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KHEPRI Necklace Morning Sun. The KHEPRI is a beautiful everyday piece sure to make you feel "one" with the amazing nature all around you. Loose and free this is the perfect match for the free - spirited woman or man.Strung brass beads, Carved soapstone, Silver Pyrite, Bronzite cylinders, and wire wrapped metallic coated Quartz.

KHAIT Necklace Crowned. The KHAIT is a gorgeous necklace fit for a queen.Looks beautiful alone, but fun to wear stacked with some of your favorite pieces. Strung Bronzite cylinders, Brass Beads, Heishi beads, Gold coated pyrite, Silver Pyrite, and Metalic coated Quartz.

NAKHTI BRACELET Strong. The NAKHTI bracelet is a beautiful representation of balance and strength. With a focus on "one" - being one, being whole - this is a great daily reminder to yourself that you have everything you will need within. Simple with playful and freehand fringe detail. Wear alone or stacked with your favorite pieces for some great arm candy. One Wire wrapped Metallic Quartz stone with byzantine weave chain. Bracelet Length: 6 inches- 1 inch adjustable chain

KHU ANKLETS Protected. The KHU anklet is all the protection any woman needs. With the amazing quartz as the main stone - any woman can stand on her own two feet in grace, beauty and style. Sold in a set of 2 because two is always better than one! Wear stacked, or separate, or one at a time. With the half and half design you can wear the stones to the front, back or side - get creative! Half Strung Metallic coated Quartz, Smooth pyrite beads, and Heishi Beads. Half antique brass byzantine chain weave. Anklet Length: 8 inches with a 1.5 inch adjustable chain (This can be removed, or extended upon request at purchase)

ISIS BODY CHAIN Queen of the throne. The ISIS is a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Bold yet simple it compliments every woman. Antique Brass chain. Fastens at neck. Neck measures 16 inches - Comes with a 1.5 inch adjustable chain (A longer adjustable chain can be attached upon request)

NETIKERTY NECKLACE She Who is Excellent. The NETIKERTY necklace is a stunning piece that will soon be added to your favorites list. This piece brings beauty to any ensemble, and simple enough to be regarded as a classic. Looks amazing paired with URBI necklace and the ISIS body chain (pictured). Strung Brass and Heishi beads with antique brass chain fringe. Neck circumference: 14 inches (an adjustable chain can be added upon request at purchase)

URBI NECKLACE Princess. The URBI necklace is definitely made to make you feel like a princess. Elegance and nature wrapped up in one. Looks amazing paired with NETIKERTY neck piece for extra drama, volume and length (as pictured). Strung Faceted Jade rondelle beads, Brass rondelle beads, and Golden Pyrite nuggets. Antique brass chain fringe. Neck circumference: 15.5 inches

NUBITI NECKLACE Golden Lady. The NUBITI necklace is the ultimate statement piece. Bold and beautiful. Brass beads and Brass pendant.

DALILA NECKLACE Gentle. The DALILA necklace is the epitome of femininity. A sexy low dropping string of brass beads, ending with a single jade bead, creates a beautiful shape. A single piece of Quartz adds a delicate and earthy touch. Half strung Brass rondelle beads, Bronzite cylinders, Silver Pyrite and faceted Jade rondelles. Half Antique brass chain. Neck circumference: 16 inches

SHANI NECKLACE Red. The SHANI necklace is pure opulence.The deep red and gold hues give a very rich and sexy vibe.Inspired by Ancient Egypt, this piece is for the woman who loves detail, originality, beauty with a little bit of extravagance.Can be dressed down to add flare to your basics, or dressed up for a bolder and sexier statement. Strung Faceted Jade rondelle beads, Brass rondelle beads, and Vermeil beads.

SITI NECKLACE Lady. The SITI necklace is the perfect dainty piece. The leather and jade mix give a very unique touch to any outfit.Beautiful on its own, but can be edged up a bit by adding some of my other pieces (as pictured) or some of your own! Strung Faceted Jade rondelle beads, Brass rondelle beads, and antique brass beads. Wire wrapped leather neck strap. This piece does not include a clasp, to wear just put over your head. Necklace Length: About 14 inches

NURI NECKLACE Gypsy. The NURI necklace is the perfect piece for the 'wanderer' , or any woman looking to add a little gypsy flare to her jewelry collection.With so many textures and designs this piece is great to bring a touch of originality to any outfit. Looks amazing alone or paired with other neck pieces. Play with different lengths (pairing with shorter or longer necklaces) for interesting and bold looks. Wire wrapped black Bone , Faceted Jade rondelles, Golden Pyrite nuggets, Tibetan Agate beads, Brass Leaf charms, and Feathers.Wire wrapped leather neck band. This piece does not include a clasp. To wear just put over head.












The Beautiful Things by Tiffany Nicole Lookbook  

The latest pieces by Tiffany Nicole.

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