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If you are not redirected to the page automatically, click here! >>>Click Here<<< Bible college (evangelical) â&#x20AC;&#x2039;Wow I said Oh patty Mason and welcome to this very special edition of campus confessionals I'm coming to you from Nashville Tennessee let's see if these guys stories can add up to yours I'm Chad I'm from the university of minnesota-twin cities we have another one from Nebraska and he's going to tell us a funny

or embarrassing story what's your name my name is Adam but people call me soup soup yeah it's short for Superman all right tell me your story um last night we when we decided to go get some ribs and Casino we're Nashville and we went to a blues club and we got the right as the band was setting up and everything and we had our meal and decided to kind of stick around for the the rest of the set at high school I was my friend's bachelor party so I in high school your friend is getting married no he was like 20 or 30 ok I don't know he was pretty old I was just there so what happened ok so they get a lot of alcohol into me then they don't start making suggestions for stuff for me to do someone yelled out amen go streaking there was one particular individual he was Jamaican and you know he introduced himself to us just was walking around all over the place and and you know in the off time when he wasn't talking to people at tables houston's dance in front of the stage you know the only guy the only guy in the entire in the entire club just dancing another guy goes once you go play in traffic I combine the two and so I'm hiding in the bushes my friends house is that right at stop sign so every time a car would pull up at night I run out I go run back in the bushes then here comes the old lady so eventually about halfway through the night he was already tanked like so he he started drinking more which is always a really good idea when you're the only person dancing in front of a stage so he started drinking more and then started hitting on one of my friends Brady she was just kind of sitting there and she's totally white and doesn't dance I get right in front of her car shaking this going like this in front of her car riding the headlights guy run up to her driver's side window and I was oh well I was drunk it seemed that was your ass going down the window no no no and so they hurt you up in gret yeah sure sure huh throw me into a closet you know all those guys are kind of like this isn't really cool so we sat down and talked to them a little bit and eventually um I don't know if he was just drunk or if he really has a mental condition or if he actually did these things but he told me that he would kill me if I ever told anybody um but supposedly he's responsible for the deaths of 250 people across Europe the Middle East and North Africa I wake up the next morning about five in the morning screaming I'm blind I'm blind because it's dark in there and so they come up there like oh man don't you got class in the morning this is a weeknight so yeah so I have to run back home they they lost my clothes I'm borrowed one of their pants are like stretch up to hear it sound like running home and it's like this pair pants are way too big and I climb up to my second story window I where I sneak back into my room he's been jailed several times and supposedly Jesus came to him twice and he was on a three strikes you're out some system so the second time jesus said okay listen you got one more strike and then you're out and so then he found Jesus and went to book the jazz clubs and started hitting on my friends my name is Diego from the University of Connecticut I'm ria and i'm from wayne state college from Nebraska as well this actually happened on Halloween so I was I dressed up as fabio and walk down soon I can't believe it's not butter all night so I had this long wig and you know guys were hitting on me all night because I thought I was a girl probably my most embarrassing experience there's two of them actually in the same area in my old dorm room or my old dorm called Maury the steps are really terrible out in front and one weekend I was carrying my big laundry bag down the front and I completely biffed it down like five stairs and my laundry went flying all over the front lawn and I got kicked out of this party so I'm walking out and I tackled someone and I lose my glasses and a car runs him over so I was that kid in the dark like crawling and I was in my father suit so I'm like I've got my hair in my face I can't find my glasses when I moved out of that dorm I was I had one of those um Tupperware things with the three drawers and the top flew off and then all the drawers flew out and everything flow all over the lawn again and I didn't follow that time I just I'm just terrible with those stairs it came down to having asked the most hated people of all cops for help because they had the flashlights yeah thanks to lenscrafters you know one hour service i'm all set now that's good did you say you bit let's biffed it lifted like completely fell so Biff means completely fell yeah like you trip and you fall and yeah I've never heard that before alright we learn we learned a new word okay what's your name my name is Nicole okay and you're from Nebraska's i am from wayne state college as well my name is mark I'm from Seattle Washington I go to school in Aiken South Carolina I'm Brett cabbage and I'm from aiken south carolina I got a USD hi I'm mark delcour from UW whitewater my freshman year I my ex-boyfriend who is I kind of like a porn fanatic anyway I was with my current boyfriend at the time too we're all the party I drink three fourths of balls bacardi alone by myself I was needless to say very intoxicated so why don't you tell me about this some Weiner wake up is how you call it that's the wiener wake up basically what happens is I was sound asleep in my dorm room and my roommates thought to be hilarious to give me the wiener wake up a crazy story that happened to me at a party last year I was at a party and I was hooking up with this girl and she's real cute and you know we started messing around and she goes no do you want to have sex I was like yeah she's like I passed out I had a roll of film and camera well I woke up and found out that he photographed me getting tea bagged by another fraternity brother stole my roll film and put on the internet and I found it yet but supposedly they sent into the fraternity site now what the Wiener wake up is is get completely naked and you stand straddling the person and you know shake your junk and I want you to take a poop on me and she

was dead serious about it so I just looked at her and pulled my pants up and walked out of the room that was the end of that but yeah I didn't find out till like two hours after I woke up that the guy was just attacked me I shall I kid you know you got tea bag and I'm like no it's really gross it's really gross so did you wake up and see this horrible sight in your face definitely woke up and saw a Wang flying back and forth in front of me and I thought that was horrifying it wasn't pleasant that's for sure I was a good move on your part I don't want to poop on her and then like she wanted me to poop on her and like you know that have such other and your dad to smell that the whole time and don't have been fun how is that sexy in any way how I gotta turn on like understand I don't know be like picking peanuts off her chest and eyes that's pretty funny i don't i think that the equivalent to that at home is that it's hieu bagging i'm not sure you know about that I've never heard of a wiener wake up but definitely in South Carolina is called T wagging a note to everyone in Virginia people that go to the University of Wisconsin are freaks justjust whitewater not not all the UW schools yeah what's it like in Wisconsin I never been there's really nothing to do but milk cows and be cold fine yeah we eat a lot of cheese and brats and we always go to football games without shirts on in the winter and that's about it neuvaine sainte anne de beaupre 2019.

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