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Exclusion is the first step to prevent them from coming in the home. Seal up cracks with caulk, use weather stripping around doors and windows, remove window air conditioners, and close all possible entry points. Inside, shop-vac up the bugs and place in an outdoor trash receptacle with a lid. Stink bugs are appropriately named. They give off a strong odor as a defensive mechanism when threatened and really stink if you squash them! Diseases show up in August as a result of the high temperatures and humidity. Mildew is a problem in the landscape in August on both ornamentals and vegetables. Two different kinds of mildew

pests from vegetable crops that do not rely on bees for pollination. For small plantings, hand picking or knocking the bugs into a container of soapy water will help control them. In areas where populations are high, diligence is necessary because of constant migration into the garden from surrounding landscapes and wooded areas. A common homeowner complaint about stink bugs is that they will invade your home. Like Asian lady bird beetles and box elder bugs, they also seek to overwinter inside our homes starting in the fall. Control for them is the same as with the ladybugs.

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