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Oxford-Bellevue Ferry Reaches Historic Mark by Dick Cooper

Just as Captain Judy Bixler eases the ferr yboat Talbot away from the Oxford pier and into the Tred Avon River, a f leet of tiny training dinghies rushes into her path like a f lock of white chicks working a farmyard. Calmly she guides the square-nosed vessel around the Optis, giving the young sailors a wide berth. It is another “interesting moment” that is par t of the

daily routine of the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry, the oldest privately owned ferry in the nation. “People ask us if we get bored going back and forth all day,” says her husband and business partner, Captain Tom Bixler. “Every crossing is different and you never know what to expect.” The ferry route that connects the two historic villages was founded

The Oxford-Bellevue ferry docking in Bellevue. 23

September 2013 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times September 2013

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