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...ON THE TOILET... I take two packets of crisps and a bottle of Bargondian Rioja from the  food  store, close  to the  bathroom. There are more options, chocolate bars, Ryvita, Corn thins, but I want to avoid making noise.  Inside the bathroom, I put my computer on the loo. Sitting on the floor against the  bathroom door  I have my supper. I  take one crisp and then a long sip of wine. I let my head rest on the door. A teardrop runs down my face, followed by another, another and then another. I want to hit the wall or the door; I want to shout, or to throw the bottle against the mirror on my left. I can't. Theyʼll hear my rage and come to find me...

In the toilet  

Document about when in the toilet

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