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Do you remember that episode of the Cosby Show with the dance battle between Rudy's dad and her dance teacher tap dancing legend Howard "Sandman" Sims (you can check out the clip here)? No? Every time we hear the word challenge this is the image that comes to mind. Challenge is certainly the buzz word of 2020. Renegade, Zoom Karaoke, “Don’t Rush”, staying inside, not eating all the snacks, cooking our own food -- CHALLENGE! This month’s edition is all about the challenges. We have launched an ORG Education Group on the ORG Bahamas Facebook page, and we’re encouraging you to join and share your family’s version of the challenges extended in this edition. Remember to use the hashtags #ScrapGarden #GBBO #Book #GummyBear when you post your challenges throughout the months of April and May. Are you ready? Let’s jump in. #CHALLENGE