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The Amazing Seahorse

about an inch to more than a foot long. Small seahorses live about two years, while the medium-size and larger species can live up to four years. Seahorses often change color. They do so to hide from predators, to show aggression, and to engage in courtship rituals. Each eye can rotate independently from the other; consequently, one eye can look in one direction at the same time the other is scouting out a completely different area. This gives the seahorse a comical facial expression and is one of the reasons why the animal is such a popular addition to aquaria. Male Pregnancy. The most unusual feature of the seahorse is that the male gives birth. The male seahorse’s pregnancy begins with a

seagrasses and sargassum. It is a slender species that is covered with brown spots and numerous tiny white dots, especially on the tail. The longsnout seahorse has eye spines and a long, thick snout. Seahorse Facts. Seahorses must eat almost constantly in order not to starve. They use their long snouts to suck in food – small shrimp, plankton and fish larvae; whatever will pass through the tiny mouth. Unlike most fish, seahorses don’t have scales. Their skin is stretched over bony plates. Despite this protection, many seahorses are found in the stomach contents of larger fish. Seahorses range in size from

The pipefish is also a seahorse. 44

Tidewater Times August 2011  
Tidewater Times August 2011  

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