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Villages of Talbot County documents, photos, artifacts and oral histories; they have produced two acclaimed videos bringing the past to life. There is yet a third non-profit on Tilghman doing good work and bringing locals and newcomers together, the Tilghman Area Youth Association (TAYA). They serve schoolchildren of the villages of the Tilghman area (Wittman, Sherwood, Tilghman, Fairbank, and Bar Neck) by providing worthwhile and safe after-school activities. They also sponsor summer camp and other events. TAYA programs help to reduce the time children remain unattended while

waiting for their parents to come home from work. All of this activity is helpful. They are working together ~ preserving the past and adapting to the future. Remember, there’s no better way to get to know your neighbors than to work with them on a common project. So, yes, the villages are important. But it isn’t the houses that make the village. The community is the thing. And the laughter of children. Gary Crawford and his wife, Susan, operate Crawfords Nautical Books, a unique bookstore on Tilghman’s Island.

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