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Whether it’s the expensive bliss of Belgian chocolatier Godiva, whose smooth open oyster shells with a creamy hazelnut filling are just to die for, or the homely crunch of Reese’s Pieces, I cannot live without chocolate. But it looks as though, in my middle years, I’m going to have to learn how to live with less of the good stuff. Too much of a good thing may be wonderful, but savoring every bite as if it were your last bit of chocolate, wonderful chocolate, may be even better.

turns into a nice shell ... enrobed makes me want to dive into a chocolate fountain, which is always the best part of a wedding reception, after the champagne. Enrobed also makes me want to be buried coated in milk chocolate. Why not? Chocolate use is limited only by imagination. Whether it’s chocolate candy, chocolate cakes, chocolate ice cream, chocolate desserts, or just a spoonful of Nutella, chocolate can heal a thousand wounds. It can inspire great creativity. It can change the world. Maybe if we forced every leader in the world to sit down with a cup of chocolate and a cupcake, they’d all be in a more peaceful mood. You think? Well, it’s a nice dream, anyway.

Helen Chappell is the creator of the Sam and Hollis mystery series and the Oysterback stories, as well as The Chesapeake Book of the Dead. Under her pen name, Rebecca Baldwin, she has published a number of historical novels.

NO! They’re MY cupcakes! And so the breakdown in diplomacy continues. 20

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Tidewater Times September 2013

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