branch is a Pepperdine graduate that found her passion for creating art, on boards, for charities. Boardwell donates 15% of sales to non-profit organizations all over the world. The non-profit organization; whose core values includes artistic ingenuity, rebellious determination and clarity of mind, dare to create global change through their art. Not only do the cofounders create boards, but they have also painted murals in such places as Vincente Guerrero, Mexico and Vista Del Mar in West Los Angeles. “The mission behind our mural work is that we hope to break down the walls of fear that hinder a society,” Branch continues. “And thus encourage value and self worth in the community and kids.”

“I will not retire while I’ve still got my legs and my make­up box.” Bette Davis !"#$%&'())5

Life ‘Style’

Rock and Roll

2013 Inspiration Ultimate rock and roll ‘coffee table’ book you will actually read. Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone, Who would ever waste an opportunity to listen to vinyl? Crosley Record Player, $119.95, www.crosleyradio. com. It’s all in the “Vintage” inspired details. Hook up your Mp3 player. Pretty in pastel pink! The princess phone is the ultimate vintage flashback. Crosley, $49.95.

Alexis Sanne Wide Leg Pant, $242,

6 !"#$%&'(

Inspirations “No change in musical style will survive unless it is accompanied by a change in clothing style. Rock is to dress up to.” -Frank Zappa Nail The Look: Those Meddling Kids by LAQA&CO, Apothia Fred Segal.

Photo courtesy of Riki Rachtman

Axl Rose and Slash, Cathouse,

She is a rock and roll star. 14k gold star charm, Emily Elizabeth, $45,

Sunglasses made cool. BARON and MACH TWO, DITA Legends - Fashion Island and DITA Legends - Melrose,


¦ myoōzik¦ in French: musique

Gratitude Bracelet by Jason Mraz.

Pictured: Co-Founder Scott Cannon wearing Scott Free Collection. Founded by DJ and designer Scott Cannon and Giovahn Barboza, Scott Free Collection is quickly gaining fans across the country. They graduated from Pepperdine University and are now making waves with their music-inspired designs. !"#$%&'())7

Life ‘Style’

Vintage Fashion

Vintage stylist to the stars, Shareen Mitchell.

8 !"#$%&'(

Vintage Couture: Los Angeles Edition Celebrity stylist and lifestyle consultant Abby Fender indulges in the world of Vintage Couture: Los Angeles Edition. Shareen Downtown: Vintage A Go Go Big+Bold+Gold. MARIE MONSOD’S WOMEN’S VINTAGE CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES IN LA. 323-938-1969 Shareen Downtown: Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, and so many other cool LA girls have found Shareen, and you deserve !"#$%&#'()*#!""+ ,-'.)((%#/0!1'(2234#4!")5#04#"%(#!'.!#6#$%&#4"#0%1)(&0725#!"81'0%9# and, I think, very relevant to the times.” -Abby Fender Shareen references her first year of business as being, “the year of the great humbling;” 2003. A former ivy-league college graduate, successful Vogue Magazine stylist, and former successful actress, it is hard to imagine such .%#.11":;204'(&#<":.%#(=()#$%&0%9#'()4(2>#<0!'#%"#"!'()# option but to “take odd jobs babysitting and cleaning houses.” That was nine years ago. She has come a very, very long way, .%&#0!#&0&#%"!#!.?(#'()#2"%9#.>!()#.#9""&#>)0(%&#$%.225#">>()(&# 8;#4":(#9""&#.&=01(#!"#,!.?(#.#2(.;#">#>.0!'+@#-"*#!'.!#04#(A.1!25# what she did. ,B"%(#">#!'(#"&&#C"74#!'.!#6#!""?#<.4#<")?0%9#.!#.#D(.#:.)?(!E# 6#7(9.%#F!')0>!0%93*@#(A;2.0%4#/0!1'(22E#,G8!#<'.!#4(!#:(#.;.)!# from other ‘thrifters’ was that I was not ‘thrifting’ for vintage...I ‘thrifted’ for fashion.” She found designers such as Marc Jacobs, Chloe, and Prada’s 2004 spring collection inspiring and it gave her the idea to “rework” the clothing in a way that made vintage pieces slightly more modern. She even hired a seamstress to style and rework the dresses. The trend caught on and fast. Girls were lining up at her tiny 10X3 booth earlier and earlier every Sunday to be !'(#$)4!#0%#20%(#!"#785#'()#8%7(20(=.725#4;(10.2#.%&#<(22H;)01(&# ;0(1(4E##I(2(7)0!0(4#D"1?(&#!"#'()#%"<#>.:"84#&"<%!"<%# <.)('"84(#2"1.!0"%*#.%&#!'(#)(4!#04#'04!")5+# Advice? I know this article is all about shopping and spending, but it is .24"#.7"8!#4;(%&0%9#<04(25+#6#C84!#1"82&#%"!#2(.=(#!'.!#"8!H#0!#04#C84!#!""#0:;")!.%!#.%&#.#:.C")#>.1!")#!'.!#.!!)078!(&#!"#-'.)((%34# success. She said the one thing she would not allow herself to do during the tough times was abuse credit cards, she said, “No matter what happens, I would not use credit cards… [she’d say] if I don’t have the cash, I can’t buy it right now.” Shareen has several locations to choose from and is available for styling and bridal consultations. Mitchell even specializes in custom bridesmaids dresses for under $200. Look for the bright-colored hanging crinolines, outside her downtown LA showroom, and you know you have arrived to vintage 4'";;0%9#;.).&04(+# !"#$%&'())9

Life ‘Style’

Vintage Fashion

Shareen’s Spot: With Shareen’s help, Nicole Richie (above) and Zooey Deschanel (below) keep vintage pieces classy and chic. 1721 N. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90012 323.276.6226 Tues. – Sat. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sun. 12 to 6 p.m.

10 !"#$%&'(

A Real Life Fashion Fairy Tale Sydney Curtis: Owner & Designer of

Aireheart Jewelry My friend had told me about Curtis and her jewelry. He said, “Abby, her stuff looks like vintage Coco Chanel.” That was about all I needed to hear. I8)!043#1)(.!0"%4#.)(#.#)(D(1!0"%# of her life: beautiful, glamorous, and unbelievably charming. However, everyone knows that life is not always as perfect as it seems. Sydney Curtis is a Los Angeles native. She is Hollywood through and !')"89'E#I8)!04#7(9.%#'()#D"8)04'0%9# career in fashion and seemed to be inspired the most by Azzedine Alaia. (So much so that she began her career working in the Alaia Beverly Hills boutique.) Thus began her love affair with fashion. Curtis continued to work as a personal stylist, and later moved into the design side. J!#"%(#;"0%!*#/4E#I8)!04#1"82&%3!#4((:#!"#$98)(#"8!#(A.1!25#<'.!#0!#<.4#4'(#%((&(&#0%#20>(E#-'(#>"8%&#'()4(2>#20!().225#<0!'#,KLMMEMM# in her bank account.” She jokes, “I think it was more like negative $200.00.” It’s funny, during our interview, Curtis says, “Even when I &0&%3!#'.=(#:"%(5*#6#<"82&#.2<.54#48))"8%&#:54(2>#<0!'#7(.8!0>82#!'0%94*#(=(%#0>#0!#<.4#C84!#.#7(.8!0>82#=.4(#>822#">#D"<()4#6#18!#:54(2>E#6# love to be surrounded by beauty.” She said, “Even when I had money, it didn’t matter, because I was so bad with money, managing it. I didn’t know how to manage my money and I was always broke.” I couldn’t help but be amazed, because the Sydney Curtis I know today is a very successful entrepreneur who has built her business up from the ground in just a few years.


Life ‘Style’

Vintage Fashion

Sydney Curtis’ apartment: The jewelry lover’s paradise.

7)".1'(4E#N.1'#;0(1(#04#;.1?.9(&#0%#.#=0%!.9(#I.)!0()#2(.!'()#7"AE## Curtis refuses to give celebrities names. Maybe it is because I am from here [Los Angeles] but I pride myself on honoring the My friend had told me about Curtis and her jewelry. He said, “Abby, her stuff looks like vintage Coco Chanel…you will not believe the clients I have and their privacy. I don’t think it is a classy way to necklaces. My mother went nuts and my father is going to kill her!” earn respect or business, but I know these days, it is what you have to do, so I will give only two names.” Curtis works with That was about all I needed to hear. /(2.%0(#O)0>$!'#.4#<(22#.4#!'(#2"=(25#P.22(#G())5E##-'(#1.%%"!# speak highly enough of both actresses. The bracelets I have My friend’s mother has amazing taste as does my friend. I couldn’t purchased from Sydney I have worn with literally everything from get her number fast enough. When I entered her beautiful pied jeans to black-tie gowns. The pieces are worth their weight in de terre, it was like walking back in time. I felt as though I was in gold as a staple in your wardrobe. Every appointment is personal Paris, and shopping in the most intimate gorgeous heavenly place .%&#2"=(25#<0!'#-5&%(5+ surrounded by beautiful things. 6#)(:(:7()#:5#$)4!#=040!#!"#-5&%(534E##

Curtis did not leave out a single detail in the making of the oneof-a-kind vintage pieces. Every necklace has a gorgeous pave clasp and can be worn at least 4 different ways. She showed me how to style the necklaces I purchased by layering and using

12 !"#$%&'(

Abby Fender Fashion Expert, Reporter/Host

“Canyon Girl”


No matter if you call Laurel, Topanga or Malibu your home, this weather is perfect to go frolicking amidst the canyon trees and beaches…and look good doing it.

The design was inspired by the Bohemian women of the 70’s, DITA-Melrose, The Kansas Crazy Horse Tote in Bordeaux, Tylie Malibu, $425,

Life ‘Style’

Non-toxic, and completely water based, nail polish that every eco-girl will obsess to own! Acquatella, $16, Want red hot color with glitter? Try Valour. A classy opaque metallic? Guilded

Loved by the tourists... and the locals! Tiffany palm tree charm in 18k yellow gold. Tiffany & co. $1,000.

Photo credit: © Tiffany & Co.

Show your glamorous side.

For the Beach Lover

Olive Leaf Crystal Necklace. $325.00. Ayana Designs,

Partial Recycled Reusable Canvas “California” Tote, Love This Planet, Let the smell of patchouli body oil lead the way to inspire you! Incense not included, C.O. Bigelow, $15, Bold and Gold rings designed by Kathryn Bentley, Dream Collective,


Specifically designed for the Malibu local. A portion of the Squid Ink for the beach, LAQA&CO, $15.45, proceeds benefit the environmental leadership and education program for youth, Green Ambassadors. Love This Planet Flasks.

Love This Planet Flasks, $30,

Receive all the healthy antioxidants green tea has to offer! Peach Tea, $9.95. Strawberry Cream tea bags, Coffee Bean, $8.20,

Bright and bold for the beach, Missoni + Havaiana, $70,

10th Anniversary Edition Utility Bag Buckskin, $399, Tylie Malibu,

Take ‘tasty tracy’ and ‘kinky katie’ as your companions on all sunny excursion, Silly Lips, $12.50, 14 !"#$%&'(


Life ‘Style’

Did you know? Smith’s Rosebud Salve can be used Rosy red nails add a dash of old Hollywood glamour. Toxin- like a regular moisturizer for patchy dry skin all over your body. free Acquarella. Plasma, $16, Wear flowers in your hair! Bloom Collection, Emily Elizabeth. www.

Rosy red lips courtesy of Rosebud Salve. $6, Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

Go big or go home. Ring of Fire fat lip pencil. LAQA&CO. Apothia Fred Segal. “I hope that when women either wear my jewelry or hair accessories they feel their best. Accessories are supposed to compliment a women, not make her and if I can help make a woman shine with some golden jewelry or a Swarovski crystal bobby pin…that makes me happy.” -Designer Emily Elizabeth

What birthday cake is complete if not served on a rose ceramic platter?

John Derian Company, New York, NY. !"#$%&'())15

Life ‘Style’

Health & Beauty

Sleeping Beautiful If sleep can improve your looks when you are awake, then these cute finds can improve your looks while you sleep!

Sleeping beauty will show her spots when sleeping with the 100% light blocking shades. Bucky, $19.95,

Fresh. Clean. Verde scented candle. $52. Apothia Los Angeles. Essential Bedtime Tea -8 oz water -2-3 slices of freshly cut Ginger -1/4 Lemon -1 tea bag, Chamaille or decaffinated -tsp of honey *Serve Hot

Comfort Slippers are equivalent to glass slippers for your cold and tired feet. Bucky Get In line, slippers. $24.95, This Lavendar All-Purpose Salve smooths your skin and

Twinkle, twinkle for your little star (while they sleep!) Fans like Jessica Alba and Charlize Theorn have tucked their little ones in with Aden+Anais’ blankets. Aden+Anais,

For the little one!

soothes your mood. C.O. Bigelow, $5.50,

16 !"#$%&'(

Yoga For Your Kids Gymnastics, dance, martial arts, basketball, soccer, ballet, swimming… There are already so many choices available to parents for physical, movementbased extracurricular classes for their children. So what makes yoga different? And what are the benefits of yoga for children? Great question. Yoga is an ancient science and has been helping people create health and well being in their lives for centuries. It does this by teaching awareness, strength, and flexibility in mind, body, and spirit. It is a practice that bestows its benefits on every practitioner, regardless of his or her physical abilities, age, or gender. Postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama) can help practitioners deal with and relieve stress, pain, poor circulation, digestion problems, poor body alignment, lack of concentration, shallow breathing, and a sense of overwhelm or anxiety. The question is: does yoga hold these benefits for children as well? At Cool Karma Kids, the answer is Yes, and more! Yoga for kids is a fun way for children to develop important skills in a fun, non-competitive environment. Even at a young age, children often feel pressure at school academically and socially, plus the added pressure of competitive organized sports. It is easy for young boys and girls to become overly self-critical, and lose confidence in themselves. Yoga is a great remedy. Unlike in sports there is no judgment in a yoga class. The child doesn’t have to worry about doing a pose ‘perfectly’ because that is not the aim of yoga. A yoga class for kids has one main goal, to nurture a child’s inner strength, creativity and self-acceptance. This nourishing atmosphere encourages children to relax and have fun while they develop not only coordination, flexibility and balance, but also body awareness, better focus, and self-confidence. In fact, in a 2003 study by the University of California, it was found that children who had frequent yoga instruction saw significant increases in children’s self esteem, as well as overall fitness, academic performance, and even a decrease in discipline problems. These students felt more relaxed and were more respectful of their peers! In Cool Karma Kids yoga classes, there is a balance between spontaneity and structure, so the kids can learn to listen to themselves and each other as well as express themselves creatively. Interweaving story time, singing, educational games and yoga poses, children learn in a multi-sensory environment, exploring kinesthetic, visual, and aural learning. Kids are also encouraged to honor and pay attention to their bodies, making sure each pose feels good and coming in and out of positions when they feel ready (adults often have

a hard time doing this!). As children grow and their bodies change quickly, this becomes an important skill. But what makes yoga classes different from other movementbased activities incorporating music and games? Besides the profound physical and mental effects, a fundamental tenet of a yoga practice is respect. Respect for ourselves, for each other, and for our environment. In a yoga class, kids may go on a magical journey, “flying” around the world on their yoga mats. They learn about cultures and places that they have never heard of. In Cool Karma Kids classes, children get paired up with kid’s yoga classes in other states or countries to send pen pal letters to. This encourages a sense of “We are all in this together” mentality rather than “us vs. them.” Since many of the yoga poses are of animals, children also learn about different animal habitats, endangered species, and even recycling! They naturally have such an innate affinity with the natural world, and animals in particular and yoga enhances and encourages it. While roaring like a lion or waging their tail like a dog they are also learning about and how to care for the earth and its inhabitants, both animal and human. Yoga gives them a chance to access the world around them in a new way. But, importantly for kids, yoga is fun! Written by Isabelle Boesch, founder of Cool Karma Kids ( She is a certified YogaKids Trainer, which is a program that trains teachers to share their yogic wisdom with children. For more information contact her at (805) 455-3108 or e-mail !"#$%&'())17

Life ‘Style’

Health & Beauty

Isabelle Bridges Boesch

Principal teacher at Cool Karma Kids Some of Isabelle’s favorite yoga items: Wai Lana’s Little Yogis Little Yogis Eco Tote Kit

Isabelle’s Favorite Websites: For parents:

18 !"#$%&'(

Beautiful on the Outside In “Beauty Obsessions of 50 Something Women” Written by Barbara Green

Women spend unequivocal amounts of time searching for The Fountain of Youth.

Be it in a jar, compliments or in a surgeon’s office.


¦ byoōtē¦ in Latin: pulchritudo “Lose the mane?” Are You Nuts? We’re obsess-ors alright! We start at the top of the head and work our way down. There’s an unwritten credo that at a certain age, women are suppose to cut their hair…short! But why? For many women, whether in their own thinking or culturally; long hair is the sign of the ultimate, feminine softness and power, combined. We’re the female version of ‘Sampson.’ It’s our crown and we wear it with shining glory! One day we find ourselves thrown into a dentist-type chair, being choked by a plastic cape. We sit excited and full of breath. We look at ourselves in the mirror. That once big, happy smile has been replaced by some wooden ventriloquist-looking doll from, “The Twilight Zone.”

Photo by Mathis Fender We stand, pay our hair stylists and bounce out the door. We come home, run to the mirror, only to find the ‘Purple People Eater’ standing before us. We stopped breathing after the first snip and forgot to start back up. We then toss our hair on the top of our head. A strategic move of all Xena Warriors.

Smile Lines? Women stand in front of the mirrors, pushing up the skin or folding their hair to make make-shift bangs (to hide tread marks.) We smile with our mouth and see lines are around our eyes! These lines are marks from when we were a movie extra in The Birds and were stomped on by crows!


Life ‘Style’

Health & Beauty

We tug our cheeks to our ears and see what we would look like now... if we didn’t have them. Them being: children, husbands, ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, creditors, the boss, bad experiences, pets, neighbors, the postman, telemarketers, co-workers, budgets or stupid people.

What Happened to Our Lips? Did they shrink? Did we, as women, wear them off by flapping them too much? Did we bite our lips off because we were avoiding what we really wanted to say? Removing our hands from our face, and removing thoughts of Botox or a facial autopsy from our mind, we step in to take a closer look. “Is that wrinkle cream working?” We peer at the fine (choked on that word) lines (because there isn’t anything fine about lines.) The last wrinkle cream didn’t work and neither will the next. But, we’re going to buy them anyway.

On to the Legs…and Feet. It seems the only thing that doesn’t age, weather, or get wrinkled is our feet. The one body part we use the most…and are the hardest on. There is no sensible logic there, so I won’t bother to attempt to create a theory. Our legs are no longer a featured attraction, they’re purely for functional purposes only. End of, ‘The Leg Story.’ We want to retain or recapture our youthful look not because we’re visually archaic, but because we are at a point in our lives when our hearts feel young. They still beat vibrantly and beautifully with each new day. We learned to embrace who we are and we are proud of the dirt it took us to get here.

Tummy or Stomach? I forgot, at this age, we don’t have a tummy...we have a stomach! That stomach is supported by hip fat. Kind of like an extra muscle that mysteriously grew just for that purpose. Our stomach, we suck it in (and suck it up) and try to zip this ‘size use to fit’ skirt. Or we’re the host of the ever handy, every sexy, jeans! Except those jeans, now, in order to make our derriere look superb, they shove the fat right over the sides! It’s a Levi conspiracy!

20 !"#$%&'(

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius  and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous  than absolutely boring.” !"Marilyn Monroe

Tiffany’s Loves:

A Better Body Guide to be Healthy & Eco Noevir’s Spirulina: Our product contains only the highest-quality spirulina and supplies the body with the perfect balance of eight amino acids (protein), fiber, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. In addition, it also helps accelerate the elimination of dioxins. Accumulated dioxin exposure has been linked to premature aging, cancer, birth defects and lifestyle-related diseases. Unlike other products on the market, our spirulina product is all natural and contains no binders or additives., email:

Dianne Ely

Personal trainer and nutritionist Erica Ziel created Knocked-Up Fitness DVDs to work out moms-to-be with a mix of Core Cardio, Pilates and Yoga.

health¦helθ¦ in Italian: salute

Zoku Quick Pop Maker Gives Kids and adults a fun and healthy way to eat sweets! Find healthy recipes on the Zoku blog at

Watermelon Mint Quick  Pops

Make logging your workouts fun! The fitbook mama2b is a 40-week notebook, that helps moms-to-be set goals on a weekly basis and make a plan for an active and healthy pregnancy.

Makes 6 pops INGREDIENTS: 12 oz. (about 3½ cups) seeded, cubed fresh watermelon, ¼ cup cold water, 1 tbsp. freshly squeezed lime juice, 6-8 mint leaves, *sugar or agave nectar (optional) MAKE THE WATERMELON BASE In a blender, combine all ingredients and puree until smooth. ASSEMBLE THE QUICK POPS: Insert sticks and pour the watermelon base until you reach the fill line. Let freeze completely, then remove the pops with the super tool and enjoy. Repeat with remaining popsicles.

Be glowing! Alicia Sliverstone’s Irresistible Glow Facial Highlighter is organic and natural. Juice Beauty.

“I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun.”

-Katharine Hepburn !"#$%&'())21

Life ‘Style’

In Her Own Words

Kari Whitman

Kari Whitman is a Celebrity Eco-Interior Designer and Founder of the Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue ( Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Virginia Madsen seek out Whitman’s eye for chic interior style. Whitman shares tips on everything from helping sheltered dogs, in the Los Angeles area, to being a better doggy parent!

Running a charity is a huge commitment (and while juggling a design career); What does your typical week look like with Ace of Hearts? A typical week with Ace of Hearts is rarely typical! To break it down, the week is a mix of frantically keeping dogs off the euthanasia table in high-kill LA County and City shelters (and across the country), dealing with medical and rehabilitation/ training issues, preparing for our Saturday adoption extravaganza, and saving lives. It’s a big challenge to fight for those who have no say in what happens to them. Did you know that LA County alone kills approximately 500 animals every single day!? That’s the highest kill rate of any major urban area and definitely not a pleasant reality for this girl from Boulder, Colorado. I do whatever I can to save as many lives as I can. And when I’m not saving lives, I’m rushing off to run my design business. Right now that means a 30-room house in Texas! 22 !"#$%&'(

Any favorite dog products that every pet owner should own? Dogs love to nest, so they should always have a fluffy, cozy, comfy bed to sleep on...and one that’s good for the environment, too! Ace of Hearts has a great sister company Greener Pup, which is a line of eco-friendly designer dog beds I created. Everything but the zipper is recycled and even better, 100% of profits go directly to Ace of Hearts! Visit www. to order your bed and help save dogs and the earth. Every dog owner should also make sure they watch what they feed their pets. Aim for organic food, or at least food with no fillers or preservatives. You wouldn’t want your kids eating only food coloring and sugars, and the same goes for your fourlegged “kids”!

How can people help Ace of Hearts? Time or money? Both. Fostering a dog is the most immediate way to save a life!!! And we’re desperate for more fosters. For every foster we gain, that’s one more dog we can rescue from euthanasia and care for while we search for its perfect forever home. If that’s not realistic for you now, donations are always appreciated and needed. We spay/neuter every single dog we rescue as well as

treat any outstanding medical issues and those vet fees add up really fast.

Any favorite places in LA to take your dog? I love taking my dogs to great hiking spots in LA. Runyon Canyon and Beachwood Canyon are two of my favorites. They’re perfect to give your dog exercise and keep him social with other pups. Remember, dogs need to be trained by their human, but they also need time to be a dog and romp around!

What do you wish that dog owners knew about taking care of their pet (or keeping their pet healthy)?

Kari Whitman’s Favorite Recipe for her Dogs! What You Need 2 pounds ground range Free Organic chicken, beef and turkey, 2 cups white rice or white sushi rice, 4-5 cups of water. Prepare Boil, stir until disbursed perfectly. Simmer until rice is fluffy and add organic veggies! I use all but NO onions (dogs allergic!) Don’t cook Veggies. I use frozen and throw in at the end! At meal time add Udos oil, (1 teaspoon per feed,) 1 tablespoon of bone marrow, 2 teaspoons of pet vitamins.

Don’t over-vaccinate your pets! Many people don’t realize dogs don’t need yearly vaccinations and in fact, overvaccinating is linked to chronic illnesses and acute diseases like cancer! I strongly recommend titer tests instead. They’re non-invasive and it also means your dog isn’t holding a disease dormant in its body. One of the other best tips we recommend is to always have a collar and tag and/or microchip. It seems simple, but I cannot even count the amount of times dogs have been reunited with their owners just because of a tag with a number on it.

How many dogs do you have/names? I have two rescue dogs Madison and Lucy, who are the loves of my life! Ace of Hearts currently has 60+ dogs staying with foster families, so naming them all could get a bit lengthy. We’re also desperate for good dog names...we’ve literally used every one in the name books we have.

What has been one of the most rewarding moment(s) since starting Ace of Hearts? It’s heartbreaking to see how many great dogs are killed just because of time and space in a shelter. So for me, the most rewarding moment is seeing a dog who was about to be euthanized meeting its new family. And I swear to God, as they’re walking away, they always give me that over the shoulder look as if to say thank you. !"#$%&'())23

In her Words: Actress Tanna Frederick

smaller-town neighborhood vibe to it, like I grew up with. Where do you find your creative inspiration? People are my inspiration. I love watching people, trying to dig inside them and figure out what makes them tick, try to guess their story…I just watch people, and their subtext, their silences, their odd ticks and the way people move in every day situations. It’s rich-if I could I’d love to play as many people as I possibly can. I guess it makes me feel less lonely, and it’s my way of connecting to the world. To dive into their emotion and hold their pain and tension for them, and present their joys and their beautiful lives to them on stage or film, that’s a gift to me.

Q: Who inspires you or who has been a huge inspiration in your life (personal or professional)? A: Henry Jaglom. He is my perfect kid to play with in the sandbox. He gave me a chance to star in his first film and told me it was okay to be different, to look different, to act different. To stop apologizing for my big nose or big hair or big acting or whatever I get down on myself for.

Q: From screen to stage, you have covered all platforms! Do you have a favorite, or is it ever-changing? A: I love jostling up my comfort zones. I feel like a novice all the time. Every new play or film makes me nervous and scared. I wouldn’t do something if it didn’t scare the panties off me. And each time I start off with the project wondering what I’m doing and have a moment of freaking out-just about 10 minutes of ‘I don’t know what I’m doing here or why I’m putting myself through this’. Film and stage. But I think it’s just because I’m sliding into my characters skin and it feels like free falling for the first few takes or rehearsals and then it just settles into me and I have sat into who I am.

Q: Do you feel that interchanging the stage and screen has enhanced your craft as an actress? Frederick is currently the face of Camilla Olson Designs. “I met (Tanna) as she was looking for something to wear at a screening in SF,” Olson admits. “We got along instantly and immediately began planning.”

Q: You grew up in Iowa, but now consider Los Angeles your home. Do you have any favorite LA spots? A: My first favorite spot is where I surf off of Ocean Park in Santa Monica! Second favorite spot is my house in Santa Monica. I love the vibe in Santa Monica. Very chill, with a 24 !"#$%&'(

A: Absolutely. No question. There’s nothing on film that equals the love that the audience is giving and the energy they put off, and the elements of timing and opening up and playing that sharpen by doing theatre. And on the flip side, there’s nothing like the intimacy and privacy of film, the more personal devotion to reality and the teamwork of the crew with each day. So the intimacy of film translates to the bigness of theatre and the energy of the theatre infuses itself into my filming.

Q: You’re co-founder of Project Save our Surf with surfer Shaun Tomson. What inspired you to form your own organization? A: A used condom floating by in the water. One day my girlfriend and I were out surfing and we saw that float by and

it was the straw that broke the camel’s back…We had seen chip bags, plastic bags, Styrofoam, et al. floating in the water every day, and usually stuff them into our suits and then throw them away. But that condom was just too much. Kids have surf camp there, and our Santa Monica beaches are what the greater Los Angeles area uses as it’s playground. It’s really about protecting the kids and doing something for them. Keeping them from getting sick because the sewage runs off from rain, keeping the beaches safe and clean and giving them a thriving ecosystem to interact with. There’s a lot of nonprofits out there, there’s so many people doing so much good for the world, and I’m proud to have an outlet for people to support clean oceans.

Q: Do you have any favorite surfing spots? A: Even though it’s the dirtiest spot, Santa Monica Bay is my home base. I know the crowd and the breaks, and it’s fun to surf there because it’s where I started surfing seven years ago. But I’ll pretty much fall in love with any surfing spot I go to, and I’m going to Costa Rica for the first time in August and looking forward to surfing without a wetsuit!

Q: Iowa Independent Film Festival is another organization that you helped get off the ground. How did you become involved? A: I was at the Ashland Film Festival six years ago, my first experience at a film festival, and it hit me that the community I grew up in was the perfect place and supportive artistic state to foster a film festival in. The most alluring part about having the festival was the idea that it would foster new film makers to have a venue to show their stuff. And that has a been the most rewarding gift - seeing people understand that proximity to Los Angeles or New York doth not a filmmaker make…That with the technology available now there are rich, glorious landscapes and personal stories to be mined without having to be in the ‘film capital.’

Q: How do you manage your schedule? You must have great time management skills! A: I schedule everything in two minute increments. Kidding. But I do have to say I don’t know how to relax. That is not a strong suit. The only thing I can do is stay busy.

Q: What advice do you give to people who are trying to make their dreams a reality? A: Just do what you need to do to get the job done. If you’re creating something you’re passionate about, you’re living your dream. So make those passion projects happen. It’s about the work and the work is the dream. If you make the work your dream, your head is in the right place.

Q: You have traveled many avenues-from creative to charity. How exciting! What is next for you? A: The film Just 45 Minutes From Broadway, which we ran as a play for a year in LA at turned into a film, and I have to say my favorite film so far I’ve made with Henry Jaglom, is opening in theaters Oct. 3rd. I’ve also just wrapped ‘The M Word’ with Henry, with Michael Imperioli, Corey Feldman, and Frances Fisher, and we covered ‘menopause, menstruation, and men’….And I’m finishing up my first Iowa film project, The Farm, with director Ron Vignone. Filming in Iowa was a dream, like having home team advantage emotionally…The sets, the people, the crew are Iowans or LA talent which hail from Iowa. It’s the first in the series of films we’re creating under ‘Project Cornlight’, an Iowa film building initiative.

Q: Favorite inspiration quote? A: “I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.” -Lauren Bacall

Tanna Frederick with her mentor, and inspiration, Henry Jaglom.


Life ‘Style’

Food & Entertainment Coming Up Roses

Roses are red, violets are blue… who cares about violets when the roses are in bloom! Sofia Rosa, Francis Ford Coppola Winery. www.

Noah Blair, Michelin Star Chef creates his favorite meals and recipes from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Recipe: Rosé and Chorizo Steamed Clams 1 big shallot 2 clove garlic. 1 bottle rosé wine (Francis ford Coppola Sophia rosé) 1. Mince shallots and garlic. Small dice the chorizo. 2. In a large sauté pan on low heat render the fat from the chorizo. 3. Turn the heat to medium and sauté both shallots and garlic. 4. Add clams and rosé, cover and reduce to a simmer. 5. Cool time should be 3-5 minutes. Discard any clams that have not opened and salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy with crusty bread and good friends. 26 !"#$%&'(

Laurel Canyon Perfect Romantic Dining: The owners of Pace, which stands for Peace in the Canyon, prides themselves on cooking with veggies bought at the local !"#$%#&'($"#)%*'+,( Pace,

An ode to Eleanor Coppola, and their 50 year marriage, Francis Ford Coppola launched the rich berryfilled red wine, Eleanor. Boasting a deep, saturated color and intense bouquet of black sour cherry, cola, mocha, and vanilla-laden oak.

Straight From The Bar...The Parlor Room, Hollywood. The Godfather Makers Mark, Jameson and Amaretto.

The Godmother Makers Mark, Jameson and Canton ginger. Both drinks can be shaken in a martini shaker with ice and served straight up in a martini glass.


It’s Easy Eating Green: Burger Lounge With restaurants from San Diego to LA’s Sunset Boulevard, it’s time the certified green Burger Lounge opens its doors in Beverly Hills. Burger Lounge prides themselves on using grass-fed beef and no added hormones. Proving that not all burger joints are created equally. Editor’s Favorite: Quinoa Veggie Burger and new Organic Quinoa Salad. Sustainable food, recycling and water efficient technologies are just a few guidelines the Burger Lounge had to achieve for its prestigious green certification.

The West Hollywood  !"#$%"&'()'"*+&',&%!' midnight on Friday and  -$.,/0$1'2"/'$'3+$!.31' late‐night bite.

General Manager



4,/5+/!",&5+6#"7 28 !"#$%&'(

When your father/grandfather created the Barbie Doll, it’s only natural to have living dolls dish out your 100% natural ice cream. That is what mother/daughter team, Ann and Beth, thought as they embarked on their new adventure,

Beachy Cream

Where can you find the retro Beachy girls serving Los Angeles’ first 100% natural ice cream? At the new Santa Monica location! Non-dairy and gluten-free flavors available.


Beachy Fact:The girl’s retro outfit choices are inspired by Barbie. Rightfully so, since owner Ann’s father created the iconic blonde doll! Editor’s Favorite: Key Lime Cowabunga: Key lime ice cream in a coconut oatmeal cookie sandwich. Santa Monica, California or order online:

Eco and Charitable...What More Could a Cali Girl (or Guy) Ask For? Los Angeles based fashion company, SOMB, (SHIRT OFF MY BACK) launches its second collection entitled “From Cali With Love,” featuring specially designed t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and accessories. The company supports the charity, Right To Play, which uses the power of sport and play to improve the lives of children in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world. SOMB was founded by five friends Will Bennett, James Williams, Anders Bard, Chris Norqual and Anson Carter.

“SOMB began from a place of true generosity and a desire to give back,” said Founder Will Bennett. This new collection, From Cali With Love, builds upon that foundation and takes it a step further through the incredible charity Right To Play. We have some amazing designs from local LA artists, and are thrilled to share them with the world in the hope to inspire others to give back.” SOMB’s latest collection features several inspiring designs which connect California lifestyle to world issues and cultural discovery. Featured: From Cali With Love Tank. $29.99. !"#$%&'())29

Life ‘Style’

Home & Home Away From Home

Pools aren’t just for daytime (in case you forgot.) Get out of your comfort zone and adopt a new spot to mingle and dine under the moonlight. Figueroa Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles Sneak into this historic part of Downtown Los Angeles and find yourself amidst a mecca of Moroccan architecture. The Figueroa Hotel, first used as a YMCA in 1925, is a known staple on the Los Angeles skyline. Fairmont, Santa Monica. The Bungalow nightlife host Brent Bolthouse gives the recently opened The Bungalow the cache it needs to propel the lounge into being the new westside address for cool. Not to mention that Fig’s Chef Ray Garcia adds his talents to the menu. This double-hitter is sure to win over the westside crowds. Mosaic Hotel, Beverly Hills, California.Tucked away in the midst of Beverly Hills, the Mosaic Hotel boasts a place where you can hide away and indulge. The friendly staff accommodates your every whim and makes you wish you could actually live here.

Rooftop, Figueroa Hotel

Outdoor Patio, Fairmont Hotel

Poolside, Figueroa Hotel

Fairmont Hotel

Covered Patio, Fairmont Hotel 30 !"#$%&'(

Poolside Restaurant, Mosaic Hotel

Patio Perfection DesignerTanya



Hills, California

While creating her patio oasis in the city, musician-turned-designer Tanya Lager mentioned that she started working on her porch because she just wanted a place to host guests. That was just the beginning. The more Lager worked on her patio, the more inspired she was to keep adding to its beauty. Some pieces were vintage finds and eco-inspired lights, while others were personal gifts from friends. Her favorite piece, she claims, is a stone fountain given to her by the past owners of the Thai restaurant in Beverly Hills. Lager is continually adding to her outdoor oasis that both inspires and entertains.


Patio photography by MinhTu Van

ÂŚpĂ´r chÂŚ in Latin: vestibulum in Italian: veranda in Croatian: trijem



+($%&#/7%&($/%-.,,?/#0("-#/$0-/2)"$0#/)7/S'$)8-%/$0%)&90/2(3IF.%'05/L0(#/,-2)"/8.%/%-'(1-/(#/./ 1-%7-'$/)11)%$&"($?/$)/-"@)?/$0-/8)&"$?/)7/".$&%-A/:0-"/($/(#/.$/($#/1-.C/7,.4)%5

BOLO Patisserie is an Austin, TX based boutique company that strives to make the highest quality jams, pastries, cakes and gift baskets.


We are funky, chunky, classic and chic. Our philosophy is simple: if it looks good it better taste good. To achieve this mission we combine old world recipes and techniques with contemporary ingredients. Small batches made by hand !"#$"%&'(%)&**+,*"$,%,&%-,./"%0$!%1'0/+,.2 3+,4%,4+-%+$%*+$!%5"%0),+6"/.%-""7%&',%&$/.%,4"%#$"-,% ingredients and avoid using hydrogenated oils, high fructose )&($%-.('89%:/"0)4"!%;&'(-%&(%0!!"!%8("-"(60,+6"-2% Our products and packaging are driven by our environmental responsibility to source recyclable and biodegradable materials. From everyone at BOLO Patisserie, we look forward to serving you.











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

`)$-*/ T)%/./2)%-/9)&%2-$/,-2)"/8.%/,))C/7)%/F-?-%/X-2)"#/ $0.$/.%-/$0)&90$/$)/8-/7%)2/+0("./."3/./'%)##/8-$:--"/./ ,-2)"/ ."3/ ./ 2."3.%("/ )%."9-5/ L0-(%/ #C("/ (#/ $0("/ ."3/ $0-?/ 0.4-/ ./ #,(90$,?/ #:--$-%/ .,2)#$/ 7,)%.,/ $.#$-5/ L0-(%/ 1-.C/ #-.#)"/ (#/ ^-'-28-%/ )%/ R."&.%?/ $0%)&90/ F.?5/ J-'.&#-/$0-?/.%-/#,(90$,?/#:--$-%/."3/,-##/.'(3('A/$0-?/ '."/'&$/$0-/$.%$"-##/)7/$0-/,-2)"/8.%5/L%?/&#("9/./%.$()/)7/ a/F-?-%/X-2)"/@&('-/."3/b/,-2)"/@&('-5

<&'%)0$%#$!%&'(%8(&!'),-%&$/+$"9%0,%,4"%=8"$%>+(%?0(*"(@-% Market in Austin and a handful of restaurants and shops. 512â&#x20AC;?814â&#x20AC;?8359 A"$$.B:&/&80,+--"(+"2)&*%C%>+*""B:&/&80,+--"(+"2)&*

TWITTER @TiffanyLCalhoun Persimmon Jam


-%#(22)"/#-.#)"/%&"#/S'$)8-%/$0%)&90/T-8%&.%?5/L0-?/.%-/".$(4-/$)/R.1."/."3/ +0("./."3/#)2-$(2-#/%-7-%%-3/$)/.#/UT%&($/)7/$0-/V)3#W5/X))C/7)%/0.'0(?.#/4.%(-$?/ .#/$0-?/.%-/8-$$-%/7)%/8.C("95/6('C/7%&($#/$0.$/.%-/7(%2-%/:($0/./#2))$0A/8,-2(#0/ 7%--/7,-#0/."3/."/.$$.'0-3/9%--"/'.15/T("(#0/%(1-"("9/.$/0)2-/("/./1.1-%/8.95

!"9%-3(-"$#* >(-,3*/.8)&$/K/I/Y)N/@.%#







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!"#$%&'$()"#* +,-."/$0-/1-%#(22)"#/."3/%-2)4-/$0-/$)1/#$-25/6,.'-/("/./1)$/)7/8)(,("9/:.$-%/7)%/;</#-')"3#/$)/=/2("&$-#/ 3-1-"3("9/)"/0):/7(%2/$0-/7%&($/(#5/>)&/:."$/$)/8-/.8,-/$)/'&$/."3/1%)'-##/$0-/7%&($/#)/&#-/?)&%/@&39-2-"$5/ >)&/"--3/#)7$A/8&$/")$/2&#0?/7%&($5/B-2)4-/7%)2/8)(,("9/:.$-%/."3/%("#-/:($0/'),3/:.$-%/$)/#$)1/$0-/'))C("9/ 1%)'-##5/+&$/$0-/1-%#(22)"#/("$)/DE=/("'0/:-39-#/."3/9%("3/$0%)&90/./7))3/2(,,5/F(G/DE=/'&1/#&9.%/:($0/$0-/ 1-'$("/1):3-%5/6&$/$0-/1-%#(22)"/1&,1/("/./,.%9-/1)$/."3/.33/$0-/,-2)"/@&('-A/8%."3?A/."(#-/."3/H5H/'&1#/)7/ #&9.%5/ +))C/ $0-/ 7%&($/ :0(,-/ #$(%%("9/ &"$(,/ ($/ 8)(,#/ )"/ 2-3I0(90/ 0-.$5/ J)(,/ 7)%/ K/ 2("&$-#A/ $0-"/ .33/ $0-/ #&9.%E1-'$("/2(G/."3/8)(,/7)%/D/2("&$-/)"/0(90/0-.$5/L0-/8-#$/@.2#/.%-/'))C-3/M&('C,?5/B-2)4-/7%)2/$0-/ 0-.$A/1,.'-/./#2.,,/#1))"7&,,/)"/./1,.$-/."3/1&$/("/$0-/7%--N-%/7)%/DH/#-')"3#5/L)&'0/$0-/@.2/:($0/?)&%/7("9-%/ ."3/(7/($/(#/9-,,-3/$0-"/#1))"/$0-/@.2/("$)/2.#)"/@.%#/,-.4("9/./DE=O/#1.'-/.$/$0-/$)15/!7/?)&/0.4-/./$:)/1.%$/ ,(3/P,(C-/)"/./J.,,/@.%Q/$0-"/#'%-:/$0-/,(3/)"/&"$(,/($/@&#$/8.%-,?/$(90$-"#5/!7/$0-/@.2/(#/")$/9-,,-3/$0-"/.33/=$8#1/ 1-'$("9/2(G-3/:($0/D/$8#1/#&9.%/."3/8)(,/7)%/D/2)%-/2("&$-A/%-I$-#$/."3/@.%5/6,.'-/$0-/@.%#/("/./,.%9-/1)$/)7/ 8)(,("9/:.$-%/7)%/H/2("&$-#/$)/1%)'-##/$0-/@.25/B-2)4-/7%)2/$0-/8)(,("9/:.$-%/."3/1,.'-/)"/./$):-,/$)/')),5/ >)&/:(,,/0-.%/$0-/@.%#/#".1/.#/$0-/$)1#/#-.,A/C("3./7&"/:0-"/?)&/0.4-/./8&"'0A/."3/.7$-%/$0-/@.2/(#/')),-3/ ?)&/'."/7&%$0-%/$(90$-"/$0-/,(3#5/!7/?)&/&#-/./@.%/$0.$/0.#/./D/1(-'-/,(3/$0-"/?)&/)",?/$(90$-"/$0-/,(3/:0-"/?)&/ #-.,/$0-/@.%/8-7)%-/0-.$/1%)'-##("95/R.2#/'."/8-/#$)%-3/7)%/&1/$)/D/?-.%/."3/)"'-/)1-"-3/"--3/$)/8-/%-7%(9-%.$I -35/S1-"-3/@.2#/'."/,.#$/DI;/2)"$0#5

Photo by: Minh Tu Van

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