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Sunday, February 23, 2014

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The Bike Blog Cre ating a more bicycle -frie ndly community, one re v olution at a time .

Cyclists from around the world compete in amateur Milan-San Remo Spring Classic Posted on June 11, 2013 | By Jay Holick



More than 1100 amateur c yc lists from 22 c ountries prove they c an handle rigors of longest professional 1-day rac e On June 9th, more than 1100 amateur cyclists gathered in Milan for the Milan – San Remo Cyclosportive. Now in its 43rd year, the Milan – San Remo Cyclosportive is an amateur cycling race that follows nearly the same route that professional cyclists compete on during the annual Milan-San Remo Spring Classic. The 294 km (182 mi) race allows amateur cyclists to follow in the footsteps of recent Spring Classic winners such as Mark Cavendish, Matthew Goss and Simon Gerrans and see how they would fare in the race, which is the longest professional one-day race. Riders departed from Milan via the Pavese highway and crossed the plains of Pavia, Casteggio, Voghera, Tortona and Novi Ligure. When they got to Ovada, they began their ascent up the Turchino and got a glimpse of the Ligurian Sea. On their descent, riders entered Voltri and rode on the Aurelia highway, which has views of the Riviera. From there they took on the Capo Mele and Capo Cervo hills. Then they went on to the course’s most challenging climbs: The Cipressa and the legendary Poggio of San Remo. Finally, they raced downhill to the finish line in Corso Garibaldi. After the race, participants met at the Convention Center Palafiori of San Remo where they were treated to a pasta party and the award ceremony. The race, which was organized by UC San Remo and Nyala Wonder Travel, saw a 30 percent increase in riders. These riders came from 22 countries around the world, including nearby Europe and faraway places such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia and New Zealand. “Our thanks goes to the commune of San Remo and to San Remo Promotion for the closure of the street traffic in Corso Garibaldi and the granting of the Palafiori that will gift the event with a prestigious setting in the heart of the Flower City,” said Igor Varnero, marketing director for the event. For more information on the Milan – San Remo Cyclosportive – Amateur Cycling Race, visit Note to editors: Photos from the 2012 Milan – San Remo Cyclosportive – Amateur Cycling Race are available on the Milan-San Remo Cyclosportive website and at ### For more interviews and more information on the Milan – San Remo Cyclosportive, please contact: Tiffany Orr +1 (253) 242-3453 Cycle On! Categories: General


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