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Tidewater Day Tripping

Indiantown, Sacred Grounds by Bonna L. Nelson

House stood sentry over brown and green fields surrounded by dense woods on one side and Indiantown Road on the other. This historic site was in the news lately because a preservation group had been established with great vision, plans, and enthusiastic and talented volunteers to restore Indiantown near Vienna. I was curious. On the day I was there, I didn’t know what to expect. I offer this story of a monument to

Under a bold blue sky with tiny puffs of clouds and with a sun so dazzling that it made me squint, even through sunglasses, I first viewed the crumbling red brick house on a rise in the middle of a farm field. After a meditative respite at sparkling, gurgling Chicone Creek, I drove over the crest of a hill on Indiantown Road and arrived at my destination. No one was about except for a few songbirds darting here and there. I surveyed the property. Handsell

Handsell House with the Chicone Village Longhouse in the foreground. 37

September 2015 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times September 2015

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