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Beaches able to sell liquor because of the local regulations, but dancing and card playing were allowed, much to the annoyance of some of the strict Methodist patrons. The old Surf House in Rehoboth Beach burned down in 1879 but was replaced by the Hotel Henelopen, which has survived to this day under a succession of different managements. The Delaware Pilot in July of 1891 boasted that the Hotel Henelopen was “beautifully situated 60 yards from the surf.” It further noted that there was, on the beach, a good boardwalk more than a mile long and that there were daily express trains to New

The early years of Ocean City and Rehoboth Beach saw many leading society people frequenting the beaches on vacation. York, Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore. Some well-to-do vacationers rented cottages on the beach. The

Many Great Boats!

Frank Gary, CPYB

‘07 Legacy 32’ TRAMP ‘94 Lyman Morse 38’ CRUCERO $169,000 $375,000 ‘87 Bristol 47’ BACI @ $165,000 410-268-1611 (O) ‘88 Hinckley 42’ SW ‘CROSSWINDS’ @ $370,000 410-268-0017 (F) ‘96 Sabreline 43’ trawler @ $269,000 410-703-4017 (C) ‘85 Swan 43’ AKELA III @ $198,000 · 72

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