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Sea Glass and Sunsets on Smith Island by Bonna L. Nelson

delicious, fresh seafood and amazing multi-layered cakes, the Island of fers breathtaking, multi-hued sunsets. It is a destination for birders and beachcombers alike. Smith Islanders are optimistic about the future and have a plan ~ The Smith Island Vision Plan ~ to preserve their natural environment, culture, lifest yle and the three Smith Island communities of Ewell, Rhodes Point and Tylerton, for generations to come. They dismiss concerns about the Island disappearing due to erosion and rising sea levels, even though their

“If you love the outdoors, you will enjoy your stay on Smith Island. There is plenty to do and see. Remove your watch and turn off your cell phone because you are on island time.” ~ Susan Evans, 13th generation Smith Islander and innkeeper During a three-day adventure on Smith Island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, we found it to be beautiful, alive and vibrant, and the Islanders warm, welcoming and hardworking. In addition to Smith Island’s well-earned reputation for


October 2016 ttimes web magazine  

October 2016 Tidewater Times

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