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Generation C: people currently aged of 18 to 34 years old who make a lot of use of social media and digital. This generation previously known as Gen Y is now considered as Gen C for “connected”. They are digital natives.

YouTube Generation: Gen C is also know as Youtube Generation because of its core place in their life.

Millenials: Generation Y (or C) and Z form the Millenials. They were born in a digital era, grew up with computers and are thus used to adapt to new technologies.

Personality: confident, sociable, tenacious, collective, visual, multitask, connecting generation, « expecting more generation »  Vision of work: mobility, need flexibility, work-life balance, speak up for change  Communication style: direct and instantaneous, informal  Connected 24/24, 7/7 

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Free Internet Casual food available 24/24 7/7 Self-service Check-In/Check-Out Hotels with individual personality Multi-use lobbies that encourage guests to socialize

Booking habits different  Peer reviews and strangers opinions count more  Always connected  Empowered (self Check-in/Check out)  Visual (video and images) more important than text  Desire to socialize in lobbies 

Marriott International’s newest player in the affordable 3-star-tier segment for Millennial global nomads. It’s got the power of Marriott behind it. The potency of style, innovation and tech-savvyness surrounding it. And a whole lot of wattage to light up its vibrant future. Work, play. On, off. Overdrive, socialize. The hip vibe to our bright, open lobbies invites you to connect and liberate with: * Stylishly designed chic spaces to greet, meet and retreat * Space to meet and collaborate featuring large writing walls and 56-inch TVs for presentation projections * Complimentary computers and free Wi-Fi * Vibrant, energetic bar scene where the conversation flows as easily as the local brews and vintage wine.


CitizenM welcomes the mobile citizens of the world- the suits, weekenders, explorers, affair-havers and fashiongrabbers looking for boutique hotel accommodations. So if you travel with an open mind, a love of free movies on demandand free WiFi, come in and take a room tour.

These two stylish hotels totally match with the research we have done just before. With their social lobbies, easy internet access, available computers, free-movies on demand it totally fits Gen C’s and Millenials’ demand.

Aloft Hotels in the new destination sensation with loftinspired design and free-flowing energy. Discover a whole new travel experience and see why everyone’s all abuzz about Aloft. We’ve created an affordable alternative for the tech-savvy, design forward crowd, with jet-setting style and a real social scene that has everyone abuzz. From our easy-breezy touch-n-go check-in kiosks to our spacious 9-foot-high aloft rooms and our always-hopping w xyz (SM) bar featuring signature cocktails and a snack-attack menu. Check out 60+ hotels now open around the globe.

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