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Tidewater Review a 21-year span as the gatekeeper to the inner sanctum, a warren of two more stories above her desk on the 18th floor at a swank address. T he s t a f f of w r iter s wer e a s swank as the magazine’s reputation. Most of them came from Ivy League colleges and parents with illustrious family names, as well as awesome bags of money. Janet felt the difference between their backgrounds and her own, an accurate observation that emphasized her shyness. On the other hand, her smile and good manners made the men-about-town who filled the magazine’s pages feel protective toward the new hire.

Janet had started an adventure that may not have had any personal glamour attached, but she was delighted by the perks. Her salary was $80 a week. At the time of her retirement it had only risen to $165, but she was delighted with the month-long August vacation paid for by the magazine. If she wanted another month, her bosses were agreeable, provided she could pay for it herself. In all, eight vacations took her to Europe for art appraisals and/or summer courses in various intellectual subjects. It was inevitable in her first year as receptionist that some of the young single men working for the magazine would ask for dates. She frequently accepted a young man’s

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September 2013 ttimes web magazine  

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