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that the periodical cicadas can. There is lots of color in the landscape in August as many of the perennials are in bloom and the annuals are peaking. Especially attractive are the crape myrtles. You can plant crape myrtles now if you give the plant some extra attention during the hot days by appropriate watering. You normally see crape myrtles in two forms, shrubs and trees, but whichever you prefer, it all begins with the same plant. To grow a crape myrtle tree, select the straightest stem and cut out all the rest of the branches near the ground, or slightly below the ground, so that it will have the appearance of a tree. When your straight stem has

the male. He has special organs on his body that are concealed beneath two large plates on his underside. These musical instruments produce the drumming or singing sounds that we hear. Each species of cicada has a characteristic song. The dog-day cicada, also called harvest flies, that you now hear in the trees are much larger than their notorious relatives the periodical cicadas. The dog-day cicada have a much shorter life span – from two to five years – while the periodical ones live from 13 to 17 years in the soil until they emerge. The dogday cicadas normally do not damage trees and shrubs to the extent

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