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Store potatoes in a dark, cool locations (35°-40°) inside. Sweet potatoes should be harvested the same way, except that it helps to “cure” the roots for 10 to 14 days in a warm, dark location (85°). Curing helps to heal over cuts and scrapes before being stored for the winter in a cool, dry location (55°), For winter squash it is important to cure them before storage. Place the squash in a cool, sheltered shady spot for about 1 month. Do not lay them on the ground. A simple curing table made from a mesh wire will work well. Place the squash on the table out of direct sunlight to allow the air to circulate all around the squash. Now is the time to start bring-

It is a good idea to cure winter squash before storage. ing your houseplants back indoors for the winter. Check carefully for hitchhiking pests. If the plants have out-grown their pots, re-pot them into a larger pot, or remove them and trim back the roots. It is important to use lightweight, well drained soil-less potting mixes. It has been a standard


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