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Fellowship One Glossary A activity Any event in the church where you want to group participants or volunteers for the purposes of recording attendance, registrations, mass mailings, etc. attribute A quality ascribed to a person, activity, or relationship used to categorize or identify it with some quality. You can create activity attributes, individual attributes, and releationship attributes in Fellowship One.

B background check A comprehensive investigation of a person's public records. Usually required of volunteers working in sensitive areas and with children.

C contact A contact is made anytime a person makes a request to which he or she expects an answer from the church. Generally initiated by filling out some kind of paper or church web site form. contact item Each individual item that a person can use to request further information from the church. A form is generally made up of several contact items.

D disposition The reason why a contact is being closed.

M ministry A division of the church providing services to a particular group of people. For example, the Children's ministry, provides services for children; whereas, the sports ministry provides services for people interested in athletics. A person will more than likely receive services from more than one ministry.

P participant A person participating in an activity at the church.


portal user See user.

R requirements There are two forms of requirements in Fellowship One. Activity requirements are tied to an event such as summer camp where participants must have turned in or meet certain requirements before they attend such as a signed permission slip. Job requirements also know as individual requiremtns are typically tied to volunteer oppourtunities at a church. An example of an individual requirement would be a background check for nursery workers.

S staffing assignment Staffing assignments are used to assign volunteers or paid workers to positions around activities. An example of a staffing assignment would be assigning a Sunday School teacher to a particular classroom during a service. Staffing assignments can be done at the activity, activity schedule or activity date/time level.

U user A person authorized to use Fellowship One.

V volunteer A person who performs a service or offers to perform a service voluntarily. Fellowship One allows you to create jobs for volunteers and create assignments for volunteers to fulfill those jobs. vma Volunteer ministry application is a form which indicates an individuals interest in volunteering.


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disposition The reason why a contact is being closed. attribute A quality ascribed to a person, activity, or relationship used to categorize...

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