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Abacos Adventures

Sailing and Exploring the Bahamas by Bonna L. Nelson

The wind caught the sails of the Alpha Cat as we skimmed across the turquoise waters of the Sea of Abaco in the direction of Tahiti Beach. Riley, a Portuguese water dog, pranced along the gunnels of the catamaran, occasionally hopping into the cockpit to lick our toes or to be petted by his owner, Captain

Robbie Robinson, who was at the helm. First mate Petra shared her insights with us on the best dining spots near our first night dockage, between Lubbers Quarters Island and Elbow Cay. Capt. Robbie and Petra anchored us safely in Dorra’s Cove and sped off in their shuttle boat. My hus-

The Alpha Cat ~ home for the first half of our vacation. 37

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Tidewater Times September 2014

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