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Slice, Stir and Savor Fall is the perfect time for quick cooking with fresh, crisp vegetables. Stir-frying fits the bill as it is nothing more than tossing and turning little bits of food in hot oil. This type of cooking is perfect for hectic lifestyles. It is also very healthy as you use just a small amount of oil, and stir-fry vegetables tend to retain their nutrients better with quick cooking. The high temperature of the wok allows meat to sear quickly and preserve the juices. For the best flavor, you want to eat the

food moments after it comes from the wok. Use small pieces of marinated chicken, pork or beef. Avoid big chunks of meat because they won’t cook through. Shrimp, scallops and firm fish like halibut work very well. Thin fish like tilapia will fall apart too easily. When cooking with a wok, extra virgin olive oil, expeller pressed canola oil, or grape seed oil all work well as they handle the higher heat without burning. Save the sesame or toasted sesame oil for the finish. All you need is a tablespoon or two


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