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TRiO Transfer VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5

Dates To Remember  April 22, 2011 UW Bothell Transfer Fair from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. in North Creek Events Center  May 12, 2011 Bellevue College Transfer Fair from 10 a.m. - 1p.m.  May 18. 2011 LWTC Transfer Fair from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. in East Mall

For more information, or for a list of the colleges and universities that will be at the transfer fair, contact Tien Do at 425-739-8249

Contact Tien Do, your TRiO Transfer Advisor if you are interested in transferring UW Bothell has changed admission requirements to smooth the process for transfer applicants. See box to the right

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New Transfer Agreement from ITT Technical Institute ITT Technical Institute, located in Everett, offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Project Management (PM). Students who complete an approved AAS degree at LWTC with a 2.0 or higher will be given full credit for all courses earned in those AAS degree programs. See the following programs at LWTC that will transfer to the Project Management degree at ITT Technical Institute:  Accounting  Architectural/Civil Engineering Graphics  Business Applications Support  Computer Security & Network Technician  Culinary Arts  Electronics Technician  Engineering Graphics – Mechanical Design

   

Environmental Horticulture Building & Plant Maintenance Multimedia Design & Production Science Technician

Project Management is an important responsibility for many employees at companies and other organizations that use project teams and project-based approaches. Responsibilities include how to initiate, plan, organize, staff, guide, monitor and control a project to meet project requirements on time and on budget. Graduates of this program may pursue entry-level career opportunities as a team member, project coordinator, project scheduler or project manager. If you are interested in transferring to ITT Technical Institute or the Bachelor of Science in PM, contact your TRiO Transfer Advisor today.

New Admission Requirements for UW Bothell It is now even easier to transfer to UW Bothell.

2.0 to be considered for admission to UW Bothell.

Recent changes to UW Bothell admission requirements smooth the transfer process for transfer students. Effective February 17, transfer students with 41 or more transferrable college credits are only required to successfully complete Intermediate Algebra (Math 099) with a 2.0 and two years of the same foreign language, and have a minimum GPA of

Transfer students with 40 or less transferable credits are required to submit high school and college transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, and more. For more information on the new admission requirements, contact Tien Do or go to transfer/guide/minadmreq.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) How will you be able to finance your education once accepted to an institution? Are you going to pay out of your pocket, apply for loans or apply for financial aid? Applying for financial aid is a great option that may help you fund your education. In order to apply for student loans or grants, you must complete the FAFSA.

just because they are offered to you, but you could be eligible for grants as well. Grant aid can go towards books, supplies, tuitions and/or personal expenses.

You should apply for the FAFSA as early as possible, usually early January of each year. However, it is not too late to apply. Students What is FAFSA? The FAFSA is an application who are unable to complete their taxes early for all federal financial aid, including student should estimate as accurately as possible and loans (money that you are required to pay fill out the FAFSA accordingly, correcting the back), as well as federal grants (FREE money information with actual amounts once tax forms you do not have to pay back) and work-study are completed. If you are under age 24 and are programs. You can apply online at not married, you may need your parent’s come tax information as well. To determine your dependency status, go to https:// Many students think they do not qualify for financial aid or they cannot figure out how to WorksheetServlet? fill out the forms, so they don’t even bother. locale=en_US&wstype=WSDEP. However, by not applying, students may prevent themselves from being awarded FREE If you would like help completing the FAFSA, money. And remember, accepting an awards contact your TRiO Transfer Advisor. package that you have been offered is completely optional. Loans are not mandatory The enclosed materials were compiled through a grant from the US Department of Education. However, the contents have not been reviewed by the Department and no endorsement should be inferred. The Lake Washington Technical College Student Support TRIO Projects are 100% federally funded annually at $458,270.00.

Transfer newsletter  

Transfer newsletter

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