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Tangier Island Wedding

flower girls, age 8, conducted an intriguing, whispered conversation throughout the service. The reception was held in the education building next to the church, and flowed out into the street. The celebration continued on the return trip on the Stephen Thomas. Most of the wedding party, Mr. and Mrs. Pusey included, were on board. The newlyweds mingled, enjoying the chance to have quiet conversations with friends. Fishing Gone concludes with the notion of bringing experiential tourism to Tangier to improve the Island’s economic outlook, the idea being that a person could buy a 24- to 48-hour package on

hymns as people were seated. The soloist, Mary Beth Pruitt, did a nice job on “All Because I Loved You,” to recorded orchestral backup. The bridesmaids’ dresses by Bill Levkoff, in sage-green silk, were elegant. The bride looked radiant, the groom pleased. When the roses that were supposed to be given to the mothers of the bride and groom went missing, Lisa shrugged and said “Well we did have roses,” and gave the mothers each a kiss. The audience loved it. The vows the couple exchanged, written by Lisa, included this intelligent promise: “When you speak, I will listen.” The two

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Tidewater Times August 2011  
Tidewater Times August 2011  

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