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Tidewater Review by Anne Stinson

The Jesus Cow by Michael Perry. Harper Collins Publishers. 283 pp. $25.99 First off, yes, it is a novel, and it’s an amusing read in the beginning, but you’ll need to be stoic when the tone goes more than a little sober as the plot unrolls. No, it’s not hilarious, as the book jacket claims, but it is sometimes funny. Mr. Perry, the author, is said to be a New York Times best-selling humorist, and yep, this is his first novel. He lives in rural Wisconsin. To get a clue about this book, think of the old jokes about Norwegian bachelor farmers in Wisconsin. They’re bachelors for a number of reasons ~ a big one being they’re fa r mers a nd not a whole lot of women want to be out in the country with cows and pigs. Oh, yeah, and a husband who might just as well be mute for all the conversation he utters. Ha rle y Jac k s on’s m a m a w a s a good, God-lov ing woman who cooked a fine supper and impressed upon her son that he should always remember his Lutheran Sunday School teaching. The truth is, Har-

ley is scared of life ~ scared and shy and awkward around every female except his mother. He and his only close friend, Billy, have dated when they had the nerve to try, with the usual outcome of being brushed off. Now, Harley and Billy sometimes sit in Harley’s kitchen for conversation and a beer or t wo in the evening. There isn’t much conversation, to tell the truth. Both men


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