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Fashion looks

“Gibson Girl” Early 1900’s

The “Gibson girl” look is portrayed by a long and slender yet curvaceous silhouette. This look can be described as ultimate confidence. Hair is usually in a bun, while the outfit is tight synching in the waist.

“Harajuku Style” 1980’s This fashion infuses multiple looks and styles to create a unique form of dress.

“Jackie O” 1960’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' style is described as classic. Using sheath dresses and oversized sunglasses as a added signature.

“Gypsy� 1969 The ease of the gypsy look is undeniable. Made with cheesecloth and other light cotton fabrics these flowing tops and dresses are usually belted or have drawstring at the waist.

“African style” 1960’s

African style has many multicolored and elaborate prints on the fabrics. These prints usually derive from the existent history and culture.

“Male Inspired” 1970’s The male inspired look can be described as tailored and practical. Blazers with or without shoulder pads are worn. Pants with pleats and little to no accessories are worn.

“Grunge” 1990’s The Grunge look is based on looking unruly. A lot of dark and dingy oversized clothing.

“Country western” 1980’s

The country western style can be described as practical. Leather cowboy boots and rodeo belt buckles alongside distressed jeans sum up the look.

“Military� Military inspired clothing can in some ways be characterized as male inspired. Using oversized men army uniforms, coats, and accessories and adding the touch of femininity with red lipstick and heels.

“Goth” 1990’s

The Goth look can be described as dramatic. Using black as the main characteristic.


Woman’s wear

Woman’s suits

The Chanel suit

The pants suit


The halter top

The tube top

The tank top

Neck line styles



Boat neck

Collar styles

Double collar

Turtle neck

Fur collar

Sleeve styles

Bell Cap Ruffled


Mini skirt

Pencil skirt Long skirt


Wrap dress Bandage dress

Tunic dress


Skinny Flare



Jean Jacket

Biker Jacket Military jacket

Coat styles




Swim suits

One piece





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