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deep enough. Large bulbs should be planted five to six inches or deeper, while small bulbs should be planted three to four inches deep. After a few years, you will need to thin out the bulbs and replant. If you plant the bulbs at the proper depth, and 10 to 12 inches apart, you will maintain your f lower display and not have to thin as often. Many gardeners complain about the decline in f lowering of tulip and daffodil beds over time. This is a result of the bulbs being planted too close to the soil surface. As a result, energy is devoted to bulb production, rather than f lower production, so the f lowers get smaller and smaller. As the days get cooler, several

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much soil heat as possible. The application of three to four inches of leaves, pine needles, straw, or compost over the planting of bulbs will insulate the soil from the cold. When planting bulbs, make certain that you are planting them

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