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Aussies and Kiwis total darkness of the cave, the light from the glow worms was actually enough to see just a bit of our surroundings. The Ruakuri Cave tour is totally accessible ~ even to wheelchairs ~ thanks to a network of cleverly designed catwalks, bridges and ramps. I was fascinated by the cave entrance. Visitors stroll (or roll) down an impressive spiral ramp to reach a point about 200 feet below ground level. Not far from the cave we made a lunch stop at a modest cafeteriastyle venue in the village of Otorohanga. The highlight of the meal was another serving of New Zea-

Hokey-pokey ice cream. lands’s famous hokey-pokey ice cream. Hokey-pokey ice cream is a creamy rich vanilla ice cream enhanced with crunchy bits of sweet honeycomb toffee ~ oh, my!!


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Tidewater Times September 2013

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