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More Addenda & Errata “Yes, I know, Mr. Crawford. He’s my brother.” Well, they don’t have the same last name, do they? And they sure didn’t look much alike. So how is a Come-Here supposed to know? Actually, I suspect the Been-Heres love it when they see me squishing into one of those cow-pies. It has become a form of local amusement. Aside from the gushing praise ~ (hey, it did happen, once) ~ the most welcome comments are those that contribute something to the story I wrote, either adding new information or correcting an error. I jot down these “addenda and errata” and save them in a file. Here are a few you might find interesting.

BENNU ~ December 2016 Sometimes additional information arises because the thing I wrote about is still happening. For example, in December of 2016 I reported on a spectacular NASA mission. Their spacecraft (OSIRIS-REx) was flying off to visit an asteroid named Bennu. The mission would take nearly six years to complete, and it wasn’t getting a lot of press. After all, dreaming about a manned mission to Mars is exciting, but an asteroid? Who cares about visiting a little chunk of f loating debris left over from the formation of the solar system? Well, I hoped the Gentle Reader might be intrigued, as I was, by several of the unique features of this mission. Here are four of them. First, it’s historic. It will be the first time in over 45 years that we bring a significant chunk of another


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