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Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris


3 In short, this is the international designer Galia Al Fahd who began her tour in the world of fashions, as she studied business and management and she graduated with bachelor degree and she didnt found her self until she continued her fashion designing studies ... Having faith in her steps to open her house which lies in dubai to paint always a smile on the faces of esteemed customers she named her house by Danat Al Afrah... She employed her expertise in the house and recruited manpower of the best expertise and competencies from different countries‌ from east to west. A group of the most talented designers and weavers makes up the distinctive team, along with the workers of manual and automatic embroidery. All of them are to draw her sculptures with more skilled hands and to create the curves and shapes with superb diamond stones that trace over the bodies of women. She became known to a number of ladies from velvet society, from princesses to elders, and also from neighboring Gulf countries.Not only this, as the beauty of her designs become viral to the ears of other countries and this is why her customers have began arriving from the countries all over the world‌. from Africa , European countries, both Americas and Russia. Thus, the beauty must be the principle of patterns and of high value that reflects the reality of the situations and demands of the time and the civilization in which we live.

Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris



Editor in Chief TIFFANY MCCALL



INVITES YOU TO THE CITY OF LIGHTS, PARIS FRANCE. TO SEE THE AUTUMN / WINTER 2016-2017 COLLECTIONS OF OUR INTERNATIONALS DESIGNERS. WE ARE VERY HONOURED TO HAVE LUXE TV PRESENT AT THE 5th EDITION OF THE INTERNATIONAL DESIGNER COMPETITION ORGANIZED BY TIFFANY McCALL COUTURE. Tiffany McCall of Tiffany McCall Couture created Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris Competition in 2012. In efforts to provide a platform and voice for young and established Designers also Artists from around the world in Paris. After 10 years in the European and International Fashion world, a gap in the market was noticed and needed to be fulfilled with this event to nurture and promote young and established talent, in Paris during the Fashion Weeks. This event was held at a prestigious and unforgettable location the Marriott on the Champs Elysées. This event is also a competition ensuring success for designers, whilst organizing European manufacturing of their garment production and agents to market and sell their collections globally. In addition, there will be International Press and Red Carpet photo shoot of each collec-

tion. Moreover, the event will have international musicians and artist performances between each catwalk show. Come and enjoy a day of Fashion Wonderland in one of the most beautiful and historical cities in the world la belle Paris, France. After, a great success with season four last October 2015 during Paris Fashion Week. Now, Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris is celebrating season five of the International Designer Showcase. The event was held during Fashion Week Paris. The Press Party with open bar was on the 4th March. 5th March 9 international designers were showcased during the Fashion Show, Performances by Blake Carringon and Champagne from 2pm – 8pm. Rendez-vous au Marriott hôtel 70, Avenue des Champs Elysées 75008. Vivre la mode et vivre Paris!

Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris

WELCOME DINNER PARTY For International Designers

at Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris 6

Tiffany’s Favourite Parisian Bars and Restaurants


MONSIEUR BLEU (“Mister Blue”) is located in the new wing of the Palais de Tokyo, one of the most famous modern art museums in Paris, right beside the Seine River and across from the Eiffel Tower. Because of its location, Monsieur Bleu is not just a good restaurant, it is a space for artistic experimentation, offering a lively yet also very intimate ambiance. Created by 3 childhood friends who have already proved to be masters in the food, beverage and nightlife world, Monsieur Bleu is truly one of the trendiest restaurants in the 16th Arrondissement.

BAR LA VUE Bar Panoramic with the Best View of Paris

Bar La Vue is located on the 34th floor of the hotel and boasts one of the best views to be found in Paris, and undoubtedly provides one of the most romantic backdrops in the city. Bar La Vue is regarded as a ‘must-do’ activity during any trip to Paris. The menu offers a fantastic selection of wine, spirits, cuvees, non-alcoholic drinks and both classic and contemporary cocktails, for which Bar La Vue is famed. A DJ is on hand to set on weekends to the mood. Sunset Happy Hour


Lily Wang, represents 40 years of passion and Asian culinary inspired by her father founder, who knew how to impose a timeless and revolutionary vision of Fusion Food. From Bah hoi to Kay largo passing by the Indochina Café and the Ginger from St Tropez to Paris, here we find the iconic creations revisited in all its forms .

Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris A’lia Couture

Ever since the time of the Pharaohs, Egyptians have been embroidering their style and fashion trends with unique pieces of art, bling jewelry and shiny colors. Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti’s luxurious gowns were a staple of royal women’s fashion. The admirable grace and lasting impact of those Egyptian Historical Divas were the main inspiration for my collection. And what better way to shine than with presenting the “Bedazzled” Collection by a’lia Couture in PARIS during Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris.


Photo by E.P. Photography

Photography by Ko Kok


Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris CHANEL JOAN ELKAYAM only 18 years old attends the famous Fashion School Central

St Martin in London, England and she has had an interest in fashion from a very young age and has a natural talent for refined technique, elegant design, precise touch and creativity. The Chanel Joan Elkayam fashion label represents a bold, elegant and sophisticated clothing collection. Designed and made by Chanel Joan, her vision that even the smallest detail is important to complete a perfect complimentary garment and this has lead to the creation of a chic and refined collection. “Be forever evolving and unique….always.” - Chanel Joan Elkayam


Photography by ZED

Photography by ZED


Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris

Maire Valdma makes truly unique high fashion collections. All her costumes are made of pure silk, which is hand-painted and printed. She gets her inspiration from her radiant and colourful dreams and she is fascinated by nature and stories. Picturesque and graphical symbols generate dreamlike patterns on the fabric. All those imaginative pictures blend into playful and unique works of art. Consequently all her costumes have a name and a backstory. She wants to open people up to float in their fantasies and get the sense of the bright world around us.


Photography by Derek Tokarzewski

Photography by Derek Tokarzewski


Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris

Femme Parisienne Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 is a collection inspired by Parisian romance, glamour and élégance. The collection makes any woman feel feminine, powerful and she becomes the focus at any event, when wearing one of the French Lace Dresses made in France with luxurious silks from Italy . Tiffany McCall Couture enjoys making women the center piece of any artwork when dressed in one of her Couture dresses. 14

Photography by ZED

Photo by E.P. Photographia

Photography by ZED

Photo by Studiofdo


Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris RODEO DESIGNS

My passion buying fabric from : Deep Africa to Asia , Central and South America , Europe. My designs are commission to use the best materials against a woman silk body, gratification is in the eyes of the beholder, is to use silks to cashmeres ! Life is too short to wear cheap clothing . Men and woman ready to wear , on line supremacy custom clothing ,we shall travel to you! Florida, USA


Photo E.P. Photograhpia

Photo by E.P. Photographia


Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris Présenté pendant la Fashion Week officielle à Paris, ce sont des clins d’œil s’inspirant de l’épopée Napoléonienne et de l’époque du second empire qui impactent la collection homme prêt-à-porter Automne Hiver


2016 2017 du designer Les lignes pures rappellent celles de l’architecture de cette époque, élégante et rigoureuse, les manteaux militaires revisités renvoient à la campagne de Russie, les mailles colorées aux élégantes géométries réinterprètent le décor de la fleur palmette, des brandebourgs militaires ou autres détails vestimentaires ou décoratifs de cette époque, telles aussi les larges rayures damassées, jouant des oppositions mates et brillantes, évoluant sur une gamme de verts, jaunes, bordeaux rouges et noirs. Les coupes sont toujours cintrées mais résolument casual, chic et contemporaines. On retrouve dans cette collection le luxe et la diversité des matières (laine mérinos, cashmere et soie, double face laine/acétate, tissus techniques) le soin des détails graphiques et la franche opposition des couleurs qui sont les codes de la marque TALAMON. De la femme chez Pierre Talamon (première collection capsule) Les nouvelles silhouettes féminines sont une nouveauté dans la collection Pierre Talamon et déclinent un tailleur, fleurs damassées et chevrons, un manteau empire bicolore noir et bordeaux, un pull maille à motif géométrique sur un pantalon galonné et robe de soirée camaïeux de soie vertes.


Photography by Derek Tokarzewski


MURIELLE KABILE, entrepreneuse dans le monde de la coiffure Coiffeuse, styliste, artiste capillaire, créatrice autodidacte, Murielle Kabile est une entrepreneuse qui a plus d’une corde à son arc. Elle a fait ses premiers pas dans le milieu de la mode en tant que couturière, spécialisée dans le cuir puis s’est réorientée vers la coiffure. Après une formation accélérée en alternance elle a décroché le brevet professionnel de styliste visagiste. La créatrice a découvert l’univers des salons, y a appris les techniques de base et le relationnel. Mais n’y voyant pas d’évolution artistique, elle a pris la décision de devenir coiffeuse freelance.

Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris Special Childrenwear Édition at season 5

Lu Lu et Gigi inspiration for collection:

Russian girl Collection with lace dresses, fur boots, hats and luxury fabrics that won her



E.P. Photographia

E.P. Photographia


Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris Special Childrenwear Édition at season 5

LITTLE T’S BOUTIQUE The red, white and blue collection was dedicated to the Paris vic-

tims of the Terrorist attack November 2015 The collection represented uniqueness and elegance of child appropriate couture designs in Paris, showing us that you can take anything and make it into something completely different just by changing the style. Tiffany is inspired by many elements but loves to express her designs through seasons and holidays. Tiffany loves to be able to take a few different pattern fabrics and see how many different designs she can come up with by changing the styles of the garments.


Photography by ZED

Photography by ZED


Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris Special Childrenwear Édition at season 5

DANI GEDDES The English Rose collection is a conceptual inspired project, fashion that can tell a

tale. The English roses are inspired by the history of English heritage and spotlights with a regal inspired fashion, the combination of both portrays the purity and beauty that relays within young people. The collection focuses on children’s fashion and aims to portray more than just a piece of clothing. Portsmouth, England


Photography by Derek Tokarzewski

Photography by Derek Tokarzewski

Photography by ZED


Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris Special Childrenwear Édition at season 5

LIL COUTURE CUTIE She dazzled us with her élégant and playful childrenwear collection with luxurious fabrics. Her collection turned the Champs Elysées into a magical wonderland bringing Little Couture Cuties and American children models to the Haute Couture Arena during Paris Fashion Week


Photography by Derek Tokarzewski

Photography by Derek Tokarzewski


Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris

From Left: Red Carpet Host Sherrie Gearheart Miss United Nations, Coco Mode Stephane Moula Tiffany’s Fashion Week French Ambassador, Fashion Show Producer and owner of Tiffany McCall Couture Tiffany McCall

From Left: Red Carpet Host Sherrie Gearheart Miss United Nations, Emma Gavin Ultimate Miss Worldwide Teen Ireland, Fashion Show Producer and owner of Tiffany McCall Couture Tiffany From Left: Red Carpet Host Sherrie Gearheart Miss United McCall Nations, Sponsor, Fashion Show Producer and owner of Tiffany McCall Couture Tiffany McCall

From Left: Mike Photographer, Fashion Show Producer and owner of Tiffany McCall Couture Tiffany McCall, R&B singer Blake Car- Right photo: Miss United Nations 2015 Sherrie Gearheart, Arezki Aourtilane Director of Eau de Sail and Tiffany McCall rington, designer Chanel Joan Elkayam

From Left: Red Carpet Host Sherrie Gearheart Miss United Nations, Fashion Show Producer and owner of Tiffany McCall Couture Tiffany McCall, hair and makeup team Trang, Hillary and Cheri



From Right: Mayor the 8th district in Paris, President of honour Franck Clere and the ‎jury Mandy Ophélie Zhang, Christelle et Sheikh Noam.

Méghane Monatus Ms Worldwide France

From Left: Coco Mode Stephane Moula our French Ambassador, with male models Jahel, Christophe, Rudy, Eddie ‎and fan.

From Left: Miss Guinée en France et Alpha ,Emma Gavin Ultimate Miss Worldwide Teen Ireland, Méghane Monatus Ms Worldwide France, Red Carpet Host Sherrie Gearheart Miss United Nations, designer A’ lia Couture, guest, guest

From Left: Judes Mandy Ophelie Zhang, President of honour Franck Clere, host Romain Canot and Miss United Nations 2015 Sherrie Gearheart

Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris

From Left: R&B Singer Song Writer Blake Carrington on the right the Mayor of the 8th District in Paris

From Left: Host Romain Canot and Miss United Nations 2015 Sherrie Gearheart



From Left: Press Conference with models, host Romain Canot, Sponsor Jean Luc of Vin et Arom and Fashion Designer Chanel Joan Elkayam from Manchester, England.

Red Carpet photo of model from 1st place winner Lu Lu et Gigi and winning guest of a bottle of wine from Sponsor Vin et Arom.

Special thanks to all of our International Designers, Sponsors, Partenaires, Hair and Make-up, Backstage Coordinator Alvina, DJ Ludovick, the Mayor of the 8th district in Paris, Luxe.TV, Cristalle’s TV et Cristalle de la Bruyère, Marriott hotel Champs Elysées, World Class Model Magazine, Prestige International Magazine, Avant Scène Make-up team, Ananas Agency and to all of our fans from around the world! Vive la mode à Paris. Dedicated to my late mother la belle Peggy Ann McCall and David Herring my Christian father.

Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris


Tiffany's Fashion Week Magazine Paris Edition Autumn Winter 2016 2017  

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