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Tidewater Day Tripping

Spocott Windmill and Stanley Institute by Bonna L. Nelson

George Radcliffe and Herschel Johnson have a lot in common. They are both passionate about the preservation and histories of two very interesting properties in Dorchester County. Radcliffe, along with many volunteers, maintains the Spocott Windmill Complex, c. 1800, while Johnson, also with many volunteers, maintains the Stanley Institute School, c. 1865. He is also restoring the nearby Christ Rock United Methodist Church. Smiling, rosy-cheeked George Radcliffe, a ninth generation Radcliffe and head of the Spocott Windmill Foundation, Inc., told us that he wants to “continue with his family’s legacy to share the Spocott property with the community.” Radcliffe explained, “Dorchester is steeped in history, and we want to help to preserve this site and other historical sites in this special county. I have always wanted to research and write more about the history of the area for my grandchildren.” Our f irst v isit to the Spocot t complex was a chilly winter day a few years back. My husband and I bundled up in warm coats to spend an afternoon exploring the charm-

George Radcliffe ing historic complex. Located just seven miles west of Cambridge on the left side of Route 343 at 1625 Hudson Road, we spotted the windmill silhouetted against a brilliant blue sky. No one was about on the day we visited. On our second visit last spring, a warm, balmy Earth Day, one of two days a year when the Village is fully operational, we met George Radcliffe. On that day of historical and env ironmental celebration, visitors were serenaded with toetapping music, given free A rbor Day trees, tantalized by the wafting scents of juicy burgers and corn on the cob browning on the grill, and were given tours of the village. A 57

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