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Tidewater Gardening are still visible. It is unsightly but causes little damage. They can be removed with a stick or pruned out if desired. Also remember that evergreens, especially white pines, naturally drop their old leaves and needles in the late summer and early fall. This is not a cause for concern. Many years ago (in the last century!) when I was the county extension agent in Talbot County, I used to get many calls about this time from homeowners concerning their white pines “dying” in the landscape. This is just the normal leaf drop. Fertilizing shrubs at this time will encourage a flush of new leaf growth that will not have time to mature and harden before the first hard frost. Again, as with the timing of pruning, wait until after the first or second hard frost to apply fertilizer. The better approach is to not fertilize until the early spring,

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September is the time to make stem cuttings for your winter herbs. 82

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Tidewater Times September 2013

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