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The little devils took up residence in our attic. due to bird feeder deploy ment, as well as the many acorns that dropped from surrounding white oak trees. After gnawing a hole through our cedar shake roof, squirrel families assumed residence in the at tic. Fearing a fire from nibbled electrical wires, squirrel control became a necessity. Using a wire Havahart™ live trap, we captured more than 100 the first year. Peanut butter makes the best bait, by the way. Squirrels were promptly relocated to nearby Rock Creek Park. Sunbathers there did not often appreciate these humanitarian relocation forays. Fleeing squirrels sometimes chose their well-oiled backs as an unobstructed escape route. Squirrel numbers did not seem to diminish despite these efforts. To determine recidivism, a few ani56

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