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Squirrely pletely understand counterweight position and ergonomic barr ier placement might require an advanced engineering degree. The front view photograph was somewhat helpful. I persevered. Finally all par ts came together. Screws, nuts, washers and bolts were firmly tightened. The whole deal was securely placed atop a sturdy pole (not supplied). I retreated. While twilight gathered I sat smugly on the screened porch, sipping an icy beer and waiting for the first furry marauder to arrive. Before long a squirrel hopped jauntily down the f lagstone walk. He was shiny and sleek thanks to a steady diet of MY sunf lower seeds. He nimbly climbed the new pole. Mr. Fuzzy arrived at the bar that crossed the feeder’s mouth and attempted entry. Kaa Chang!! His body weight caused a counterpoised barrier to rise up before him. The route to the seeds was blocked. “HOT DOG!,” I thought, “this thing really works!”

Could it be true? Could this thing really work? The squir rel, appear ing a bit puzzled, jumped down. The barrier immediately returned to ready position. Mr. Fuzzy jogged to the nearby Chaste Bush, climbed almost to its top, then hurled his chubby gray body through the air. He landed on top of the feeder, then curled under its lid to plop among black oil seeds, an eager diner sitting amidst the buffet.

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Tidewater Times September 2013

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