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To the Good Life! We usually pick a drink after we have our meal planned, but how about making the drink the focal point of the meal? Without adding a whole lot of time or extra ingredients, you can make a very enjoyable drink with some ideas I have selected. You can easily give your favorite iced tea or lemonade a splash just by adding some fresh fruit, mint, or even some of your favorite soda. Cocktail hour can be a special time, but you don’t have to have alcoholic beverages. I have some fun recipes so all ages can enjoy. Sometimes I will have a bottle of something stronger there in case an adult wants to add it for themselves. Drinks and some healthy snacks can easily hold you over while you are making dinner or waiting for it. Smoothies are a great snack, or a very nutritional start to your breakfast. I always like to add chia seed or flaxseed for the omega 3s. I also like to keep frozen organic ber-

ries and frozen peeled bananas in zip-lock bags to create really thick smoothies. ZING in your TEA Serves 6 You can serve this hot, or cold with a splash of your favorite sparkling water or fruit puree.


Tidewater Times July 2011  

July 2011 Tidewater Times

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