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A Face on the Shore by Kathi Ferguson

As an artist, I am captivated by people’s faces. It could be something in the eyes that draws me in, a warm smile, a strong jaw perhaps, or weathered skin etched with the lines of life. Whatever the characteristic, there are faces that undoubtedly have stories to tell, and the face of Tilghman Island’s John T. Kinnamon immediately caught my attention. Tilghman, in and of itself, has always intrigued me. Its unspoiled beauty and idyllic setting are an alluring destination for a Sunday drive. After a few “tastes” of the island’s irresistible charm, I found myself coming back for more! Little by little, visit by visit, faces of the place became more familiar and the nod of a head accompanied by a friendly wave more frequent. I first met “Johnny” one summer morning while volunteering at the Tilghman Island Watermen’s Museum. Once the local barber shop, this tiny wooden structure now houses historical artifacts that represent the heritage of local watermen and their families. The weathered screen door opened with its distinctive creak as a rather unassuming, interestinglooking gentleman meandered in,

Mr. Johnny Kinnamon looking as though he had some time to kill. Below the shadow cast by the brim of his baseball cap was a pair of azure blue eyes that appeared seemingly curious to know who I was. After a few laughs to break the ice and a bit of small talk, it became clear that beneath this rugged yet calm exterior was a man of strength and principle. If ever there was an example of quintessential Eastern Shore, it is a conversation with Johnny Kinnamon. Johnny builds Chesapeake Bay


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Tidewater Times October 2013

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