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by K. Marc Teffeau, Ph.D.

Director of Research and Regulatory Affairs American Nursery and Landscape Association

August Serenade One of the neat sounds of summer that I look forward to hearing is the song of the “locust.” It is relaxing to lie in the hammock slung under the shade trees, or sit on a chair on the patio or porch, nap and listen to the whirring song of the “locusts” in the trees. Although called a locust, the insects we hear are not the true locust but rather a

cicada. The real locust of Biblical reference is a migratory species of grasshopper that travels in swarms of millions. The cicadas in the trees are large, robust insects with broad heads and protruding eyes. Their wings are usually transparent and are held roof-like over the body. The song that you hear is produced by

Adult cicada shedding. 79

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