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Introduction to Tiffany Kameni From Death to Life

Tiffany Kameni (From Death to Life) My Testimony There are many reminders that I am faced with as to who I was. The world does not want to know who you are now, they only want to know the you that they can relate to. As I look at my reflection in the mirror, in my eyes, I see no residue of the old girl that once bore my resemblance. Maybe because I am older now, maybe because I am not the same size that I was, or maybe my eyes are really opened to see myself only as God sees me. However, when I walk out of the door and when I see those that are still lost and remember me as being one of them, I know that they can only try to dig up the corpse that I buried long ago. But, I have thrown away the shovel and embraced the new creature that I am in Christ. Sometimes, when I am challenged, I can feel something trying to rise up in me, but I have learned to reject and rebuke. Especially when I am shaken off my spiritual stool and taken down to the floor of emotion. It is not unusual: I have to come against thoughts of taking matters in my own hands. This is not a discrediting of my ministry, I have learned. It is only a reflection of the human part of me that strives to overwhelm the spiritual part of me that thrives. We all grow up and learn to cope with negativity in different ways and once that has been a part of your coping process, you have to do much praying and meditating on the Word of God to learn new ways to cope. That is what the Word of God does. It introduces you to the way of faith that God has called us to and a new way of doing things. I have learned that no matter how far you get down that path, you will still have to pray against the human part of you that follows. The easiest part is living. The hardest part is living with what life deals you. But, it is not so difficult when you apply the Word of God to it. The Word does more than remedy a situation, it heals it. A remedy only provides relief. Relief is temporary, however, healing is an eternal shifting in your condition brought on by a divine source. That divine source is the blood of Jesus Christ. Love covers a multitude of transgressions and it is those transgressions that bring about the turmoil that we all endure, including that strenuous battle with our health. Fact is: God has won the war, but the battles we face are all just a test of our faith. If we know that God has won, we should fear no opponent and we should go through the battlefield with our heads held high and our shoulders thrown back. Knowing this, we, through faith, should come to realize that our situation is just a mirage and has no real weight on our salvation. It is how we deal with the situation that displays our placement. How is this? Many can call on the name of Jesus and many can say that believe in Him, however, real faith bares fruit. When you really believe, you know that Christ is, was and will be, forever. This is a divine mystery to some, a blood curdling revelation to unbelievers, but a comforting truth for those of us who believe. If you do not believe the voice of God, how can you say that you believe in God? You can easily say that you are the best doctor, but the

reality of it all is shown in your results. What results are you producing? Is your faith releasing the blessings of God or is your doubt repelling them? I have decided to let anything that I address in ownership form to represent a positive and to never claim on myself what God has not claimed on me. Meaning: Who is God? He is the great I Am. Who is Christ? He is the Son of God, the Word of God and the Truth. If I believe, I must know that I am to speak the truth. What is that truth? It is what God has said of me and not what any man has said about me. The realization that man sees with temporary eyes teaches me to trust in things eternal. A man says only what he sees, but, God shows us who He is. Therefore, rather than complaining, I have decided to focus on the blessing. You see, one can crash their car and step out of it, crying and complaining. They do not recognize that they were blessed to walk out of that vehicle alive. So, rather than seeing the bad of it, I want and plan to focus on the blessings instead. One of the most profound discoveries that has been revealed to me, through the Holy Spirit is: There is a difference in words spoken through education and words spoken in love. God is love, therefore, what He speaks is in love. Believing in the Word of God and acting out in faith is more than a reflection of who I am, but it is a rejection of who I was. Who I am now is more than just another woman. I am a living testimony, which means, as long as I live, I should be testifying of the truth: Christ lives! I am a witness to this because He lives in me. No matter what the world says, I can not use His breath to speak against Him, instead, I speak for Him. Those that knew the death that once rented me, can see, through my walk, the Life that now has purchased me through the Blood of the Lamb. And those that do not? That is not my battle. In life, you will come across people who desire to discredit your ministry once they see you are active in it. Realize that this is an Ephesians 6:10 situation and not a “insert your name here� situation. But, again, I must stay focused on the positives if I want positive results. We attract whatever we present to our hearts. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. So, changing my thought process inevitably changes my words and changing my words, changes my reality.

In Reverse I have learned that God operates in a manner that could not be ordinarily understood by man because His nature is spiritual. Our comprehension is limited, which is why we are called to operate in faith. The bible speaks of things seen and unseen and it is the unseen that is eternal. What is seen is temporary. People created for themselves gods that they can see. These creations have no power, not even to stand on their own. Since the days of old, man wanted a sign, man wanted something to entice their sin nature: which is the flesh, but God has called us to holiness by faith. Meaning, we should not go before the Throne asking for proof.

But, many have done just that. Many people run from life to death, but through Christ, we come from death to life. I have learned to look for the blessings with my eyes closed. Yes, if it is a material item that I have prayed for, I know that it will manifest, but in the meantime, I have to keep my eyes closed to focus with my faithful eyes. Do I mean that I am walking around with my eyes shut? No. What I mean is: I have learned that I must take my eyes and my concentration off what I have prayed for. I am to claim it, believe it, prepare for it, but do not put too much thought into it, otherwise, the devil will try to slip doubt into the equation. Eagerness should be called by its unmasked name: lack of patience. Simply put, it is a snare. Sure, you want to write that book, or yes, you want to go back to college and you should do just that, however, pray about it and move at the pace of God. Procrastination is also a snare, but there is a point where you are in action, but, you are in no hurry to complete a project. I have learned to just move and trust God and I know that He will pull me at His pace. When eagerness sets in, my mind goes blank in relation to what I am doing. Why? Because, God has given me just what He wants me to do or write at that moment and there is nothing else coming in for the moment. How Did I Get Here? A question that has blessed me is, “How did I get to where I am today?� By all accounts, I could have been dead long ago, while I was in my sin, but God saw it fit for me to continue. Just like you, I have had people that wished I was dead. There was even a point in my life when I wished the same thing, but I thank God for my Dad and delivering me from that mentality. One thing that my Dad taught us when we were young was that, there is no repentance after suicide. He told us that it was an automatic hell sentence. I mean, how can you repent if your last act was murder? So, I can say that none of his children have actually tried suicide. We, like millions, have thought of it, but I always knew that if you found one of our bodies, suicide should not even be considered. Funny thing is, I can remember getting mad, when I was younger, and threatening it. I can remember even getting pill bottles and pouring out the contents, but take it? No way. I just had to cry that out and deal. Dealing with situations does not bring stress, it is not dealing with them that takes you to a new dimension of stress. One of the lessons learned: No matter what we go through, we will get over it eventually. You will come out of it. The hardest part of it is what you allowed to rise up in your thoughts. If you think you can not come through, chances are, you will stay in it. That is like the millions of souls that divorce each year. Some people move forward. Sure, they hurt, sure they cry, but through living, they have learned that they will continue living and whatever they are dealing with now, is just a spike in the road. Others have persuaded themselves that they can not move forward and they must do something drastic to remedy the situation or punish the one they feel is responsible for their heartache. Chances are: These individuals had a parent (or someone) that always absorbed the negative impact for them and once that person can do it no more, they have no clue how to

escape a crash. For this reason, I have prayed about the type of parent I will be. No matter how much it troubles me, I want to allow my children to become strong so that they can deal with life and not allow life to deal with them. Sure, as mothers, we will want to protect our children, but I believe that this can be done in excess, which spiritually handicaps the child. For example: They ride a bike, fall off, scar their knees and cry. The crying part should be discouraged because one can not deal with life through emotions. Sure, I want my children to cry sometimes, when they are feeling overwhelmed, or if they hurt themselves enough where tears are warranted, but some parents allow and persuade their children to cry at the slightest of impact. Those children learn to deal with the blows of life with tears. Now, when they really go out and live, they become high strung and emotionally unprepared for reality. That is how they were taught to live. But, the strongest ones were taught to get back up, get back on that bike and paddle until they got it right. It is true: Only the strong survive. The weak give up on life long before life goes out of their bodies. I know that my childhood was a testament of this. Because I had to deal with it. Scars and problems were my treadmill. Crying did not turn it off. Complaining did not make it decrease the pace. It only complicated the problem. But, I learned to just keep moving and watch the weight of it all fall by the wayside. Just Blessed I can say that I do see the hand of God on my life. I can recognize His voice and I see where He has taken my life in a different direction of that in which I planned for myself. He has done so much for me that sometimes, I am at a loss for words to show my appreciation to Him. All I can do is praise Him, but not just with my mouth. I praise Him in my decisions, I honor Him with my tithes, I bless Him with my testimony. I have given Him me because He first gave me Him. No matter what happens, I know that He is God and He is my God. He is my Father and He is my everything. Without Him, I am not and with Him, I live and I do so in abundance, peace and in the joy that is reserved only for His children. I am more than just a conqueror, I am the heir of my victory. 10 Things You Should Do Each Day 1. Praise God for your life. 2. Praise God for His life and the life of His Son, Jesus Christ. 3. Pray. 4. Read your bible. (Pray for understanding first.) 5. Leave your mark. Do something each day that leaves your fingerprint on it. Each day, be productive and allow God to touch others through you. 6. Rebuke what you hear that is not of God. 7. Rebuke what you do not hear. (Sometimes, people set things lose in your life without your knowledge. You must remember, we will be hated for His Name sake, therefore, we will be persecuted. Therefore, in your speaking, come against any evil spoken against you. 6. Bless yourself by speaking what God says into existence in your life.

7. Bless others by speaking what God says into existence in their lives. 8. Refrained from gossip and evil speech. 9. When your enemies curse you, you should bless God. Of course, rebuke what they say. God said that He will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you. Stay focused and bless God. 10. Be a blessing. Of course, we should do as God does and do things in a manner that is uncommon to the world, but puts our faith on exhibit. Why? Because the fruit of your faith will systematically fall into place which will cause others to want to know just what you are doing to be so blessed. That is your opportunity to tell them about Jesus Christ. I do not think there is a formal introduction to who I am, but I do believe that knowing my name is just a hair of knowing me. To really know me, you should know my Father and to know Him, you have to know His Word. I am Tiffany Kameni and my journey is laid before me, but we must ask ourselves: Am I called to be a part of your life and your ministry? I take every step in thanks. As I said before and I must quote myself, no matter how tacky it is: “Believing in the Word of God and acting out in faith is more than a reflection of who I am, but it is a rejection of who I was.” (Glory to God)

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From Death to Life (Introduction)  
From Death to Life (Introduction)  

Introduction to Tiffany Kameni and the ministry that God has called me to.