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Epikur Magazine Offers Great Reviews On Beer, Wine And Books The Wine School of Philadelphia has recently launched a new magazine offering wine ratings, restaurant reviews, and commentary. Even though geared to local food and wine lovers, it's an invaluable and entertaining magazine for everyone! Epikur is a magazine about meals in Philadelphia. The magazine offers online restaurant critiques , beer and wine rankings , and much more. All reviews and content are available free via their website People expressed their own interest in the beautiful layout from the website that has a userinteractive assessment posts. The magazine is available on kindle and has a highly researched topics and smart commentary. Many readers remaining positive reviews over the internet and promised to give this magazine a totally free publicity by sharing the idea with friends and family as a form of appreciation to the valuable critiques posted on the magazine primary website. The magazine presents free subscription to their audience. The subscription can be stimulated by entering the reader email address at the subscription bar located on the prime menu for the magazine site. The magazine is up-to-date every short period of time to include more reviews and subjects on food, beer, wine beverages and books. It is available now for readers through all over the word to access and relish the free content and get posted on the best beer and wine. For more information check out : Epikur Reviews

Epikur Magazine Offers Great Reviews On Beer, Wine And Books