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Tidewater Review by Anne Stinson

Crashing Into Sunrise by Gerald F. Sweeney. Mayfair publishers. Soft cover or eversion at www.booklocker. com or from the author in Trappe, MD. $19.95. With this book, the fourth in his saga of the Irish immigrant Mahoney family, Gerald Sweeney has passed the mid-mark in his planned seven books in the Columbiad series. Spanning three generations, the early arrivals debarked in New Orleans, moved on to homestead a farm in Iowa, thence to Chicago with a family branch locating on Long Island and New York City. The young man whom this story, Crashing Into Sunrise, is about is Jim Mahoney during his high school and college days. Sweeney subtitles the book The Emotional and Artistic Upheaval of a 1940s Youth. Any reader who has raised adolescents will recognize the authenticity of Jim’s teenage years. He is, to describe it briefly, a goof off. Think of an

athlete who assumes that excelling in team sports is the end-all of existence. The same student who classifies classroom attention as a bore. The guy whose immature life focuses entirely on beer, popularity and girls. That’s


Tidewater Times July 2011  

July 2011 Tidewater Times

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