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THE 3 LITTLE P'S THAT BECAME BIG PROBLEMS Lack's Alphabets by Tiffany Kameni

Poverty is not a condition, it is a mindset. Period. I think I have posted this same truth via several of my articles: Give a man with a mind of prosperity only that in which a man of poverty has and he will turn it into prosperity, but give a man of poverty everything that in which a man of prosperity has and he will turn it into lack. Webster has it's definitions, but let me share with you what lack truly is. Lack of necessities and desires is a lack of faith that has simply manifested into the earth realm. Your belief went up and brought down with it what your faith grabbed at. If your mind is a mind of lack, then your spiritual hands will grab a hold of poverty and your heart will become one with it. Remember, as a man thinketh, so is he. So, you think you don't have enough money to buy food for your family? You think you don't have enough money to order that logo you want? You think you don't have enough money to get that car you want? Then, you are right, but GOD is true. You see 'right' and 'true' are different, just as reality and truth are different. Right simply implies the realm of the earth is in agreement with you and it yields it's facts as evidence. True and Truth are the WORD of GOD. Reality is only what is real to you. It is what has manifested into the earth realm for you and has revealed itself to your natural senses. That is your reality. But, it differs from GOD's Truth. A good example is, a doctor may tell a believer that he is sick, but in Truth, “HE was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon HIM and by HIS stripes, we are healed.” Now, it's all in who's report you believe and report, for out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Therefore, what you believe in your heart, will flow from your mouth. Poverty is a body of unbelief and a lack of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. One of the arms of poverty is procrastination. Procrastination is yielding to the flesh, planning to do what you should be doing today on another day, or putting GOD's plans for you off. Then what you should have done years ago, is still put off a few years. Why? Because a report is circulating in the mind of that believer and he/she believes that report. Maybe they think that they are not ready yet. Maybe they believe that GOD has not released them to do such a work as of now. Maybe they think that they are not properly equipped to move forward right now. Either way, Satan always tells us to sit still and wait on the LORD, because this sounds so right. But, in truth, the LORD has already decreed HIS WORD and it shall not return unto HIM void. HE told in Luke 11:9, “And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Therefore, any hands that are folded and waiting on the LORD's permission to knock are hands full of nothing, because the LORD has already given us 'words of action.' The sun doesn't sit still nor does the moon go on vacation. Everything in the earth realm is acting and anything that is still is probably dead. When we say, “Wait on the LORD,” this should always be said to encourage someone to be patient when they have already asked for something from the LORD. But, in our waiting, we still have to do the works. And presentation. Presentation is your vocal and physical demonstration of what you believe. If you believe the LORD, you will speak the WORD of GOD and speak the talk of faith, but if you do not believe HIM, your presentation will be filled with manipulation, seduction, offense, and every other

wile of the devil. Your presentation will always demonstrate to you and others who's report you believe. Do you believe the WORD of GOD? Or do you believe what has manifested before your eyes and understanding? An individual called me for a logo. Actually, I have had hundreds of souls try this, so we will speak on this in that setting. Many have called me for logo or seal designs, but they want it freely. They did not want to pay a dime for it because, many of them said with their own mouth that they did not have the money and believed with their hearts that they could not get the money. I went on to tell them all 'no,' as I always do with individuals who attempt to get freebies. I don't explain why I say no, because I don't have to. I simply say no. My fees are as posted. Anyhow, this is a true story in relation to many who have contacted me. They go off somewhere and eventually come back with the money. You see, they go to other companies looking for something cheaper, or looking to the world for something the same price or slightly more, because they don't want to pay the child of GOD, because many believers don't like to pay other believers. (Am I lying?) But, they will pay the world without incident. Anyhow, after finding no one that they want to work with, they come back with the money. In many cases, they have prayed for the money to come forth and it did. Look at GOD! But, when it does, guess what happens? Poverty (that mindset) spends it before their hands do. Therefore, when they call me, they are whimpering and complaining over the phone. I have listened to people talk about their bills and constantly refer to the money as 'their money.' What this tells me that even though they are reluctantly releasing it from their hands, their hearts have not released the money, which means, guess what? It cannot yield a harvest, because it has not truly been planted. Look at flesh! Let me share with you why I will never sow into such a soul. Because their money has them! Their money spends them! They live paycheck to paycheck because when sowing time comes, they whimper, complain and try to manipulate others to give them what they want. They are out in the garden throwing a temper tantrum and counting their money and not counting on their GOD. Why? Because that money is their god. Why would I sow into the soils of adultery? I don't want to harvest that mess. THE LESSON What is manifesting for your ministry right now is the evidence of what you are grabbing with your faith. If you keep looking for material wealth you will eventually find that you have spent your entire life playing hide and go seek with it. When you follow the will and plan of GOD, wealth and riches will look for you! GOD has given man dominion over everything in the earth realm, and everything must hearken unto our voices. Everything in the realm of the earth has a behavior and wealth's behavior is to travel. It communicates and it travels. “Will you set your eyes upon that which is not? For riches certainly make themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle toward heaven.� (Proverbs 23:5) What should we be doing, instead? Seeking the Kingdom of GOD and all it's righteousness! And the WORD tells us that everything else will be added unto us. Remember, Abraham believed GOD and GOD counted it to him as righteousness! When GOD counts something to you, it goes into your account and you can draw from it as long as you don't allow it to be closed through disobedience and unbelief. You want to see your ministry do well? You want lack to leave your ministry and your homes expediently? Change your mind and change your words and you will see your life will manifest change to reflect what is in your heart. That is, get some WORD into you in every area where your faith is challenged. The devil knows where you are unfortified. Why do you think those same areas are always under attack? Pay attention to the behaviors of your life. That is the evidence of what is leading you. If poverty is

your lead, guess what happens? Every time you get extra money, things happen. Your car breaks down. Your electric bill is super high. Someone breaks into your home. Why is this? Because wealth got itself a pair of wings and decided to break up with you....again. You weren't treating it right. It got tired of being slapped around by poverty. If procrastination is leading you, poverty is by your side. In procrastination, you feel tired, depressed and anxious because your spirit man knows that you have purpose, but you have allowed your flesh to take the lead. That's why you're sad. Get into your purpose and watch a change in your attitude! 3 NEW P'S FOR YOU Even though you may not see the wealth right now, walk like it, talk like it, and act like it. Sow some seeds! Seriously. Stop kicking up dry ground and sow. Sow into fertile ground. Ask the LORD where HE would have you to sow. Stop talking about bills with fear and trembling and start handling them. You see, I have lived in lack and I know the mindset. Sometimes you have the money, but you see other things you want to put it into. So, you put the bills off a pay period. Wherever you sow, that is where you are to look for a harvest. If you keep sowing into your belly, your harvest will be found in your toilet. Just as when you sow your time into hearing the WORD of GOD, you will harvest faith, any and everything you sow into will yield a harvest for you. Question is, do you want to harvest from that ground? If you need something in relation to the LORD or the ministry HE gave you, get it! You are sowing still! And you will reap a harvest if you don't faint and you water it with your praise. Now, let's go into the fitting room and try on 3 new P's. Power, Privilege and Possession. We are empowered through the WORD of GOD, so I have said this once, I'll say it again: GET THAT WORD IN YOU IN ABUNDANCE!!! GOD is all powerful and HE empowers HIS servants according to our faith. You have to get that. Seriously. It'll save your life. Privilege. When Ester went before King Xerxes, she went in fear, but because she was his wife, she was privileged to go before him. He held out his scepter because Ester had favor with him. Now, you serve the KING of KINGS and HE wants to privilege you, but you have to take off your flesh and follow HIM. You can't just go before the KING of KINGS just because you've been baptized and you go to church every Sunday. There are requirements to come into HIS presence. You have to forgive others for their sins against you. You have to stamp your prayers with the Name of JESUS. And the LORD will hold out HIS Scepter for you and hear your request. When you serve HIM wholly, you walk in this favor and this favor allows you to enter the KING's chambers at any given time. But, when you are walking in manipulation, offense and lack, you are in the wrong place. JESUS gave us the privilege, even though we don't deserve it. But, you cannot hold hands with JESUS and the devil. Therefore, when you are lukewarm, HE will spit you out! And that is where you will find yourself. On the ground being trodden by life and lack, consumed by every wandering dog that sees you. Possession Possession comes in two parts. Spiritual and carnal. One can have faith for millions and not have a million in their bank account, yet, when the money is needed, it does come forth supernaturally. Then again, one can have possession of a million dollars, but when it is needed, the stock market crashes and takes it into it's belly. When JESUS and HIS Disciples arrived in Capernaum and were questioned about paying taxes, how did JESUS answer? HE tapped into HIS faith account and told Peter “However, lest we should offend them, go to the sea, and cast a hook, and take up the fish that first comes up; and when you have opened its mouth, you shall find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and you.�

As the LORD's Ambassador, I can say this. I have NEVER had a need that was not met. Because when need stands up, faith should stand taller. When your need says “I want $300 to relieve you of this electric bill” and your account says, “I only have $175 to help you out, but what about gas? What about food?” You answer by asking the LORD where HE wants you to sow and how much HE wants you to sow. Some may say this is foolery because they live in lack and lack tells them that they'd better pay their taxes to it, but GOD said “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” That is, if you listen to the voice of the LORD and obey what HE wants, you will not have to make that sacrifice that lack is requesting of you. Wealth comes in so many forms. The LORD loves to invest in you, knowledge because knowledge yields residual blessings. That is, the LORD will and can bless you with skill as well as monetary wealth. But, again, your eyes should not be set on the wealth. Your heart should be set on pleasing the LORD and serving HIM wholly. Being HIS Representative, you can't come out begging, looking and acting like you're in lack. You speak of where you are! GOD said you are more than a conqueror through JESUS CHRIST! Now, go out and possess the land oh ye saint and stop standing at the door with your fist clinched, hoping someone will answer. You have to knock first! Stop trying to break into someone else's blessing. How pathetic is it, if you have a Kingdom a few blocks from someone else's Kingdom and you keep coming over to borrow some sugar. Get out and plant some sugar cane! Before that other Kingdom gets wise enough to understand that because you are in disobedience, they can come and loot your land and enjoy a double portion of what the LORD has set forth. Prayerfully, this letter will help you to get into a better place and open your eyes to see where you are in HIM. If you're in lack, get out of that realm. You start by getting the faith to be elevated from that realm and of course, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the WORD of GOD. And once you ask for it, believe that you receive it and act like it. Never ever ever try to rob your sisters and brothers in CHRIST. The LORD said the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just. Not the wealth of the righteous! I hate to hear people keep saying they are looking for a 'ram in a bush,' because that ram has to be sacrificed. So, if your brother or sister in CHRIST is that ram in a bush, they may want to move far away from you because you keep taking your obedience off the offering table and offering them and their stuff up instead. Listed at Written by Tiffany Kameni

The 3 Little P's That Became Big Problems  

How to overcome poverty, procrastination and evil presentations.