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Tidewater Review by Anne Stinson

Leave Me by Gayle Forman. A lgonqu in Book s of Chapel Hill, NC. 352 pp. $26.95. Gayle Forman has hit the computer for many years to turn out books for the Young Adult Literature crowd, receiving awards and making movies. This time, she has taken a jump into deep water with her first novel for grown-ups. As the publisher quotes a long list of writers who filled in glowing pre-publication reviews for its September 6 release in book stores, “Leave Me is the book that every mother will want to read and every father should read.� I have read it, and I seriously doubt that many fathers will want to read it. Mothers will perhaps be a bit shocked but will recognize what made the mother in the book deal strangely with her life. Maribeth, the mother in Leave Me, is 44 years old. She and her husband, Jason, had hoped for children since their wedding, and now they had four-year-old twins. Before their birth, Maribeth was busy with her job as a magazine editor, and the habit of making the house run smoothly. She still is. In addition

to her own job, she also finds that a twin boy and girl require enormous attention. The pressure is heavy, and she rarely has time for a longheld wish. She was adopted by good parents but has always wondered if her birth mother was still alive and could be found. Maribeth was exhausted. Her daily schedules read like the list for a group, not a single human. Her life was just one thing after another. She lost weight. She was strung tight and had trouble sleeping. She ignored


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